Week of 8/24 – 8/28

Language Arts

  • This week we will be working mainly with Unit 1 vocabulary terms, and we will begin our Name Research project.

M: READING LOGS DUE!!! Class discussion/brainstorm meanings of vocabulary terms. Create word wall and foldable graphic organizers.  New reading logs will be passed out. Due 8/31.

T: Practice with vocabulary terms (games and interaction).Homework packet given with vocabulary terms. Due Friday, 8/28. 

W: Practice and review terms. Quickcheck quiz.

TR: Choiceboard mini-task with vocabulary words.

F: Finish choiceboard tasks. Introduce Name Research project.

August 17 – August 21


English Language Arts

This week we will be working on editing and revising our biography of a classmate paragraphs.


We will be working on recognizing and understanding root words and affixes.

Social Studies

We will be reviewing European geography and beginning European environmental issues.





Dear Students,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I look forward to having you in my classroom. This blog will be used for my English Language Arts class , Social Studies class, and Reading Literacy class.

We will be using one of the days the first week of school to become familiar with navigating the blog.

Thank you, and welcome!

Mr. Kitzler