Durham Drive In Rehearsals

Here is a list of the remaining rehearsals and the students needed for each

4/16 – Tuesday – Adv Women – Solo auditions ONLY need to come – 8-8:50

4/16 – Tuesday – Small Group Dances( salsa dancers, adv women small group, step in time group, hopelessly devoted, born to hand jive..etc) Bonus rehearsal – 4:30-6pm

4/18 – Thursday – Adv Women/Men – 4:30-6:00pm

4/22 -Monday – AdvWomen/Men – 4:30-6:30


4/24 – Wednesday – 4:30-5:30 – Adv Men/Women

5:30-6:30 – 6th Grade

6:30-7:30 – 7th Grade

7:30-8:30 – 8th Grade

4/25 – Thursday – Call time for all students is 5:30 pm.   We will begin the show around 6pm

******Please Note: this is an invited dress rehearsal , it is a rehearsal and not a performance.  If you would like to see a performance, please come back on Friday or Saturday at 7pm for the finished product.   The rehearsal will stop and start and not be smooth at all.  I will be instructing the students and it will be longer than the performances will be to watch.*********

4/26  – Performance #1 – Call time for all students is 6pm, Performance begins at 7pm

4/27-   Performance #2 – Call time for all students is 6pm, Performance begins at 7pm

After the performance we will “strike” which is the theater term for clean up all our areas and go home!!!!!



This week in Chorus….3/11 through 3/15

This is a BIG week in Chorus.  LGPE is here!!!!

7th grade LGPE – March 14 – performance at 12:30 return to school at 2:30pm

8th Grade LGPE – March 15 -performance at 2:15. Return to school around 5:oo-5:30pm

6th Grade – Belt Review on Monday, Belt Tests Tuesday/Wednesday

Please return the LGPE form tomorrow if you have not already done so.

Monday –  Advanced Mens Rehearasl 8-8:50

Tuesday – Advance Womens Rehearsal 8-8:50


This Week in Chorus…..3/4 through 3/8

FABULOUS!!!!! You were all fabulous at the concert Thursday!  Thank you parents and students for a great night!

7th and 8th Grade

This week, we will evaluate our performance from Thursday and focus our corrections for a great LGPE Performance.  We will also be sight reading…yeah!!!!!  Look for Field trip forms to go home Monday.  They need to be returned by Friday.

6th Grade

We will also evaluate our performances from Thursday and Check in on Choir Karate!  Sight Reading is a staple for us now and we will start working on our contribution to the Spring Variety Show!

ADV MEN – rehearsal Monday…Frozen and Shrek and Grapevine, oh my!

ADV WOMEN – Rehearsal Tuesday…I’m a Frozen Believer that might be Accidentally in Love!

This Week in Chorus…. 2/25

Welcome Back and I hope you had a wonderful Winter Break!


Thursday February 28

As originally scheduled we will be having a concert for all Grade Levels on Thursday.

To accommodate the crowd, we are staggering the concert. You need to only attend your grade level concert.

7th And 8th Grade Concert with special guests Frey Elementary Chorus!!!!!!

Concert Begins at 6:30                        Call Time for 7th and 8th Graders is 6:15

6th Grade Concert

Concert Begins at 7:30                        Call Time for all 6th graders is 7:15

REMIND 101 Please join!

Please join Remind 101 for your class.  If you were in Bel Canto you will need to join the new groups for Advanced Men and Advanced Women.  See all the codes below:

Text to the number 81010 the following codes…

Chorus Class Remind Codes

6th Grade Chorus –  @6dmschorus

7th Grade Chorus –  @7dmschorus

8th Grade Chorus –  @8dmschorus

Advanced Men – @DMSadvmen

Advanced Women –  @DMSadvwom


This Week in Chorus….1/28 through 2/1

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!  This week we get back to normal schedule in Chorus!  Thanks for all your hard work this past week!  I have the most awesome classes ever!!!!!

Early Morning Rehearsal Schedule this week.. 8-8:50

Monday 1/28 – Advanced Men

Tuesday 1/29 – Advanced Women

Wednesday 1/30 – Class Presidents Meeting – We have a Theme! Let’s get this planned!

Thursday 1/31 – 6th Grade All State Rehearsal

Make sure you have your folder ( hint hint…folder check this week) and a pencil for EVERY CLASS!

This Week in Chorus…..1/14

Mrs Campbell’s Morning Schedule This Week 8-8:50 

Monday: Advanced Men’s Ensemble (Meets every week)

Tuesday: Advanced Women’s Ensemble (Meets every Week)

Wednesday:  Period Presidents meeting to plan Variety Show (will meet 1/16 and 1/30)

Thursday: 6th Grade All State Practice ( Will meet through 2/7)

Friday: 7th Grade All State Practice ( will meet this week only)

ALL Grade Levels

We started new sight reading curriculum this week and we will continue!  We made some great harmonies already and looking forward to more of that this week.

All LGPE music will be handed out this week.

Folder Check on Monday ( remember to bring your folder in )

I hope to see all of Bel Canto and Treble Select on Monday or Tuesday as we launch our new Advanced Men’s and Women’s Ensembles!