Has your child been reading at home and recording their Reading minutes on their monthly Reading log?
Our goal each month is to read 200 minutes at home.  We will celebrate meeting this goal at the beginning of each new month with a Reading Reward Lunch in the room!
Your child should always have a “Bag of Books” at their individual reading level.  When they are done with the bag, send it back and they’ll get a new one!  Encourage your child to read their book more than one time.  Repeated reading of text is a great strategy for improving fluency (reading smoothly).
  As you already know, you are your child’s first teacher.  Your involvement is
such an important part of  your child’s education!!
Here are a few tips for helping your child with Reading at home
  •  Ask your child about what they are  reading.  Ask more than a “yes” or “no” question.  Ask about characters, where the story takes place, what  they like or don’t like about the story.  Remember, children don’t have to love every book they read but they should be able to tell you why.
  •  Read nursery rhymes, poems, and songs  to your children.  Learning the rhythm and rhyme of our language is very important  for fluent (smooth) reading!
  •   Draw pictures that go with the stories you read with your child.   Visualization is an important comprehension strategy.  Discuss what the pictures are about.
  • Listen to your child read.  Be sure that the book is at an appropriate level.  A “Just Right” book is one that your child can read easily.  More than 5 mistakes (that affect meaning) on a page tells us tthat it is too hard and could lead to frustration.
  •  As you read aloud, make mistakes and discuss how to solve them with your child.  This is called “thinking aloud” and it models for your child how we think as we read.
  •  Purchase books on tape or cd for your child to listen and read along with.
  •  Rereading a familiar story or poem  is VERY BENEFICIAL as it helps increase reading fluency.
  • Let your child see you read also!  (books, magazines, newspapers, cookbooks)
  • Reading Series Ideas for 2nd Graders:My Weird School                                                       Secrets of Droon (Tony Abbott)
    Cam Jansen Mysteries                                             Horace Splattly (Laurence David)
    Judy Moody                                                                Abracadabra (Peter Lerangis)
    Junie B. Jones                                                            Horrible Harry (Suzy Kline)
    Magic Tree House                                                      Danger Joe Show (Jon Butler)
    Bailey School Kids                                                     Aliens for Breakfast
    Encyclopedia Brown                                                 Nate the Great
    Geronimo Stilton                                                       Tiger Moth, Insect Ninja (Aaron Reynolds)
    Mr. Putty & Tabby (Cynthia Kylant)                     Henry & Mudge
    Roscoe Riley Rules (Katherine Applegate)           A-Z Mysteries  (end of 2nd)
  • If some of these are too hard for your child, they could be a good choice for you to read to them.

(Reading Ideas for Parents adapted from Mrs. Brown’s classroom website………………..Newfield, NY)

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