BPE Week 7: 5/7/2018

Monday- Training Principles Power Point/Cardio

Unit 3 Principles of training-tjr3r5

Tuesday- Training Principles Power Point/Circuit Training

Wednesday- Training Principles Power Point/Cardio

Thursday- Unit 3 Review

Friday- Unit 3 Test

Upcoming: Skeletal/Muscular Systems

Muscular System

Unit 4 Muscular System-1sukrqp

Muscular System-18wys89

Unit 4 Muscular System-1suvvj4

Skeletal System

Unit 4 Skeletal System-2l0n5fu

Skeletal System-2nklhjg

Unit 4 Skeletal System-2l0y96o


BPE Week 5- 4/23-4/27

Monday- Unit 2 Power Point Notes Outline/Cardio Programs

Unit 2 Cardiorespiratory Endurance Revised-18oiz8g

Tuesday- Unit 2 Power Point Notes Outline/Circuit Training

Wednesday- Target Heart Rate Activity

Target Heart Rate-177u3n2

Thursday- Heart Diagram/Circuit Training

Heart diagram worksheet-2b9b565

Unit 2 Pathway of Circulatory System-2h598zu

Friday- Make Ups/Choice Day

Upcoming: Unit 2 Test Tuesday

BPE Week 1- 3/19- 3/23

Monday- Health Related Fitness/Fitness Gram Testing (weight, height, BMI, Body Fat %)

Tuesday- Health Related Fitness/ Fitness Gram Testing (push ups, curl ups, flexibility)

Wednesday- Health Related Fitness/Fitness Gram Testing (pull ups, flexed arm hang, standing long jump)

Thursday- Health Related Fitness/Fitness Gram Testing (PACER)

Friday- Fitness Gram Testing Make Ups


Personal Fitness Contracts Due Wednesday April 11th

Allatoona Personal Fitness contract-1xppofd

Health Week 7- 2/26-3/2

Monday- Infectious Disease Notes/Ch.Bookwork P. 532 #1-15

Tuesday- Infectious Disease Notes/Immune System Video/Ch. Bookwork P. 532-533 #16-26

Unit 3 Infectious-xacizm

Wednesday – Sexually Transmitted Disease Chart

Ch. 24 STD Chart-1ekrv4c

Unit 3 Updated STD-24pybgd

Thursday- Review STD Chart/HIV-AIDS Notes/Ch. Bookwork

Friday- Finish HIV-AIDS Notes




Thursday- Infectious Disease Quiz

Monday- Test Review

Tuesday- Unit 3 Test (Infectious Disease, STDs, HIV-AIDS)