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Touch Cast Tutorials – the following tutorials are here for your help.

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User guide / help for just about everything.

Tutorials include how to use a green screen, white board, video apps.

Vaps – Video Apps.

Sharing – How you might work on your project from home.

Cobb Digital Library resources helpful for this project include:

Advanced Group – Gale Student Resources in Context
Group – Magazine Reference and More – Explora or Middle Search Plus


Resources for Human Body Residency Project

Resources for Human Body/ Diseases Residency Project

Books in Destiny would be found in the applied science section under health and the human body, 612 & 616

Cobb Digit Library
Reference and magazines
Science in Context – in the Science group
Student Resources in Context – Advanced group

Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine – ebook in the Gale collection
EBSCO ebook Academic Collection – found in the GALILEO Resources group

Web resources in the CDL
Nettrekker – search for educational web sites.

Other Web resources
National Health

Medline Plus .gov

National Cancer


Diabetes Association

Mayo Clinic

American Heart Association

American Lung Assn.

Olympic Reading Challenge

Dickerson students and staff have the opportunity to participate in an Olympic Reading Challenge against 9 other middle schools in Cobb County. There are 5  Olympic reading events in which students can compete. The challenge will begin on February 1st and continue throughout the month.  In order to compete for a medal, students must click the link above and complete the “challenge form” for their event on the official blog. Show your Dickerson spirit and let’s read and win some medals!

Click here for more information.
This link will bring you to the Olympic Challenge Form 

Bully Prevention Project

Databases in the Cobb Digital Library with great articles on bullying

Gale Student Resources in Context (group – Advanced)
EBSCO Middle Search Plus (group – Magazine, References and More)
Gale Opposing Viewpoints (group – Advanced)
SIRS Discoverer (group – Advanced) – either search “bullying” etc. or you can scroll down and click on the link for “Pro/Con Leading Issues.”
Other internet sites to help understand bullying


Bully prevention project

Look for information that helps answer the following questions:

  1. Find 3 types of bullying – define and give examples.
  2. Try to find a statistic or fact related to the different types of bullying.
  3. What is the difference between a bystander and an up-stander?
  4. What can a bystander do to help or hurt?
  5. What does an up-stander do to help those who are bullied?
  6. What groups or types of people are bullied?
  7. Why do people bully? Who tends to become a bullying?
  8. Where does bullying occur?
  9. What was a wow moment for you? A fact or a statistic that surprised/shocked you the most about bullying.
  10. What are ways a bullied person can react to a bully that could help his/her situation?
  11. What does resilience mean?
  12. What can you do to help prevent someone from being bullied? What can you do to help stop someone from bullying?

What should I read next?

Did you just finish a book and wounder what to read next?  Check out this web site. Just type in the name of the last book you enjoyed, and it will show a list of other books you could read. Give it a try!

What should I read next?

Here are some other places you can go to get recomendations:

Good Reads for Middle School

Time Magazine – Best Young Adult Books of All Time

Destiny – go to the top 10 most popular books. (You can also check out other schools top 10.)

Georgial Book Award Nominees for 2017-2018

October Data

See our newsletter with October circulation and other stats. We circulate over 3800 books with over 1000 of them were non-fiction. We had over 36oo articles viewed in the Cobb Digital Library. Please note new resources featured from our Digital Library as well as the popular new books that arrived this month.

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