Monday, March 16

For the next three weeks, we be doing a variety of review activities as we prepare for the Milestones assessment. Part of this will be to make sure we understand the vocabulary from the three main reading & writing domains. Each week before Spring Break will focus on one of these domains:

  • Week of 3/16: Expository
  • Week of 3/23: Narrative
  • Week of 3/30: Argumentative

Today we will review our author’s purpose quiz results, and use USA TestPrep to work on text structure skills.

Directions: Open Destiny. The USA TestPrep site is the second item in the right column.

USATestPrep Student Login Info:
Account ID: grffin17
Username: firstname.lastname
Password: griffin1

Throughout the period, I may assign some of you to Skills Tutor lessons as well.



Thursday, March 12

  • Today, we will review author’s purpose and point of view by doing a station activity. Tomorrow there will be a quickcheck.

ELACC6RI6: Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and explain how
it is conveyed in the text.

  • We will also begin framing your expository essays by filling out graphic organizers.
  • Use the websites I posted on earlier blog pages to gather the details you need to complete your research.

Inform essay content

Monday, March 9

Today, in the lab, you will work on the following websites:

Click on these links to work on various grammar exercises:




Friday, March 6


1. Finish the graphic organizer from yesterday if you did not already.

2. Watch a video about your career. Look up your career of choice on the following website. As you watch the video, paraphrase three ideas about what you heard and saw, using the new organizer.

3. Using your notes, begin writing a summary of your research so far. This will be a ROUGH DRAFT. Use Microsoft Word. Please save your work.

Thursday, March 5

  • Today in the lab, you will RESEARCH information about the CAREER of YOUR CHOICE. You may choose from the following three websites. You can focus on one of them, or use more than one. Always write down the source.
  • Your task is to READ carefully about the career, and fill out information in the graphic organizer.