February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This week we have focused on main idea and supporting details.  Students have also reviewed prefix and root word meanings to determine vocabulary.  We have also discussed the use of context clues to help determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.

Their second Quick Write is due Friday.

February 5

Students completed there first Quick Write for this nine weeks.  Grades are being posted.  Students also completed a main idea activity.  I should have them graded by the end of the week.

This week we will continue in our workshop.  Students are identifying the key idea in an informational text and making connections to details to help them better understand what they are reading.

Please remember to use the software at home.  It really makes a difference in the progress being made.

January 29 Monday

Learning target:  We will see how finding evidence in a text can help us understand and even explain important ideas we read about.

Students are reading about Kexz Valdez who has made it his mission to give back to the youth in the Philippines.  Using our reading students will identify and cite important evidence to explain what they are reading about.

Please remember to use the software at home.  We will be re-testing in just a few weeks.


Welcome Back!

Hopefully, we will have a whole week of school.  We will pick up where we left off last week.  Remember students have their first Quick Write due February 2.  Most of the students are finishing up their books and are ready to turn them in.  There are many books available on the software.  Students can access the software from the Lovinggood home page on the left hand side.  Books can be read even after the software closes at 6:00 PM.


Learning target for this week: I am identifying the key idea in an informational text and seeing how details can help me better understand this idea.

This week students are working with new vocabulary for our workshop.  Students will be reading news articles that support our topic “Stand Up.”  They will continue with their Quick Write assignment and work on their first segment on the software.


This week we will begin our first workshop in the new program.  Our topic is Stand Up.

Learning target:  Academic vocabulary, identifying the main idea and supporting details, building vocabulary.

Students are enjoying the new software with all of the new topics and choices.  Books and articles can be read at home using the software.  Quickwrites can be downloaded from home as well.

This week we will have a ticket out the door as an informative assessment on our reading topic.

Welcome to the New Year!!

I am so excited to let you know that we have been asked to pilot the new Read 180 Universal for the county.  It has been out for 2 years, but is new to us.  It has so many more choices for the students in the software program.  I have already set each student up to access it at home.  Their password and username is their student ID.  This week we will begin with our new books and software.  I encourage you to have them sign on at home using the Lovinggood homepage to allow you the opportunity to see the new software and what they are doing.

I look forward to them having an even greater success with the new program!

Welcome Back

I hope you enjoyed your snow days!

Learning Target:  Today I am learning to identify signal words to help me better comprehend what I am reading.

Today we are having catch up day.  Several assignments were due Friday so students have been given time to get all assignments completed and turned in.

Students will be completing a mid-year comprehension exam later this week.

They have begun RI testing for the mid-year.  I will be looking at the scores to determine next nine weeks.


Learning target:  Today I’m learning to identify signal words to help me better comprehend what I am reading.

Today we are beginning a non-fiction reading text.  We will be reviewing signal words for cause/effect, order of events, problem/solution, and compare/contrast.

Students will complete a comprehension quiz on Friday.  They will also turn in Quick Write #4 this week.


Learning target- Today I’m using text evidence to support connections and ideas to give a written response.

Students are learning and applying strategies to respond to text questions.  They are practicing how to use topic sentences and supporting details to give a written response.  They will complete a response this week for a formative assessment.

Remember a zero is not permanent in Read 180.  If you have missing assignments-get them completed and turned in.  Zero’s can greatly impact your overall grade.

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