February 5-9


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Social Studies – We will begin learning about Jackie Robinson this week.

Phonics/Spelling – Our pattern this week will be the Hard and Soft sounds of –c.  If the –c is followed by an e, i, or a y it will have the soft sound (key words:  hard = coat      soft = dice)

Writing – We will write a new Narrative this week for the Bullard Writing Fair and then we will learn about how to write our Opinion.

Grammar – We will continue talking about “shades of meaning” with adjectives this week.  This basically means increasing degrees of a word.  For example:  chilly – cold – freezing.

Reading –We will look at finding information when we read Non-Fiction (Informational) text.

Math – We will learn how to draw our own number lines this week as a new strategy we can use to solve addition and subtraction equations.  The number line is a GREAT strategy to use when we subtract.

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