This week is a busy week.  Seventh grade will be completing the ITBS and CoGAT on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Open House begins tonight for sixth grade.  I will be available for tonight’s Open House.  If you are a seventh or eighth grade parent and have any questions or concerns please email me.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

We will be completing a workshop checkpoint assessment this week.  Due to scheduling each grade will be taking it on various days.  I should have all of the grades in by Friday.

Seventh and eighth grade’s focus skill is main idea, cause and effect.  Sixth grade’s focus skill is main idea and supporting details.


This week we had several schedule adjustments.

Next week 7th grade will be completing the ITBS/CoGAT testing.

Students are working in their first workshop of the year.  The second Quick Write is due Tuesday.

Just a reminder Open House begins Monday.



Yesterday students completed their current event reading log.  They received another log for this week.  It will be due on Friday.  They are using for current events.

Today students turned in their first Quick Write.  A Quick Write is an activity worksheet with questions for their selected book.  Once the students complete the book they also complete a quiz in Reading Counts on the software.

Our focus this week is main idea, supporting details, cause and effect.


This week students were given two current events to complete outside of class.  I want students to understand reading doesn’t always imply reading a book.  If a reading log is lost they may be printed from the Blog Resource site.

This week students will begin their first readings from the workshop.  Our focus will be understanding vocabulary in context, determining the main idea and the supporting details.  Students will be reading several high interest texts throughout the workshop.

Remember the software can be accessed from home using the Lovinggood homepage.  It’s on the left hand side-Read 180 Students.  Their login and password is their student ID.  They will need either headsets or earbuds with a mic.  It is “on” from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


Today we went to our new media center.  Students were able to check out books.  These books can be used for the reading log.

I collected last week’s reading logs today.  We worked on them in class several days last week.   This gave students the opportunity to read and ask any questions on completing the assignment.  Unfortunately, many students didn’t complete the reading log.  Remember in order to become better readers we need to read.

Students were given new reading logs today for this week.  They are due next Monday.  Remember to read throughout the week, if needed you can complete the reading log over the weekend. YOU set YOUR reading goal!

Focus standard for the week:  Main idea and supporting detail.

We begin our first workshop this week.  We will introduce new vocabulary, but our focus skill will be identifying the main idea and supporting details.



Students received a reading log and response starter sheet this week.  The reading log is due Monday.  Both of these sheets can be found in the resource section on this blog.  It is to help students hold themselves accountable for reading.  In order to become better readers they must read.  They have used the software and have become familiar with the program.  It can be accessed at home using the Lovinggood homepage.  It is located on the left hand side.  Their login and password is their lunch number (student ID).  It is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  They are able to access books to read at home.  The books are always available.  They are also audible and can be used on their phone, tablet or computer.  I will send results for their RI test tomorrow.  Remember,  for your student to become a better reader, they must read.

First week

We have had a great start to the new year.  I have already begun the Reading Inventory test to make sure students have been correctly placed.  I will send home the results when we are finished.  Remember there are still changes being made to schedules.

Have a wonderful weekend!


I am so looking forward to this coming year and seeing the gains you will make in reading! You have the opportunity to raise your reading level, and improve all of your overall grades by using the Read 180 program.  What an opportunity!  We will work together to improve your reading skills to help you become a better student.

I can’t wait to see your success!

You will need to come to class each day with a pocket folder, paper,  pencil and highlighter.

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