Behavior Expectations

In 2nd grade we are all about making positive behavior choices that benefit not

only our own learning, but others as well!

In our “garden” we will work together to help each other learn and grow!


Our classroom rules focus around the areas of RESPECT, LISTENING, SELF-CONTROL,


  • We will LISTEN to others.
  • We will BE  RESPECTFUL to others.
  • We will SHOW SELF-CONTROL and will keep our hands to ourselves.
  • We will BE  RESPONSIBLE for ourselves and for our actions and behaviors.
  • We will STAY FOCUSED on our work and on our goals.
  • We will FOLLOW the DIRECTIONS that are given to us right away and with a good attitude.

DAILY this means:


I will listen and look while I am learning.


I will show respect for myself, others and for our things.


I will be quiet or silent when asked.

I won’t play during lessons and work time.

I will follow all hallway rules

I will keep my hands and feet to myself.

I will worry only about myself.

I will put my name on my paper.

I will remember my folder every day.

I will get my folder signed every day

I will finish my work.

I will return my library books and other things I take home.

I will keep track of my belongings.

I will keep my desk clean.


I will focus when I listen and work.

Follow Directions:

I will do what I am asked to do right away and with a good attitude.

Brag Tag Swag

2nd grade is super excited to announce BRAG TAGS! A brag tag is a small tag  that your child will receive for doing a great job, mastering math facts, completing homework for the month, being a good friend, etc.   Every child will have a brag tag necklace. At the beginning of each month, we will set a brag tag goal for ourselves. For example: “In August I earned 12 brag tags, so I want to earn 15 in September.” At the end of each quarter, we will have a Brag Tag Bash to celebrate everyone’s hard work!

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