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April 25 – 29

ELA – Novel studies in literature circles. (Hatchet, The Crossing, Any Small Goodness, Lupita Manana, Holes)

M: Per. 1 – Read first 1-3 chapters (depending on length of your novel choice). Answer discussion questions. Per. 4 & 5. Finish discussion questions from last week, transition to lab. Research various topics related to setting and topic of novel choice.

T: Per. 1 – Lab Day. Research topics related to novel choice. Per. 4 & 5. Continue reading and answering discussion questions.

W: Vocabulary and reader response journal day. You will practice with vocabulary found in the first few chapters of the novel, and write responses based on what you have read so far in your novel.

TR: Art day. You will draw or paint an image related to the story (or print an image from online), and write a caption for it.

F: Quiz day. You will be quizzed on items from your novel reading.

Social Studies – We will be reading folk stories from the regions we studied and creating representations of setting, characters, and themes in the stories.

April 21 – 29 Cuisine Research Project

Food websites:

April 11 – 19 Milestones Review

Social Studies MILESTONES TEST Preparation Resources










March 28 – April 1

Language Arts

  • Over the next three weeks, we will be working on reading and writing argument text. We will examine hooks, thesis statements, topic sentences, and paragraph organization patterns. Please see the ELA page of the blog for specific lesson directions and resources.

Weekly Vocab Practice:

AB:, BC::

  • In Class Independent Reading: Continue logging your responses for D.E.A.R. Make sure you are keeping up with the two Six Flags Read to Succeed programs. The deadline is April 15. Forms can be picked up in the Learning Commons.
  • Homework: Daily Reading Comprehension packets. Due next Monday!

Social Studies

  • This week we will continue to investigate and report on Latin American geography, history, economics, and government. Please see the Social Studies page of the blog for specific lesson directions and resources

Week of 2/8 – 2/12

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, you will be taking the ACCESS Test in Listening, Reading, and Writing. On Wednesday, Speaking tests will begin.

Please do your best on all the tests. Be confident!!!

Please see the ELA and Social Studies sections of the blog for specific directions and resources in those classes.


Week of 1/25 – 1/29

Below are bullet points describing some of the activities we will do this week. Please see the ELA and SS sections on the sidebar for more detailed information and study resources. 

First Period: Newsela invite code link:



  • We will continue with our Diversity and Tolerance unit.
  • We will read expository articles about diversity, including passages pertaining to Black History month.

First Period Vocabulary:


Social Studies

  • We will be reviewing economics and beginning our Canada unit.

Week of Dec. 14-18


  • This week we will be working with narrative reading and writing vocabulary, and practicing different sentence structures. We will also be continuing the PBL research, and applying some of what we have learned to the PBL writing sections. Please see the ELA page for details and study resources.

Social Studies

  • This week we will be review 20th century European history, and taking the test. We will then begin the economics unit.  Please see the Social Studies page for details and study resources.


  • This week we will be working on our Germany research project for International Day.We will divide into project groups and draft plans for what each group will do. Please see the literacy page for details and resources.