News for the Week of 9/17 – 9/21

Can you believe it?  We only have 5 more school days until Fall Break!  The first month and a half of school has flown by!  This week is a full week, then we do not return to school until October 1st!  October will be a busy, fun month.

This past week, we’ve been working hard on learning the last letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.  We’ve continued to work on our reading stamina by choosing books to look at by ourselves and to share with our reading buddies.  Everyone is doing great!  They know how to re-tell a story, how to make predictions about what will come next AND we have also been making stories with pictures.  Several times during the day, we count to 50 or higher as a class.  We are learning to recognize numbers on a ten frame.  It’s so exciting to see their faces when they “get” it!  During calendar time, we work on the days of the week and counting the days we’ve been in school.  Last Friday, they were counting by 10’s to 30.

October will be a very busy month!  Our annual Kindergarten Zoophonics parade will take place on Friday morning, October 5th.  A letter will come home with your child on Monday explaining the parade and what letter of the alphabet your child will be in the parade.  This year, our class will represent the letters E, F and G.  Everyone drew letters out of a hat to determine which character they would be.  The students are very excited about showing off their skills to the whole school!

We also have our field trip to Petit Creek Farms on Wednesday, October 10th.  The permission forms went home last week and are due back no later than October 1st.  This is a great field trip that ties into our units on Mamas and Babies and many other things we are learning. It’s also a lot of fun!  If you’d like to go as a chaperone, we’d love to have you.  You would need to provide your own transportation and pay $10 for admissions.  We ask that only adults chaperone and no younger brothers/sisters attend.  Send us a message if you are interested.

Keep in mind that Thursday, October 11th will be another early release day.  These days are added by Cobb County for Staff professional development.

The week of October 15th – 19th is Conference Week and is also an early release week so that we may meet with you.  This is a great chance for you to ask any questions about your child’s progress and learn all the great things they’ve been doing so far this year.  We will be sending conference forms home with the times we’d like you to attend.

That’s a LOT going on!  There will be no blog next Sunday due to Fall Break, but they will resume on September 30th.  Please feel free to send us messages or emails with anything we need to know.  Continue to check your child’s communication folder for anything that is important for you to know and details about upcoming events.  Remember to put notes about absences or transportation changes in them.  They are checked each morning. Also, put any payments that you are sending in so that we can route them to the right places.

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Things to Remember:

  • Return Petit Creek Farms field trip permission form by October 1st
  • Wednesday is Library day, please return your books!
  • Wednesday, October 10th – Petit Farm Field Trip
  • Thursday, October 11th – Early Release Day
  • Week of October 15th – 19th – Fall Conference Week – Early release all week

Pictures from the Week


News for the Week of 9/10 – 9/14

I hope everyone has had a great  weekend!  Last week was a very quick week at school because it was a short week!  I want to give a huge shout out to all our parents!  Last week, we returned ALL of our progress reports signed the next day after they were sent out.  We were the ONLY kindergarten class to achieve this! You rock!  I know the amount of paperwork and announcements coming home in the folders can almost seem overwhelming, but we have a great group of supportive parents!  Thank you again!

Last week, we had a lot of excitement!  We went to Publix and Chase Bank on our first field trip.  The students were able to see the concept of goods and services in a real life setting.  We had a blast!  Also, many of our grandparents participated in our first ever Grandparent’s Day Ice Cream Social.  Everyone had a great time.

In between all of the fun, we also concentrated on Reader’s Workshop.  The class was divided into reading pals and learned to love books in a variety of ways.  They read back-to-back, knee-to-knee and elbow-to-elbow.  These techniques help the students learn to love reading and help them build stamina during reading time.  We are almost at the end of the alphabet with our Zoophonics sounds.  We’ve also been working on math and have played several fun games this week to learn our numbers.  Ask your child about Bump and Jump!

Remember, we go to the Media Center each Wednesday morning.  Please send your child’s library book back to school by then so they may check out another book!

You received Petit Creek Farms field trip permission forms in the communication folders on Friday.  The permission forms, payment and lunch choice forms are due back by no later than October 1st.  This is going to be a great field trip!  If you are interested in being a chaperone, you will need to pay $10 and provide your own transportation.  There will be no room on the buses for parents.  Chaperones can carpool with each other if that is easier!

We have 2 weeks until Fall Break and they will be packed with learning and fun.  We’ll keep you updated through Remind, but remember to check the blog or the school website at:  You can also sign up for Dr. Hosey’s weekly call-outs and texts by following the instructions on the main page of the Pitner website.  That way you don’t miss a thing going on in the classroom OR the school!

Upcoming events to keep in mind:

  • No visitors allowed for lunch – 9/13 – 9/18 due to testing for 3rd – 5th
  • Return Petit Creek Farms forms and payment by October 1st
  • PTSA Spirit Night at Huey Luey’s – Wednesday, Sept. 19th – 5 – 9 pm
  • Fall Break – September 24th – 28th
  • Fall Fest & 1st Annual Chili Cook-off – Saturday, October 6th -11am – 3pm

We’ll keep you updated on anything else that you need to know!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Pictures from the week:


News For the Week of 9/4 – 9/7

Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone has had a great 3 day weekend!  It seemed as if August would never end and now the days are flying by!  This week is a four day week full of fun and learning and then we have 2 more weeks until the fall break.  We want to thank all of our wonderful supportive parents for making the Goods and Services fair a success!  The kids had a blast and learned the difference between purchasing a good or a service.

Tuesday, September 4th, our class will go on the field trip to Publix Supermarket on Wade Green Road.  We will be walking and have the assistance of Cobb County officers to make sure we arrive safely.  This trip is always fun!  The students get a behind the scenes look at how a supermarket works.  Since we are just coming off our goods and services unit, it ties everything together!  We will also have our first Code Red drill at the school on Tuesday.  These drills are necessary to ensure that everyone knows what to do in case of a real emergency.

Wednesday, we are 4 1/2 weeks into the quarter and will be sending progress reports home.  This is a first look at your child’s progress so far this year.  We are starting to move faster in our learning.  You might notice that your child is frustrated, but they will all begin to settle in and adjust to the new pace.  They have done very well with learning the rules and procedures at the school so far!

The rest of the week we will continue to work on our letters, sounds and math skills.  We have also been learning about community helpers.  Last week our book was “Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse”.  Ask your child to tell you about the story.  They are learning about re-telling and what characters in a book are.

If you signed up to come to our Grandparent’s Ice Cream Social on Thursday, it will be at 1:00 in the school cafeteria.  This first annual event for the school will help us celebrate the vital roles that grandparents play in our children’s lives.

Thank you so much for always sending notes in the folder and/or remind messages about transportation or behavior concerns.  We have a great group of parents!  If there is ever a question about a payment or transportation, we will touch base with you to make sure your child is taken care of!

Here are a few things to remember about the coming week:

  • Tuesday, September 4th – Publix Field Trip
  • Wednesday, September 5th – Media Center day – All books are due back so each child can check out a new book
  • Wednesday, September 5th – Progress Reports go home
  • Grandparent’s Day Ice Cream Social – Thursday, September 6th

Have a great week!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Our Week in Pictures


News for the week of 8/27 – 8/31

Can you believe we’re almost at the end of August??  This month always seems very long.  It’s still hot outside, it’s a five week month AND we’re all still getting used to the school routine. We’re starting to settle in and our pace is increasing as we learn.

Last week, we focused on our letter sounds through Zoophonics.  We also started working on our handwriting.  You may have seen some optional homework sheets in your student’s orange communication folder.  We love that many are practicing their letter formations at home.  It will help greatly as they start to form and write sentences.  Also, have your child practice writing their name at home.  They have learned that this is the first thing they add to their papers at school.  We also checked out books for the first time in the Media Center.  The kids were SO excited!!  Their books are due back this Wednesday so that they can check out another book.  LIFT on Fridays is so much fun for the Kindergarten classes.  We all gather together to sing and learn our skills!  We have also been reading “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  It’s a great book to teach everyone they can make their own mark in life.

This week is super busy heading into our first 3 day weekend of the year!  In addition to returning library books on Wednesday, remember that it is also an early release day.  The day ends 2 hours early.  PLEASE make sure that we know how your child will go home on this day!!  Friday is our Goods and Services Day celebration.  The items to be donated should be sent by Wednesday as well.

If you have not ordered your kindergarten t-shirt, the money and order form are due back by Friday, August 31st.  You received a form for our first ever school-wide Grandparent’s Day Ice Cream Social that will happen in September.  If you want to reserve a space, those forms should be returned by Friday, August 31st.

Please remember to check your child’s folder and the behavior calendar every day!!  Always put notes in the folder so that we find them.  If you are sending money for something, please put it in an envelope or Ziploc bag with your child’s name and what the money is for and place it in the folder as well!!

Things to remember this week:

  • Send library books by Wednesday so your child can check out another book
  • Wednesday is an EARLY RELEASE day!!  We release at 12:15.  Send notes for transportation changes!
  • Donations for the Goods and Services Day celebration are due on Wednesday, August 29th
  • T-shirt orders and money are due by Friday, August 31st
  • Reservations for the Grandparent’s Day celebration due Friday, August 31st
  • First Pitner Spirit Night at Escalade-Friday, August 31st (see school website)
  • NO School on Monday, September 3rd
  • September 4th is the field trip to Publix!!

As always, please don’t hesitate to send an email or a message on remind with any questions or concerns you may have!!

Have a great week!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Pictures from our Week:

Mid-Week News 8/21/18

Your child’s folder has a lot in it today!  In addition to their work and announcements you find on the Keep at Home side, there are several things in the Return to School side that we need you to sign and return to school.

  • Our first field trip is coming up on September 4th!  We’ll be walking to Publix for a tour.  This field trip has no cost, but we MUST have a signed permission form returned by no later than Wednesday, August 29th if you want your child to participate.
  • We are studying goods and services this week along with our Community Helper unit.  On Friday, August 31st, Kindergarten will be having a Goods and Services Community Fair.  The students are earning pennies to spend on goods and services at the fair.  We are asking for donations from all Kindergartners to make it a success.  There is a letter in the folder with what your child should bring.  We need the letter and the donation of goods by no later than Wednesday, August 29th.
  • During Sneak-A-Peek, you received a form to order a class t-shirt.  The shirts are $6.  This form and payment is due by no later than August 31st.  If you have lost your form, let us know and we’ll send you another one!

We go to the Media Center tomorrow to check out books for the very first time.  If there is a purple form in your folder, please send it back by tomorrow so that your child may check out a book.  We still have two students that need to return this form.  If you don’t have one in your communication folder, you’re good!

Tomorrow, we also have our first guidance lesson from our new Counselor, Ms. Whitton.  We will  have a fire drill in the afternoon.  Its’ going to be a busy day!!!

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know!  Thank you for all your support!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

News for the Week of August 20th – 24th

We had a great and BUSY 2nd full week of school!  We worked on our letters G – K.  We learned the sound each letter makes, how to write each letter and the Zoo Phonics motion that goes with each.  Remember to ask your child to tell you about each letter and the sound it makes with the motion.  Not only is it fun, it helps your child memorize important information!  We also worked on sorting and writing our numbers.  In Readers Workshop, we learned to have elbow partners to share what we read in a book.  We visited the Media Center and did a great project with our librarian, Ms. Stanley, about Mr. Wiggles.  We also started LIFT on Friday mornings.  LIFT stands for Learning is Fun Together.  All the Kindergarten classes meet in the cafeteria each Friday to sing, dance and learn new skills and information.  It’s so much fun!

Our upcoming week will be busy as well.  As the pace increases, please continue to encourage your child and let them know how proud you are of all they are learning.  They may be tired and even a little frustrated as new things are added, but don’t worry.  They will adjust and grow as the year progresses!  We will continue to work on our letters and numbers.  We also have a fire drill and picture day added to the mix this week as well as Media Center and LIFT time.

Picture day is Tuesday, August 21st.  Everyone will have their picture made for the yearbook.  If you wish to purchase a package, you must pre-pay for it with the order form that came home in the orange communication folder.  If you have lost your form, let us know through email or remind and we’ll be happy to send another one home on Monday.

Things to remember this week: 

  • Continue to check your child’s orange communication folder each evening. We will send home forms or notes that are important for you to see or return.  If you send money for lunch or another purpose, please put it in the folder in a ziploc bag or envelope with details about what the money is for so that we may apply it to the correct account.
  • Also, check the back cover of the folder for the monthly calendar so you know what special your child has each day and to see their behavior for the day.
  • Please do not send your child in flip flops.  They are against school policy.  Make sure your child wears tennis shoes on their PE days.
  • Send in notes any time your child will not be going home in their usual way.  If you need to send a note that includes transportation for each day of a week, that will work as well!
  • Remember you can communication with us through email, remind or notes in the communication folder.  Our emails are: [email protected]  and [email protected].

We can’t wait to share more news with you next week!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Look at all we did last week!

News and Tidbits from the Week

Image result for August school clip art

The first full week of school was great!  Not only did the students continue to learn routines and expectations, you could see their confidence grow as they learn their way around the school.  Please remember that this first month is always challenging to get settled into the flow.  Your child may be more tired or even a little frustrated with so much new knowledge, but they will soon be in the rhythm of school and sailing along.  Bear with us as well.  We have 17 students with 17 different personalities and routines, we will all be in the groove soon!

Last week, we spent time learning the letters C – F.  The students learn a Zoo-phonics movement with each letter to help them remember their letter sounds.  Ask them to “teach” you the sounds and motions.  This re-enforcement will help them learn!  We also are learning our numbers, days of the week and using calendar time to introduce math skills.

This week, our new behavior calendar begins.  You will find it on the back of your child’s orange communication folder.  Each day, we will mark a color for the day that represents their behavior.  We will also add the number of any problems we might have encountered during the day.   If needed, a more in-depth note or text will be sent.  This calendar will also let you know our Library days, the specials your child will be attending each day and any other days to be aware of (early release, etc.)  Please make a note of their special each day.  On PE days, your child needs to wear tennis shoes so that they may fully participate in the gym.

A few things to remember:

  • Dress code states that all straps must be at least a three finger width for shirts
  • Please put any notes, lunch money, ASP money or other communication in their orange folder so we can find it.
  • Snacks should be separate from their lunch box so we can tell the difference
  • Ice Cream Fridays take a week or two for the students to get familiar with the process…be patient
  • Carpool lane is moving faster.  It now ends by no later than 2:40.  If you arrive after that time, you will have to park and come in to get your child.
  • Our Picture Day will be on Tuesday, August 21st.  More information will follow.

We want to thank everyone that attended our Open House last week.  We hope that you gained more understanding and information about your child’s kindergarten year.  Our goal is to keep an open line of communication so that you always feel informed and feel free to ask us questions that you may have.  We’re excited your child is in our class!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Meeting the Principals

Literacy rocks! #readersareleaders

First Week Happenings!

We had a great first week of school!  While a lot of our week was spent beginning to learn our Zoo-Phonics sounds, much of our week was also spent on learning procedures, rules and routines around the school.  With the inclement weather last week, all of our recess time had to be indoors.  We’re hoping to get outside next week!

A few things to remember:

  • We know it’s HOT!  We still have to observe dress code rules while at school.  Please remember that any straps on a shirt have to be a 3 finger tip width…no spaghetti straps!  Your child may also bring a water bottle during the month of August if they ride the bus.  We will make sure they get plenty of hydration throughout the day at the water fountains.
  • We ask that your child’s snack be separate from their lunchbox.  It’s often hard to tell what is snack and what is lunch and the kids aren’t sure either.  Each morning when they come in, they unpack by putting their folder at Mrs. Parks’ desk, put their lunchbox on the counter, their snack in their cubbie and then hang their book bag up.
  • Any notes for Ms. Dobbs or Mrs. Parks need to be in their Orange Communication Folder.  It’s much easier for us not to miss anything if it’s in the folder. We check it each morning.
  • Please check your child’s folder in the afternoon.  In addition to keeping in touch through the Remind app, we will also place notes in their folders and we know you want to see what they did each day at school!
  • We have a list of breakfast preferences.  You filled this out during Sneak-A-Peek.  If there are any changes or concerns, please let us know!
  • If you have a change to transportation, you MUST send a note!!  We cannot deviate from the form you filled out without a note.  If there is a question, we will try to get in touch with you to confirm.
  • We will be sending out a specials schedule soon so that you know what special your child will be attending each day.  We are the Kindergarten class that splits, so ours is a little more complicated!  We’ll keep you updated!

Our lunch time is 10:31 – 11:01.  Dr. Hosey has requested that we have no parent visits through this Friday, August 10th.  You may come to have lunch with your student beginning Monday, August 13th.

We start visiting the Media Center this week.  Keep tuned for information about checking out books and when they are due back!

Open House is this Thursday night, August 9th, from 6:00 – 7:45.  The Pitner website will contain more information.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s a peek at our first week!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks

Welcome to our Classroom!!

We are SO excited to have you join our classroom this year!  It’s going to be a great year full of learning and fun!  Be sure to check our blog often.  We’ll add schedules, announcements, news about what we’re learning and anything you need to know for the week ahead.  You can always reach Ms. Dobbs or Mrs. Parks by emailing us.  We will respond as soon as possible!

Ms. Dobbs’ email:  [email protected]

Mrs. Parks’ email:  [email protected]

You can also use Remind 101 for our classroom.  There is a link below to join to receive our class updates.  This service allows you to receive reminders, pictures and news from the teachers.

We can’t wait to meet everyone!  See you soon!

Ms. Dobbs and Mrs. Parks