Unit 5 – Trig Identities

Click the calendar below for links to all the worksheets and videos!!!!

Printable Calendar:  Unit 5 Trig Identities Calendar Fall 2020


Trig Identities List Notes

Quiz offline review: 

Quiz Review Trig Identities fall 2020

Offline Quiz Key: Key Identities Quiz Review

WS #5 KEY Quiz review

WS #4 KEY on Solving: WS #4 Key Solving Trig Equations

Delta Math Review! – complete Unit 5 Quiz Review Trig Identities

Unit 4 Oblique Triangles

Print the interactive calendar with links:

Unit 4 Oblique Triangles Fall 2020

Unit 4 Worksheets/Homework:

Notes: on the left                   Homework: in the center


Unit 4 – WS #1 fall 2020 updated student version

Notes:    Angles of Elevation and Depression guided notes inb

Filled in notes:  p.42 applications of right triangles inb notes filled in (1)


WS #2 Law of Sine

Day 2: Law of Sines guided notes inb

p.43-44 law of sines inb notes filled in


WS #3 Ambiguous Case – Law of Sine

p.45 law of sines ambiguous case guided notes filled in

Key to Law of Sine Ambiguous Cases:  Unit 4 – WS #3 fall 2020 Law of Sine Ambiguous Cases KEY


WS #4 Law of Cosine

p.46-47 law of cosines inb notes filled in


WS #5 Area of Triangles

p.48 area of a triangle notes filled in

Printable notes:  Area of Oblique Triangles graphic organizer INB


WS #6 Review

Key to Test review:  WS #6 Review for test KEY

Complete the Delta math Review assignment for a quiz grade.  Due Thursday by 8AM.  Everyone can get a 100%!

Unit 3 Trig Basics and the Unit circle

Unit 3 calendar with Links – CLICK HERE


Unit 3 Unit Circle – Trig Basics with links

Print these!  Interactive Notebook cutouts:  unit 3 trig pics inb

Day 1:  Monday Notes:

Day 1 angle relationships foldable & day 1 DMS conversion INB

Cut out for INB Day 1 all – unit 3 trig pics p30-31

Day 1 notes-Smartfile

WS #1 Angles-Homework


Day 2: Tuesday

WS #2 Angles in Radians

KEY:  WS 2 Trig basics Unit circle


Day 3: Thursday

WS #3 More in Radian Measure


Day 4: Friday

WS #4 Right Triangle Trig

Key:  Unit 3 – Trig basics WS 3 or 4


Day 5: Monday

WS #5 Unit circle


Day 6: Tuesday

WS #6 Exact values


Day 7:  Thursday

WS #7 Test Review

WS more Reference angles Practice


Click here for the Unit 2 Calendar with links:

Calendar Fall 2020 unit 2 Conics with links

Unit 2 WS direct links:

WS #1 Circles fall 2020

Circle Notes:  p15-17 intro to conics & circles notes


WS #2 Ellipses Fall 2020

Ellipses notes:  Notes Ellipses   or  p18-20 ellipse notes


WS #3 Parabolas Fall 2020

Parabola notes:  p21-23 parabola notes


WS #4 Quiz Review Fall 2020

Key to Quiz review:  Quiz Review of Conics KEY

Page 2 worked out:  Quiz Review p. 2 worked out POST

Offline part of the quiz:  Quizzes offline part


WS #5 Hyperbolas and Identifying conics Fall 2020

Hyperbola Notes:  p24-27 hyperbola & classifying conics notes

Hyperbola Graphic:    graphs of hyperbolas pic inb

WS #6 Classifying conics Fall 2020


WS #7 System of Equations with Conics Fall 2020

System Notes:p28-29 conic systems notes


WS #8 Test Review option 1 Fall 2020

Test Review #1

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