Touch Cast

Touch Cast Tutorials – the following tutorials are here for your help.
User guide / help for just about everything.

Vaps – Bideo Apps.

White board.

Camera, buttons and how to operate

Green Screen use

Sharing – How you might work on your project from home.

Cobb Digital Library resources helpful for this project include:

Advanced Group – Gale Student Resources in Context
Group – Magazine Reference and More – Explora or Middle Search Plus


August Data

Here is our newsletter which has our August circulation data as well other happenings in our Media Center/Learning Commons. We had a busy month our circulations were up about 600 from August of last year for a total of 4,670.
Sept. Newsletter with August Data

Other news: I want to welcome Mrs. Lisa Larkin to our Media Center staff. We were very sad to loose Mrs. Dengler but totaly understand her choice to stay home with her family. She is in for a busy year.

Mrs. Larkin is a former teacher of 23 years with Dickerson. I am so happy she chose to return and be with us in the Media Center. She is happy to be back working with the wonderful students of Dickerson.

Sun Creation Mythology

The following links will help students research sun creation myths.

Sun Creation Myths,28804,2046823_2046865_2046872,00.html


Welcome Back

I hope you had a wonderful summer.  We have had a very busy first week in the media center. Students have checked out 842 books. We have had 19 classes through.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came in this week! I could not have survived this week without you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help. A special thanks to Ms. Downey for organizing volunteers this year. I know that is a big job. I am hoping we will have an assistant starting Tuesday.

Again, Thank you!



Resources for Thieme’s research project on GMOs

The following resources will help students researching information in GMO’s in the
Cobb Digital Library

Gale Science in Context (Science group)
Gale Opposing Viewpoints (Advanced or Current Issues group)
SIRS Discoverer – (GALILEO Resources, then go to GALILEO Teens, click on “All resources” and go to “S”.)
Current events can also be found in Explora (Magazines, References and more.)

for Pictures use Britannica Images or see Ms. Thieme’s blog for other options.

GALILEO resources all require an additional password for use at home. mountain




Reading Bowl!

Congratulations to the Dickerson Reading Bowl students who finished in 1st place at the annual Cobb County Helen Ruffin Reading bowl on Jan. 14th. Dickerson team members read 19 books and competed against other middle schools in the county. Now on to regionals. Best of luck at The University of West GA on Feb. 4th has the team takes on other middle schools in the northwest region.

Mrs. Inman