Weekly Spelling and Phonics

Spelling and Phonics

Spelling and Phonics instruction will be woven together this year.  Each week we will have a different phonics pattern that we will discuss, practice and learn.  Students will not have a specific spelling list to study.  Their assessment on Friday will contain words with the pattern we have practiced as well as 3-5 sight words (which we have also practiced during the week) to spell correctly as single words or in sentences. I will post the pattern and some samples words here each week.

Feb. 12 -16 – Our pattern this week is silent letter combinations -wr and -kn.

wr – write, writer, wrote, wrist, wristband, wren, wrench,wrap, wreck, wreath

kn – knee, kneel, knot, knock, know, knew, knife, knight, knapsack

Jan. 29 – Feb. 2 – Our pattern this week is the Hard and Soft sounds of g.  If the -g is followed by an e, i, or y it will have the “soft” sound /j/.

Hard g – flag, gold, goal, garden, dragon, good, gone, forgot, gum

Soft g – orange, magic, gem, gerbil, stage, large, germ, change, giant

Jan. 22-26 – Same as last week (since we had 3 Snow Days)

Jan. 16-20 – Our pattern this week is the final /j/ sound (-ge or -dge).  If the word or syllable has a short vowel, we use -dge.  If the word or syllable has any other vowel pattern, we     use -ge.

-dge – bridge, edge, judge, fridge, badge, dodge, fudge, sledge, wedge

-ge – cage, stage, huge, page, orange, hinge, age, large, change

Jan. 8-12 –   Our pattern this week is oo.  OO can make two different sounds.

oo (as in moon)balloon, rooster, broom, bamboo, goose, foolish, spooky, smooth

oo (as in book)booklet,shook, crook, hood, football, bookshelf, cookbook, stood

Nov. 6 – 10 – Our pattern this week is ar and or.

ar – car, part, star, spark, cart, yarn, farm

or – horn, fort, short, corn, popcorn, forest,  storm

October 30-Nov. 3- Our pattern this week is the “Er Girls”.  This contains words with er, ir, ur.

er – her, hamster, after, finger, verb, fern, clerk

ir – girl, swirl, chirp, bird, first, shirt, third

ur – burp, church, churn, curb, burst, burn, surf

October 23-27 – Our pattern this week is Long U.  We will be practicing the following patterns for spelling Long U.

ue – due,

ui – fruit

ew – few

October 16-20  – Our pattern this week is the “FLOSS Rule”.  This rule states that when a word has a short vowel and it ends with an f, l, s, and sometimes z, that last letter (f,l,s,z) will be doubled.

ff – cliff, fluff, sniff, off, stiff

ll – chill, still, wall, spell, shell

ss – grass, chess, class, floss, press

October 9-12 – Our pattern this week will be Long O.  We will look at 3 ways to make this sound:

0+e (home) – globe, robe, note, drove

oa (boat) – goat, coach, soap, oak, float, toad

oe (toe) – Joe, Moes, doe, hoe

October 2-6 – We will not have a new phonics pattern this week.  We will continue to practice Long i (see below) and will do several assessments to prepare for 1st quarter report cards  over the patterns we have reviewed thus far this year.

September 18-22Our pattern this week will be Long i.  The patterns will look like:  

i +e – (pine) slime, slide, drive, smile, write, time

ie – (pie) tie, lie, die

igh- (light) flight, tight, bright, fight, high, might

**  Since I  am late getting this list on the website, we will postpone our assessment until Monday Oct. 2nd so you can have a little more time to practice at home. **

September 5 – 8 – We will work with Long e words this week.  The patterns we will look at are:

e – e (Pete) – eve, Pete, Steve, breve, gene

ee (jeep) – week, sweep, fleet, peek

ea (eat) – weak,  least, treat, beast, leaf

It is tricky  when spelling words using these patterns to know  whether to use ee or ea as they sound exactly the same.  There are no rules to learn about using these two patterns so it is just a matter of kids visually recognizing and knowing some of these words.

August 28 – September 1 –   We will work with Long a words this week that are spelled with either a + e (cake), ai (train) or ay (tray).  Some sample words are:

a + e – rake, cape, plate, fame, flame, brake, skate

ai – train, pail, paint, snail, chain, waiting, mailman

ay – gray, tray, play, clay, May, paying, daytime



August 14-18 and 21-25We will continue to review blends, digraphs and magic e words as we learn and practice the routines we will follow in phonics this year.

August 7-11- Review of open and closed syllables and introduction to our “phonics notebook” (no assessment)

July 31-August 4 – First week, reviewing the difference between vowels and consonants (no assessment)


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