Week of March 3 – 7

Dear Parents,

Due to the many days of school days which were lost because of the winter weather, Griffin teachers have prepared an academic recovery plan. This plan is designed to help maximize instructional time, and to offer additional support and resources to students as they prepare for the CRCT and finish the school year.

Click on the link below to open a document that explains the plan. The document also includes links to CRCT practice study guides.

Academic Recovery Notice

The following schedule shows the reading and language arts topics which will be covered each week in homeroom tutoring:

Week 1 (March 3-7): Author’s purpose

Week 2 (March 10-14): Reading comprehension skills (non-fiction/informational text focus)

Week 3 (March 17-21): Reading comprehension skills (fiction and/or narrative focus)

Week 4 (March 24-28): Figurative language (connotation, tone, mood, etc.)

 Week 5 (April 7-11): Vocabulary (root words & affixes)

 Week 6 (April 14-18): Grammar and writing conventions

Online Grammar Quizzes:



Online Grammar Games:


Types of Sentences:  http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/clubhouse/index_pre.html

 Other Study Resources:

  • Skills Tutor (students can access this resource from home. Teachers will assign important activities.
  • Brain Pop



February 19-28

Figurative Language Mini-Unit

Thursday, 2-20: Today you will be in the lab conducting a web-quest. Below are several figurative language websites for you to explore. Try each of the interactive activities and games. It is up to you how long you spend on each website, but try all of them.

1. http://www.timeforkids.com/homework-helper/study-helper/figurative-language#prev


3. http://eclassroom.110mb.com/4th%209%20weeks%20web/figurative_language_-_classify_it!.swf

4. http://www.starrmatica.com/standalone/starrMaticaFigurativeLanguageBaseball.swf

As you explore each site, record examples of figurative language in this organizer: Figurative Language Search

When you are finished, save your organizer to your student folder. Then place it in my dropbox.

Mr. Kitzler’s Dropbox: http://www.dropitto.me/dwk1977


Wednesday, Feb. 5

Today we will continue small group work today from yesterday’s DRAW lesson.

Here are your tasks:

1. Complete the comprehension questions from the article. You may work with a partner, but you must complete your own paper. Submit the document to my dropbox.Remember to save the paper to your student folder first, then upload it.


Dropbox: http://www.dropitto.me/dwk1977

2. Complete at least 3 more vocabulary squares from yesterday, using the dictionary and thesaurus. You can also use an online dictionary.


3. When you are finished with these, you may work on Skills Tutor lessons. http://www.myskillstutor.com/login.jspChoose from the following:

  • Sentence writing practice (if you have not finished)
  • Sequence reading
  • Spelling


February 3

Today we will be in the lab. For the first half of the period, look for examples of cause & effect in the following article:


Use this organizer to record text evidence:cause_effect scavenger

When your organizer is finished, please save your work to your student folder. Then upload the document to my dropbox:http://www.dropitto.me/dwk1977

January 27

Today you will be in the lab. Log in to Essay Scorer to respond to one of the prompts. You will be writing a paragraph (1oo word minimum) using one of the text structures we have been learning about. Remember to use signal words to communicate your ideas.

Here is a list of signal words: Signal Words

Here are some sentence frames for helping construct sentences: Compare and Contrast





January 21 – 24

Click to upload your work to Mr. K’s assignment bin: http://www.dropitto.me/dwk1977

Tuesday, Jan. 21 – Text Structure Webquest

  • Today you will be doing a “webquest.” A webquest is like a little “journey” to different websites. At each area, you will engage in an activity designed to help you review and practice types of text structure and signal words.
  • The directions and assignment for each station are on this Task Sheet
  • Follow this link to begin the webquest:  http://kingofzamunda.edu.glogster.com/text-structure-webquest


Other activities:




January 8 – 10

Welcome to the second half of the school year!

In this next Nine Week period, the theme of our unit of study will be “The Power of Culture.” In reading, our primary focus will be informational text, and our secondary  focus will be literary text. In writing, we will focus on expository writing. To do this, we will begin by examining root words and affixes, sentence construction, and paragraph structures. We will then use this knowledge to develop expository pieces based on cultural research. 



Thursday, Dec. 19

Building Vocabulary

  • Today you will select articles of your choice to read from the following websites:




  • Use the vocabulary organizer to record unfamiliar words

Vocab Log

  • Use these websites to look up the definitions of the words you choose: