Week 14- 11/6/2017

Monday- Cardiorespiratory Fitness Power Point/Cardio Program

Unit 2 Cardiorespiratory Endurance Revised-18g1kyp

Tuesday- Holiday

Wednesday- Heart Diagram/Cardio Program

Heart diagram worksheet-2b0tqvj

Thursday- Target Heart Rate Worksheet/Circuit Training

Target Heart Rate-16zcpeb

Friday- Review/Study Guide

BPE Unit 2 Study Guide-1h0b777

*Unit 2 Test Monday

*Walk/Jog Program Mid-Term Wednesday

Week 11 & 12: 10/16- 10/27/17

Monday 10/16- Fitness Gram Testing

Fitness Gram – Record Sheet-124lh94

Tuesday 10/17- Syllabus Sign off Sheets Due

BPE Syllabus-2eovorb

Wednesday 10/18- Unit 1 Notes Packet Health & Skill Related Fitness


Unit 1 Health & Skills Component-1ah8hun

Power Point Notes

Unit 1 Health & Skills components-15t9u3o

Thursday 10/19- Review For Quiz/Skills Testing

Friday 10/20- Unit 1 Quiz Health & Skills Testing

Monday 10/23- Walk/Jog Program Contract/Pre-Test

Walk Jog Program Contract-1nredt4

Tuesday 10/24- Unit 1 Notes Personal Fitness & Safety and Injury Prevention


Unit 1 Personal Fitness & Safety-19xnnq0

Power Point Notes

Unit 1 Personal Fitness-2mvyafn

Wednesday 10/25- Unit 1 Personal Fitness Notes/Cardio Training

Thursday 10/26- Unit 1 Safety and Injury Prevention Notes/Circuit Training

Friday 10/27- Unit 1 Safety and Injury Prevention Notes/Walk-Jog Program

Week 8- 9/18- 9/22

Monday- Begin HIV/AIDS Power Point, Finish STD Charts

HIVAIDS – no pictures-296t45a

Tuesday- Finish HIV/AIDS Power Point, STD Charts due, Unit 3 Study Guide/ Review

Study Guide For Unit 3 (no STDs)-20beunc

Wednesday- Unit 3 Test, Final Exam Study Guide/Review

Thursday- Final Exam Review


***Enjoy the fall break.  When we return, get ready for CPR on Monday and Tuesday.  The Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) will be taught on Wednesday October 4th and Thursday October 5th and we will test and certify on Thursday.  Certifications can be picked up by students at a later date when they are ready to take their drivers test.  The final day of health is Friday October 6th and the 1st official day to dress for BPE is Monday October 8th.  Tennis shoes and athletic clothes are required for class and will be a part of the students daily grade.  A combination lock is recommended for students if they wish to use the lockers to store PE clothes.

Week 4- 10/21

Unit 1 test from last week are graded.  Well done!  Both 1st and 4th block averaged over a 90 on the test.  We have begun unit 2 which is our drugs, alcohol, and tobacco unit.  You will have a quiz next Wednesday, August 30th, on OTC/Prescription, and illegal drugs.  Have a great week!