Dear Dickerson Families,


In an effort to do our part to flatten the curve, the Cobb and Douglas Public Health – Director of Epidemiology, Rachel Franklin – has asked us to please share with our communities.
“Students please be mindful that while schools are closed, social distancing should be practiced, and that includes play dates!  Everyone should be self-monitoring for symptoms.”
Please check out these links:

CDC – Coronavirus -“What you need to know”

CDC – Coronaviruse – “How to prepare”

Accessing the Cobb Digital Library from Home

Cobb Digital Library

Educational Resources for ALL subjects!

Below you will find a handout for accessing the databases on the Cobb Digital Library from home. I have shared it out with all the teachers for them to post to their blogs as well.
Cobb Digital Library home access

Under the list of “Databases” you can find some great resources. In an earlier post today, I highlighted a great place for students to find ebooks and audio books called Sora. Using the Sora app or Sora in the Digital Library, students can access Cobb School district books as well as connect to ebooks and audio books through the Cobb Public Library. See earlier post.

Passwords and other information

Password help for CDL 


Cobb Digital Library – Featuring

EBSCO Middle Search Plus and Explora

Go to the Cobb Digital Library

If you ask your mom or dad if they had to use EBSCO databases in college or graduate school, the answer will be yes. Just about anyone who went/goes to college is expected to use this valuable resource. Middle Search plus is EBSCO’s resource containing over 100 magazines for middle school students.
Explora was created for high school users and contains many more sources.

Log in using your Office 365 username and password

Open the group for “Magazine Reference and More”

EBSCO resources are part of GALILEO and may require an extra password “linen.”

Check to see how current an article you can find on the Coronavirus

Publications included with these databases:
Girl’s Life – April/May issue is already up
Boy’s Life – March issue and older
Sports Illustrated – March
Sports Illustrated for Kids – Feb
Time Magazine – March 16
Time for Kids – March 20
Scholastic Action, Scholastic Art, Scholastic Choices, Scholastic Math, Scholastic News, Scholastic Scope, Scholastic SuperScience and Scholastic Update
Science News and Science News for Kids
Science World – March
Popular Science
Nutrition Action
The Nation
Christian Science Monitor
National Review
Newsweek Global
and many more
See this handout for more help using these resources

Top 25 Titles checked out in 2019-2020

1. When Laurie, Victoria. F LAU 92
2. Warcross Lu, Marie, F LU 80
3. Twilight Meyer, Stephenie, F MEY 74
4. Every day Levithan, David. F LEV 70
5. Refugee Gratz, Alan, F GRA 65
6. Red Queen Aveyard, Victoria, F AVE 62
7. The fault in our stars Green, John, F GRE 61
8. 23 minutes Vande Velde, Vivian. F VAN 60
9. Every shiny thing Jensen, Cordelia. F JEN 57
10. Resistance Nielsen, Jennifer A. F NIE 57
11. Smile Telgemeier, Raina. 741.5 TEL 57
12. The Hunger Games Collins, Suzanne. F COL 56
13. Breakout Messner, Kate, F MES 55
14. Rebound Alexander, Kwame. F ALE 54
15. Mayday Harrington, Karen, F HAR 52
16. The maze runner Dashner, James, F DAS 51
17. Sisters Telgemeier, Raina. 741.5 TEL 51
18. Guts Telgemeier, Raina. 741.5 TEL 50
19. Wonder Palacio, R. J. F PAL 49
20. Projekt 1065 Gratz, Alan, F GRA 48
21. Hidden Frost, Helen, 1 F FRO 47
22. The seventh wish Messner, Kate. F MES 47
23. Divergent Roth, Veronica. F ROT 45
24. Prisoner B-3087 Gratz, Alan, 1972- F GRA 45
25. Catching fire Collins, Suzanne. F COL 43


Interesting Readings on the Cobb Digital Library

Need more ideas of ebooks and articles to read? Try these out.

First sign into the Cobb Digital Library, then the links to the books and articles will work.

6 Ways You Can Make the Most of Staying Home for a while! – from Bangor Daily News
If you are asked for an extra password – linen

From Mother Earth News

Link to eBook    Link to eBook

 eBook from the CDL – check it out

How Social Distancing Combats COVID-19 — and What You Can Do. From USNews

Discovery Education Videos and more

Check out this video of the Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye: Math, Business and Industry. 

Just one of the fantastic videos students can find on Discovery Education.

Log into and learn more. 


Take a Tour of the a 3D model of the human body.


Check out NFL Play 60 and get some ideas of some fitness workouts you can do for 60 minutes a day. These workouts were created by NFL players in collaboration with the American Heart Association.