Fall 2019

Mrs. Blankenbecler’s Blog

Best form of contact:  donna.blankenbecler@cobbk12.org

Blog Pages:  To access the information for your class, please use the links at the top of the page, either, Accelerated Pre-Calculus or Honors Algebra 2.

Your unit calendars, links, and homework keys will be posted on these pages.  Feel free to email me at donna.blankenbecler@cobbk12.org if you have questions.  Also reference the course page for REMIND codes.


Help sessions:  Tuesday and Thursday mornings 7:45 am to 8:15 am and all mornings before a major test in my room, 407.

There are faculty meetings on Tuesday mornings once a month and Math Department meetings on Thursdays once a month.  I will not be available those morning.  There will be a note on my door.


Makeup Test Schedule: You can make up a test with me or you can use the Math Department Makeup Locations.

Click Here for math makeup Locations:

Math Department Make Ups – Fall 2019


Hints if you’re struggling in your math class:

1)  Ask more questions during class.

2)  Take good notes – write down everything your teacher writes on the board.

3)  Do all your homework.

4)  Form a Study Group with other students in your math course –they don’t have to be in your same period.

5)  See your teacher before or after school for extra help.

6)  See other math teachers on the list above outside of class for extra help.

7)  Take advantage of online resources for your textbook. 

8)  Don’t wait until the morning of a test or quiz to start getting help – plan ahead  

*If all the above isn’t enough, consider hiring a math tutor to address specific problems.