Tuesday, Jan 22

Acc. Pre Calc: We started Unit 2 today in class – Conics. Today we worked on finding standard forms of Circles and Ellipses. Complete the Day 1 Homework worksheet for tomorrow. We will be having a number of quick checks throughout this unit to check on how you are doing with these conics – prepare yourself by doing your homework. 

Jan 22 – Tues – Notes on Circles and Ellipses-1n5ndv9

Unit 2 – Conics Notes Packet-1r97ywp

Day 1 – CirclesEllipses Worksheet-1dg15zs


AP Stats: Notes from today are attached if you need them. We took some notes on types of graphs today in class – bar graphs, histograms, pie charts, etc. Your reading guides for this unit should be completed by Thursday this week and will be collected. You should also be working on the 4.1/4.2 homework. 

Jan 22 – Notes on Graphs-1rlb7ei

Thursday, Jan 17

Acc. Pre Calc: We completed a Matrix Scavenger Hunt today in class. You should have picked up a unit review worksheet in class today as well – work on this tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s test. 

(you may use a basic non-scientific calculator on the first part of the test – one that does not have a matrix feature on it)

Unit 1 Review F18-zorbc4

AP Stats: Unit 4 Test was today in class. You should begin to work on the Unit 1 Reading Guide tonight in preparation for tomorrow. 

Chap 1 Reading Guide-28nxb3e

Everyone in Stats needs to bring in a bag of PLAIN M&Ms for an activity tomorrow. Get a 1.69 oz bag (the ones they sell by the checkout counter at Kroger/Publix) . 

Wednesday, Jan 16

Acc. Pre Calc: Quizzes from the other day were handed back – work over the ones you missed. If you have questions, please ask me tomorrow about those. Unit test is on Friday – I have attached the review worksheet if you want to get a start on this. Tomorrow we will be have a matrix scavenger hunt in which you will be decoding hidden messages (clues) using matrices. 

Pre Calc Daily Work-28bbd63

Unit 1 Review F18-zorbc4

AP Stats: Test tomorrow over Unit 4. All work from this unit needs to be turned in before we take the test. Make sure you have completed the pages in your notes on the Gallop poll as you will need this info to answer some questions on your test. 

AP Stats Daily Work-13yeyd9


Tuesday, Jan 15

Acc. Pre Calc: We are continuing to work on work involving Matrices. Monday we took our first quiz and started working with some calculator work on matrices. Today we used substitution and elimination to solve some systems of equations and then showed to use our calculators to solve the systems. You were given a work sheet to work on tonight involving some word problems that you will need to set up some equations for and then solve using your calculators. Try these out tonight – we will go over these tomorrow in class. 

Day 6 – Solving Problems Using Systems wkst-2kjttup

Jan 15 – Tues – Solving Systems notes-tzwxp1

AP Stats: We took some notes on Blocking today and did a couple exercises focused on that today in class. These notes are attached if you need them. Continue to work on the 4.2 homework as well as some review work from your book at Baron’s, if you have this yet. 

Jan 15 – Tues – Notes on Blocking-2kn1pdq

AP Stats Daily Work-13ycumy



Friday, Jan 11

Acc Pre Calc: We used matrices to find the area of polygons as well as to solve systems of equations today in class. We are having a quiz on Monday over all the non-calculator concepts we have worked on this week. You have a Quiz Review worksheet to complete for Monday. 

Day 4 – Matrices Quiz Review Homework-2bvqj7j


AP Stats: We took a lot of notes today in class on Experiments and sample types. I have attached the work we did in class as well as the homework for Monday. First test will be next Thursday. 

Jan 11 – Fri – Notes on Sampling and Experiments-sjy758

TPS 4.2 – Pg 253   #45-51, 59-73, 79 (odds)    #91 – 98 all

Also, you should have your reading guide for this unit completed by Monday.

Thursday, Jan 10

Acc. Pre Calc: We took a short quick check to start class today over matrix operations. Remember, you can come in and retake this if you do not like your score – this needs to be done by next Thursday. 

We also started finding determinants and inverses of matrices today in class – by hand. Complete the Day 3 assignment on DeltaMath for tomorrow. If you need to see the work/examples from class, I have attached them to this page. 

Jan 10 – Thurs – Determinants and Inverses Notes-2d3psff

AP Stats: We completed a task on Sunflowers today in class that showed how a stratified sample can be used to approximate results from a population. Continue to work on your reading guide for this unit as well as your 4.1 homework. 

Jan 10 – Thurs – Sunflower Activity Results-2ay2ozd

Tuesday, Jan 8

AP Stats: Watch these videos if you need a recap of what we talked about in class today: 

https://www.learner.org/courses/againstallodds/unitpages/   (watch videos #1 and #16)

We started working through our Unit 4 packet today in class – focusing on getting random samples using our book as well as using our calculators. Two things to work on tonight: 

  1. Begin working on the reading guide for unit 4 – get at least 4.1 completed for tomorrow.    Chapter 4 reading guide-1xl0lxb
  2. Look up “The Gallop Poll” and begin answering the questions in your packet.

Jan 8 – Tues – Notes on Samples and Surveys-24f0n76

Acc. Pre Calc: We started working through our Unit 1 – Matrices packet. You should be able to add/subtract and multiply matrices by a scalar from today’s lesson. The notes/examples from today are attached. If you haven’t finished your work on DeltaMath, get that done tonight. Also, finish up your Prerequisite Packet so we can go over the rest of that. 

Jan 8 – Tues – Intro to Matrices – Add, Sub, Mult by scalars-22chmm6

DeltaMath signup-2hlgnkd

Unit 1 Notes Packet – Matrices-2k17fs8

Monday, January 7

AP Stats: You should have a Prerequisite Packet to begin working through tonight as well as a syllabus to look over. This packet will not be due until next week sometime, so you don’t have to get it done all tonight, but we will start Unit 4 tomorrow in class and you will be getting work pretty regularly associated with this unit. 

AP Stats Pre-Requisite Packet-1ccop9a

Syllabus AP Stats 2019-2bnei26

FINAL EXAM Exemption Incentive and Contract 2018-19 (revised 1-3-19)-1gdmreh

Calculator Issue Form – AHS-1zx69w5


Acc Pre-Calc: Continue to work through the prerequisite packet tonight and do the best you can on this. We will answer any questions you have tomorrow in class. Also, go over the syllabus for this class and get all signatures/emails completed so you can turn this in. Tuesday we will begin our first unit on Matrices. 

Syllabus – Acc Pre-Calc S19-11ngbz8

Pre-Calculus Prerequisite Packet-y9nvjt

FINAL EXAM Exemption Incentive and Contract 2018-19 (revised 1-3-19)-1gdmreh

Calculator Issue Form – AHS-1zx69w5

Thursday, Dec 13

On Level: Class today was spent reviewing our factoring skills. Your assignment is to complete 2 of the following 4 activities. 

Factoring Puzzle – Simple-1k7occb

Factoring Puzzles-134hgb4

Factoring Quadratics Mystery Picture 1-2jaafmu

Factoring with Leading Coefficient NOT 1-1zwihbj

We have a quiz tomorrow over Radicals and Factoring and you will turn in your stamp sheets as well. 

Remember, all missing work/tests from this semester must be completed and turned in by tomorrow if you want it to count for this semester’s grade. 

HONORS: Complete 1 of the following activities as a factoring review. Quiz tomorrow over Radicals and Factoring. 

Factoring Quadratics Mystery Picture 1-2jaafmu

Factoring Puzzles-134hgb4

Remember, all missing work/tests from this semester must be completed and turned in by tomorrow if you want it to count for this semester’s grade.