Kindergarten News 4-15-19

Our time in Kindergarten is almost over for the year 2018-19! It has been a busy year full of learning and friendships. When I look back on the first photos taken at the beginning of the year, I am amazed at the changes in each student. The children have grown so much physically, socially, and academically.
We have a lot of things planned for the next 20+ days so please make sure you review your child’s orange folder daily. Sometimes the activities/schedules must be adjusted to accommodate other students or classes. The end of the school year is always a crazy but fun time!
As we come to the end of our kindergarten year we will be doing a fun ABC count down. We will be starting with Z and will arrive at A on the last day of school. I have listed what we will be doing for each letter. If it is highlighted and italicized, it is something that they will need to do at home to get ready for that day. For example, on Yellow day please have your child wear yellow clothes if they have them. Please do not feel that you need to purchase anything for them to wear as this is just for fun. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to donate: apples, chocolate syrup, doughnuts, ice cream, lollipops, or spray whipped cream.
April 17 – Zebra Day! Wear black and white.
April 18 – Yellow Day! Wear yellow to school.
April 19 – X-change Autographs at school with your friends!
April 22 – Western Day! Wear cowboy or cowgirl hats, or boots, or clothes.
April 23 – Very Important Field Trip Day. Wear your colored, class t-shirt.
April 24 – Unicorn Day! We will make a headband at school.
April 25 – T-shirt Day! Wear your favorite T-shirt.
April 26 – Sunglasses Day! Wear your sunglasses to school!
April 29 – Red Day! Wear red to school!
April 30 – Q and U’s Wedding! Dress up in fancy clothes!
May 1 – Picnic Day! We will eat lunch outside!
May 2 – Orange Day! Wear orange to school!
May 3 – New Name Day! Think of a different name to be called. We will make a name tag.
May 6 – Mustache Day!
May 7 – Lollipop Day! We will lick lollipops!
May 8 – King Day! Wear a robe or crown!
May 9 – Jeans Day! Everyone wear jeans and their class shirt.
May 10 – Ice Cream Sundae Day!
May 13 – Hat Day! Wear your favorite hat to school.
May 14 – Glitter Day! We will make a glitter craft!
May 15 – Field Day! Wear your class shirt.
May 16 – Exercise Day! Wear gym clothes and shoes.
May 17 – Doughnut Day!
May 20 – Crazy Hair Day!
May 21 – Bring a beach towel to sit on and play Bingo!
May 22 – Apples Day! Last Day of School!

Other Announcements:
Administration has requested that during the testing window, lunch visitations can only take place on Fridays: April 19 th, 26th, May 3 rd, 10th.
Our field trip to the Art Barn at Morning Glory Farms is scheduled for April 23rd.
STEAM night is scheduled for April 25th 6:00-7:30 pm.
Career Day is May 10th.
Please check Pitner’s website at for information on other activities.

Kindergarten News 3-5-19

March is my favorite time of the year! I am hoping that we will not have any “surprise” snow days like in years past. A lot of the trees and flowers are blooming and it is such a welcomed sight after the doldrums of winter.

Our Rosa Parks classroom door for Black History month was picked as the winner for kindergarten. One of our Partners in Ed supplied “judges” to evaluate each grade level doors. We were rewarded with a 30-minute dance party this past Friday afternoon. The kids had so much fun celebrating with all the other grade level winners.

Academic Areas:
Reading: learning short and long vowel sounds, practicing and learning new sight words, and continuing to discuss how authors use different “crafts” to help us learn to read.
Writing: Last week we wrote about what we did over the Winter Break. In addition, we composed pieces about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
Math: We are concentrating on subtraction using manipulatives and word problems. We are also reviewing addition facts.

This week we are celebrating the life and creativity of Dr. Seuss. We will read tons of his books and participate in some fun activities. In the words of the great author himself, “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”

Wednesday is always our Media Center day. Please make sure that you send in your child’s book so he/she may check out another book. The children are so disappointed when they are not able to check out a new book for the week.

Mark your calendar for a reminder about this week’s school wide activities:
The Book Fair
Bedtime Books and Brownies

For information about these, please check Pitner’s website at
Heads up: we have about 11 more weeks left of this school year! YIKES – please continue to work with your child on reading, sight words, writing, and math skills.

Kindergarten News 2-11-19

Pitner is celebrating Black History Month with a door decorating/gallery walk activity. Each teacher is responsible for decorating his or her door to share knowledge about a famous African American. We are celebrating Rosa Parks.

Academic Areas:
Reading: learning word family “op”, practicing and learning new sight words, and discussing how authors use different “crafts” to help us learn to read.
Writing: Narrative pieces. Many students are having difficulty writing words and sentences. We are still reviewing some previously taught writing strategies. Please help your child write things at home.  They have learned so many sight words that he/she should be able to complete sentences using these words.
Math: We are learning about decomposing numbers 5 or less and finding the numbers to make five. We are also working with word problems to 5.
Social Studies: The lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We will also learn about the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

Wednesday is always our Media Center day. Please make sure that you send in your child’s book so he/she may check out another book. The children are so disappointed when they are not able to check out a new book for the week.

Please do not forget to send in your child’s decorated Valentines box and signed Valentines. Parents, remember that we cannot accept Valentine’s Day deliveries for students and balloons and vases are not allowed on school buses.

Our picture day has been changed to Friday, February 15th.

The flu is everywhere! For key facts about Influenza (flu) please go to There is also a link on the school website to Cobb County’s Flu page. For ways that you can help stop the spread of the Flu Virus, go to

Kindergarten News 1-21-19

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day! I hope that you are able to take part in the celebration of this remarkable man and leader. Whether you watch the coverage on TV or attend a social function, we can all be thankful for his accomplishments. We will begin learning about him this week. The students always enjoy learning about how things used to be and comparing them with the present.
Academic Areas:
Reading: learning word family “ap”, practicing and learning new sight words, and discussing how rereading words and sentences can help with becoming great readers.
Writing: Narrative pieces. Many students are having difficulty writing words and sentences. This week I am going to review some previously taught writing strategies. This will help to solidify the writing concept. Recognizing, recalling, and using sight words makes writing easier for students.
Math: We will begin learning about decomposing numbers 5 or less and finding the numbers to make five.
Social Studies: The life and events of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Wednesday is our Media Center day. Please make sure that you send in your child’s book so he/she may check out another book. The children are so disappointed when they are not able to check out a new book for the week.
The 100th day of school was so much fun! Each kindergarten classroom had an activity that pertained to the number 100. Ask your child to tell you which one was his/her favorite. Thank you for assisting your child in making his/her 100-day poster. They are hanging in the hallway. It is always so exciting to see the creativity.


Kindergarten News 1/14/19

A New Year always brings hope, happiness, a fresh start, and an urge to re-organize my life! I am looking forward to completing many projects that I started years ago. Check back with me later to see if I have followed through with this idea.

We are hitting the New Year hard with reading, writing, and math. We have about 4 months left to get these kindergarteners ready to move up to 1st grade. Report cards went home Friday, January 11th. Please take the time to review them so that you will be aware of your child’s progress. I have included additional comments on the back. I am asking that you work with your child to reinforce the basic skills of sight words, reading, sentence writing, and math. If we work together on these areas, we should see remarkable results.

Academic Areas:
Reading: learning word family “an”, practicing and learning new sight words, and discussing strategies that help us learn to read.
Writing: practicing writing small moment stories and narrative pieces.
Math: comparing objects to 10 and identifying which objects are greater than, less than, or equal to the other set.
Science: comparing and contrasting the various ways to prevent the spread of germs.

Wednesday is our Media Center day. Please make sure that you send in your child’s book so he/she may check out another book. The children are so disappointed when they are not able to check out a new book for the week.

Thursday will be the 100th day of school. We are looking forward to seeing your child’s 100-day poster. The students get so excited to celebrate this special day. All kindergarten classes will participate in a classroom rotation of 100-day activities. Each teacher has planned special fun, educational events to commemorate this day.

News for the Week of October 29th – November 2nd

October is ending and November will begin this week.  The change in temperatures really feel like we’ve moved into Fall.  Please remember to send in jackets or coats with your child.  When the weather is nice (but cool), the class will still go outside for recess.  The students need the time to run and play.  It will be very helpful if your child’s name is on any outerwear so that it can be located if lost.

Last week, Pitner celebrated Red Ribbon Week.  Thank you so much for all your support in participating in each day’s theme!  The class learned about making good choices and how to appropriately deal with any bullying they may encounter.  The week ended with a great pep rally/assembly featuring the Kell High School Band and a visit from one of our Partners in Ed, ETO Martial Arts and Fitness of Kennesaw.  They saw Dr. Hosey break a board and received some great information on respect.

In class, we continued work on informational writing.  Last week, we learned about spiders and this week it was bats and owls!  Ask your child what they learned!  We also started fall themed projects in math and literacy.

This week is very busy!  Remember, we have a rescheduled field trip on Thursday to Petit Creek Farms.  If you said you would provide a lunch from home, please remember to send it Thursday morning in a paper bag with your child’s name on it.  We will not take lunchboxes on the field trip because they are too bulky to keep track of.  Also watch the weather and make sure they are dressed for the temperatures.  It will be a great day!

Wednesday is Halloween.  Students should not wear costumes to school.  We will be emphasizing literacy on that day with Skype lessons of great books from around other educators around the county.  In addition, we’d love to have some mystery readers come to class to read to the students.  If you would like to surprise the class and read a book, please send in a note and we’ll make schedule your visit!  Wednesday is also our Media Center day, so please send in their books so they may check out!

The Fall Book Fair is open all week long.  You will receive a flyer on Monday in the student’s folders.  It will help you make choices about any purchases you may want to let the kids make.  If you are sending in money for the Book Fair, please put it in your child’s folder in a ZipLoc bag or envelope with Book Fair clearly marked.  Friday is the last day the Book Fair will be open at school, but there is an online option for a few days after the fair closes at school.  You can find out more information and access the interactive book flyer here: It’s going to be a great week!

Rescheduled conference notes went home last week.  If there is any question about when your conference is scheduled for, please let us know and we’ll make sure you have the information you need.  If you are looking for a way to support the classroom, Ms. Dobbs could use a ream or two of copy paper as a donation.  This time of year is always a difficult time with supplies!

There is also some other news to share.  I (Mrs. Parks), will be leaving Pitner this week.  I’ve been at Pitner in different positions since it opened in 2003.  This fall, an opportunity opened at another school and I will be starting at Kincaid Elementary on November 1st.  This was a very difficult decision for me to make.  Pitner has been my home and family for a long time, but I had to make the choice to do what’s best for my family.  I appreciate SO much your support and trust in letting me be a part of your children’s lives!  All of our students are awesome and I see a bright future ahead for each of them!  The class is still in fantastic hands with Ms. Dobbs and Ms. Elder, who will be taking my place.  I’ll miss interacting with you all.  Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me this year!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Red Ribbon Week is Here! October 22nd – October 26th


What a beautiful Fall weekend it’s been!  Soon, the leaves will be changing and we’ll be at the end of October!

Last week in class, we worked on knowing all about informational text.  Our unit of study was spiders and we learned how to recognize information that is true (non-fiction) vs. a story (fiction).  The kids did great!  Ask them some of the things they learned about spiders!  We also worked on counting to 50 by 1’s and 10’s.  The fiftieth day of school was so much fun on Wednesday!  This week, we’ll continue to work on informational text by studying bats!

This week is Red Ribbon Week school-wide.  Each day there are special things to do or wear to participate.  Kindergartners will also wear a red ribbon all week (provided by the school) and receive a red pencil to remind them to have good character, make good choices and be drug and bully free!  Here is what is happening each day:

  • Monday – Wear red clothing
  • Tuesday – Wear tie-dye shirts and bring cans to donate to our canned food drive
  • Wednesday – Wear your favorite team shirt
  • Thursday – Wear your favorite or crazy hat
  • Friday – Wear Pitner gear

We will also have a Red Ribbon Week assembly on Friday to close out our week of learning!

On Monday, the students will have a treat and meet children’s book illustrator, Michael White.  He has illustrated many books such as “The Library Dragon”, “The Secret of Old Zeb” and “Harriet’s Horrible Hair Day”.  This will be a very interesting day for the kids to see how someone illustrates some of their favorite books!

We will be contacting you regarding rescheduling conferences.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!

Remember, to always send library books back by Wednesday of each week so your child may check out another book!

Thank you,

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks


News for the Week of 10/15 – 10/19

We’ve made it to conference week!  Ms. Dobbs’ mother passed away this weekend, so all conferences planned for the upcoming week are cancelled and will have to be rescheduled for another date.  We will let you know of the new times.

This entire week is early release for all students.  You all do a fantastic job of letting us know when transportation home is different for your child, please make sure to let us know exactly how your child will go home each day this week if it is different from their usual mode of transportation.  We begin dismissal at 12:15, so plan to be at bus stops 2 hours earlier than normal.  If your child is under 8 and there is no one there to meet them, they will be returned to school.

Please remember to return library books by no later than Wednesday morning each week.  If they are not returned, the student cannot check out a new book.

This week we celebrate the 50th day of school with 50’s day in Kindergarten.  If you want, your child may dress in 50’s outfits to celebrate the day.  We will be doing special activities during that day.

This Friday, Pitner is holding a Cape Day to benefit CHOA.  For the donation of $1, students may wear capes all day to show that kindness is our superpower.  All proceeds will benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  If you participate, please make sure the $1 donation is in an envelope and clearly marked for that purpose!

There are many things to remember going on at the school for the second half of October.  Here are some important dates:

  • PTSA October Newsletter – Download HERE
  • Fall Fundraiser – October 2nd – October 17th (all orders due by Wednesday)
  • Fall Picture Retakes – Tuesday, October 16th
  • Cape Day to Benefit CHOA – Friday, October 19th
  • Conference Week – Early Release all week –  October 15th – 19th
  • Red Ribbon Week – October 22nd – 26th (more information next week)
  • Fall Book Fair – Monday, October 29th – Friday, November 2nd
  • Pitner’s Annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive – Oct. 23rd – Nov. 9th

Remember, you can always check the Pitner Elementary School website at  You will find upcoming events and information in the center of the main page and on the side calendar, events that may be further out.

Thank you so much for all your support!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks


Things to Remember for the Week of 10/8 – 10/12

I hope everyone had a great fall weekend!  Thank you to everyone that came to watch and helped with the Zoophonics costumes and parade!  The kids were so proud of their hard work and so excited to be recognized!  They had a great time!

This week is full of things to remember:

On Wednesday, we will go to Petit Creek Farms on our field trip.  When you sent in permission forms, you indicated whether your child would purchase a lunch from the cafeteria or bring one from home.  If you need a reminder, feel free to email or send a message and we’ll let you know what your choice was.  If you are sending a lunch, please put it in a paper bag with your child’s name and do not include thermos bottles for drinks.  It’s much easier to throw our trash away and we cannot keep up with lunchboxes.  We will take a cooler with us to keep things cold.

Thursday is an early release day.  Please make sure to let us know how your child will go home on this day.  We will start dismissal at 12:15, so buses will run 2 hours earlier than normal.  ASP will run normal hours until 6 pm.

You received your Cherrydale fundraiser packages from the PTSA last week.  The fundraiser goes on for 2 weeks.

The week of 10/15 – 10/19 is conference week.  The entire week will be early release days.  We look forward to talking to each of you about the start to your child’s year!

Our school collects Boxtops for Education.  You’ll find these seals on many items you purchase.  The class in each grade level that collects the most boxtops for the month receives a prize!  This month the prize for the winning class is a pajama day!  We’ve sent forms home and you can return them with the boxtops attached.  If you do not have the form anymore, it’s fine to send them in to school in a ziplock bag in the folder.

Remember, Wednesdays are always our Media Center day.  All library books are due by Wednesday morning so that the students may check out a new book.  We will fit in a trip to the Media Center this Wednesday before we leave on our field trip.

Watch for announcements this week as needed.  As always, thank you for all the support that each of you gives the class and your child!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks