Health- Celebrity Substance Abuse Project

Due on Friday 2/2/18

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Project Rubric- Abuse Project Rubric-2fpu4mk

Example Project- Example Abuse Project-2jnd7ch


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Week 3: 1/22-1/26


*Due to the cancellation of school the scheduled quiz and test for unit 1 have been moved to this week.  Please note the dates.

Monday- Finish Unit 1 Power Point Notes, Ch. Book work P. 132 #1-5, 10-15, 29-32

Unit 1 Health-Wellnessupdated2015-129vww3

Tuesday- Unit 1 Quiz, Review Game

Wednesday- Unit 1 Study Guide/Review

Unit 1 Review-2gzqgl5

Thursday- Unit 1 Test

Friday- Begin Unit 2, Celebrity Substance Abuse Project Sign Ups


Team Sports

Monday-Thursday- Agility Games

Friday- Fitness Gram Make Up Tests/Agility Games



Week 2 Health: 1/9-1/12

Tuesday- All About Me Projects in Lab

All About Me-1oljgt9

Wednesday- Stress Discussion/Handout

Stress Activity-169mu7a

Thursday- Begin Unit 1 Notes Mental/Emotional Health

Friday- All About Me Project Presentations

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Sign off Sheets/Contracts Due Friday 1/12

All About Me Projects Due Friday 1/12

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