Friday, March 22

Acc. Pre-Calc: Continue to work on your homework assignments and your Portfolio Project. You will be working with your partner again on Monday during class to finish up your portfolio. Our test for this unit will be on Wednesday. 

Day 9 – Trig Identities Review-1soqhyh


AP Stats: We did a Hershey Kiss activity in class today. Finish this up for Monday if you didn’t get it all done in class. Also, make sure you are finished up with your reading guide by Monday as we will be working with Confidence Intervals for Means. Bring in your favorite book for our activity. Our test for this unit will be on Thursday. 


Tuesday, March 19

Acc. Pre Calculus: We spent class time going over some verifying problems – no new material was introduced. Spend tonight working on the work from the past days and reworking the problems on your Quick Check you were handed back today. Remember, you can redo all/any quick checks. 

AP Stats; We did a team activity on German Tanks today in class. You will have a bonus question on your test similar to this activity. Test over unit 7 is tomorrow. Work through the homework assignments as well as the unit review in your book and topic 10 in your Barons’ book. 

Monday, March 18

Acc. Pre-Calc: Notes from today are attached. Complete the first page (front and back) of the given worksheet for Tuesday. If you are having problems with this or any of the previous assignments, please continue to work and come in and see me for extra help. We took our second Quick Check today in class – this one on simplifying expressions. You can always retake a quick check as long as it is done by the day before our test. 

Plan on a unit test next Tuesday.

March 18 Notes on Even, Odd, Cofunction and Sum, Difference Identities-28lrxbd

Day 5 – Cofunction, Even, Odd, Sum & Difference Identites, Double Angles wkst-2ldauhc

AP Stats: We finished up our notes packet today in class and are getting ready for Wednesday’s test over unit 7. Continue to work on the unit 7 work from your book and use your Baron’s to help you as well. 

March 18 Notes on Sample Means, 7.3-260vefu


Friday, March 15

Acc Pre-Calc: Try out at least half of the problems from the worksheet you were given in class. If you need a hint, please look below at the attached paper. Only use this for hints – you will learn nothing by copying down the solutions on the paper. 

Day 4 – Trig Identities Practice-(with solutions)

AP Stats: Work through the 7.1 and 7.2 homework for this unit. We will finish up our notes for unit 7 on Monday and the test is planned for Wednesday. 

March 15 Notes on 7.2 – Sample Proportions-vhhugb


Thursday, March 14

Acc. Pre-Calc: Thank you to everyone who brought in pies today so we could enjoy Pi Day. Continue working on the Day 3 and Day 4 worksheets on simplifying and verifying equations tonight and we will continue to work on these Friday in class. 

Day 3 – Simplifying Trig Identities-tp4p06

Day 4 – Verifying Identities using Reciprocal, Quotient, Pythagorean Identities-1s26x8c


AP Stats: Thank you to everyone who brought in pies today for Pi Day. Work on the 7.1 and 7.2 homework tonight. We will be working with Sample Proportions and Means tomorrow in class. 

March 14 Notes on Sample Proportions-1xud50w


Wed, March 13

Pi Day is tomorrow. Bring in your favorite pie tomorrow – each pie brought in will earn your team 100 points – 125 points if you bring in my favorite pie. 

Acc. Pre-Calc: Finish up the Simplifying examples in your notes packet. We will continue to work on these tomorrow in class after our quick check over Solving Trig Equations. 

Unit 5 Notes Packet – Trig identities-1k2kj9k

AP Stats: Take the values from our activity yesterday and complete the last page for tomorrow. Do the best you can reading the numbers that you and your classmates wrote down. We will continue to work through our notes packet tomorrow in class. 

Unit 7 Notes Packet – Sampling Distributions-21ime00

March 13 – The Airport Problem – class results-18ucpl1

March 13 Notes on 7.1-2nvsw6q

Wed, March 6

Acc Pre – Calc: Test is on Friday. Be working on the work from this week. You will have class time on Thursday to work through a review packet. 

Day 5 – Graphing All Trig Functions wkst-2hevqxz

Day 8 – Review for Test-14rvqii


AP Stats: Notes over 6.3 were given today and are attached below. Make sure you know how to work with Binomial and Geometric Distributions. Thursday you will be working through an activity worksheet to help you get acquainted with these different distributions and to review probability.

Unit 5-6 Test is on Monday. Use your Barons (topics 7&8) book to help you in reviewing for this test. All unit 6 work will be due on Monday as well. 

March 6 Notes on Binomial – Geometric Dist-1i4ilvb

Day 4 – Random Variables Activities-1vevrqp 

Tuesday, March 5

Acc. Pre Calc: We spent time today working on more applications and then began working with inverses of trig functions. Notes from today are attached. We will be reviewing Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for Friday’s test. 

Day 7 – Inverses of Trig Functions-29q7hya

March 5 Notes on Inverses of Trig Functions-20v60b5


AP Stats: We took notes on Combining Random Variables today in class. These concepts can be confusing so make sure you are doing your reading and study the examples in your book as well as looking over your notes. We will cover 6.3 tomorrow in class and work with binomial and geometric distributions. 

March 5 Notes on Combining Random Variables 6,2-2c6mxpo