Tues, August 20

Pre Calculus: We started unit two today in class – Conics. Today we worked with circles – notes are attached as well as the homework. Get your homework completed for tomorrow. 

Aug 20 Notes on Circles

Day 1 – Circles Homework

Unit 2 – Conics Notes Packet

Honors Geometry: We took a Quick Check to start class today – if you missed this you will need to make this up. We also continued to work with the 5 ways to prove triangles are congruent and even started some Triangle Congruency Proofs. Notes are attached as well as the homework. 

Day 3 – Congruent Triangles wkst #2

Day 4 – More work with congruent triangles

Monday, Aug 19

Pre Calculus: Test Day today over matrices. All work from this unit should have been turned in before we took the test. 

Honors Geometry: Tests were handed back in class today. If you need to go over it with me, please come in before school some day. 

We took notes today on Theorems involving Congruent Triangles. These are attached if you need them. You have a homework worksheet to complete for tomorrow.

Day 2 – Congruent Triangles wkst #1

Aug 19 Notes on Congruent Triangles

Friday, August 16

Pre Calculus: TEST on Monday over Matrices. You may use both sides of a notecard as a help to yourself on this test. Don’t forget to bring this in with you Monday. All work from this unit is to be turned in before the test – including our scavenger hunt papers from today. 

Unit 1 Review – Matrices

Honors Geometry: We started unit 2 today in class – Congruency. We worked on some notes over transformations and you have a worksheet to complete for Monday. 

Day 1 – Transformations

Unit 2 – Congruence Notes Packet

Thursday, Aug 15

Pre Calculus: We finished up our notepacket today by going over the encoding/decoding using matrices section. You will use these ideas tomorrow as you go on a Scavenger Hunt. Work on the Unit Review worksheet you were given in class today. All your work from this unit needs to be turned in on Monday before you take the test. 

Unit 1 Review – Matrices


Honors Geometry: Test Day over Unit 1 – Basics of Geometry

Wed, Aug 14

Pre Calculus: Finish the Solving Systems worksheet you got in class today. You need to do at least 7 of the 10 on this worksheet to get credit. The examples we did in class today are attached. 

Our test over Matrices will be on Monday.

Aug 14 Notes on Solving Word Problems with systems

Day 6 – Solving Problems Using Systems wkst

Honors Geometry: Test tomorrow over our first unit. All work from this unit is due BEFORE the test. Please get all these papers together before coming into class tomorrow so you can prepare for the test. 


Tuesday, Aug 13

Pre Calculus: You have some Delta Math work to complete tonight on Inverses of Matrices. Remember, you should be able to find the inverse of a 2×2 by hand and the bigger ones using your calculators. 

I am moving our Unit 1 Test to Monday as we need the rest of the week to finish everything I want to do with this unit. All of your work from this unit will be due on Monday as well.

Homework: Delta Math – Day 7 Matrices – Inverses

Honors Geometry: We continued to work on Geometrical Proofs in class today. Finish your Geometrical Proofs wkst #2 if you have not already completed it. 

* * Our Unit 1 Test will be on Thursday. Tomorrow we will work through a Review in preparation for this. All your work from this unit will also be turned in Thursday before we take the test. 

Day 6 – Geometry Proofs B

Monday, August 12

Pre Calculus: We introduced Cramer’s Rule today as a method in solving a system of equations. Complete the Cramer’s Rule worksheet for tomorrow. 

Aug 12 Notes on Cramers Rule

Day 7 – Cramers Rule Homework

Honors Geometry: We started working on Geometrical Proofs in class today. Do your best to complete the worksheet you were given in class. Our notes from today are attached. 

Aug 12 Notes on Geometric Proofs

Day 5 – Geometric Proofs HOMEWORK


Friday, August 9

Pre Calculus: We started using our calculators today to help us work some Matrices operations. You should get comfortable using your graphing calculator as we will be using them for the rest of the unit. Put an extra set of batteries in your bag just in case. Finish up DeltaMath – Day 5 Matrices for homework. 

Honors Geometry: We continued to work on proofs today in class – focusing on more geometrical proofs. Our next couple days will be spent working on proofs – it takes some time to get used to these. Take some time to get familiar with our definitions, properties, theorems, etc. The better you know these the easier the proofs will be. No new homework for the weekend

Thurs – hmwk: Day 4 – Algebraic Proofs HOMEWORK

Aug 9 Notes on Conditional Statements


Tuesday, August 6

Pre Calculus: You should be working on your Delta Math work – Day 2 and Day 3. We worked with multiplying matrices and determinants today in class. Notes are attached. If you are struggling with either of these concepts, please come in before school tomorrow so I can give you some help. 

Aug 6 Notes on Determinants

Honors Geometry: Today we worked with angles associated with parallel lines and transversals. You have a worksheet that you may need to finish for homework (the Most Difficult First Activity) as well as a Quiz Review worksheet that you should complete in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz. Both are attached. 

Day 3 – Basics of Geometry Quiz Review

Day 3 – Parallel Lines and Transversals Homework

Aug 6 Notes on Parallel Lines and Transversals


Monday, Aug 5

Honors Geometry: We took some more notes on basic geometry terms today in class – these are attached to this page. Finish up the practice problems and stop when you get to the page with Parallel Lines on it. Our first quiz will be on Wednesday and it will cover everything we have done so far, including tomorrows work. You will be given a quiz review tomorrow during class. 

Aug 5 – Mon Notes on Basic Geometry Terms

Pre-Calculus: We learned how to multiply matrices by hand today in class. Notes from today are attached below. If you are in 2nd block, finish up the practice problems in our notesheet. If you are in 3rd block, you should begin working on the DeltaMath Day 2 work. Let me know if you are having problems with DeltaMath during class tomorrow. 

Aug 5 – Mon – Notes on Multiplying Matrices by hand