January 15-20


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Social Studies – We will continue learning about famous Georgians this month.   This week we will continue to talk about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Phonics/Spelling – Our pattern this week will be the final /j/ sound (-ge, -dge).  This letter pattern is hard!  If a word has a short vowel, we use  –dge.  If it has any other vowel pattern, we use –ge.

Writing – We still have a day or two left to tie up some “loose ends” in writing this week with Narratives and Informational writing.  We will then begin working on Opinion Writing.

Grammar – We will talk about “shade of meaning” with adjectives this week.  This basically means increasing degrees of a word.  For example:  chill – cold – freezing.

Reading –For the next two weeks we will look at different versions of fairy tales.  This week we will read two different versions of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Math – We will explore place value to 1000 this week.  This Quarter we will be working with larger numbers as we add, subtract, compare and do word problems.


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