Ms. Kratz's Drama Classes

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What’s new in Drama Class?

Kindergarteners are getting on stage and introducing themselves, reviewing rhyming, doing several different dances, and learning to do sign language to “Love in Any Language”.

1st Graders are rhyming too!!  They are also learning to do the “Locomotion Dance” along with several other dances, and introducing themselves then telling something about themselves on stage.( a great confidence builder)

2nd Graders are doing “Readers’ Theatre” and getting to use an echo phone to tell something about themselves.  They are using speaking and listening standards in their reactions to stories.

3rd Grade is also doing “Readers’ Theater”.  Some have begun to write their own plays!!!  They are very anxious to make puppets!!

4th Graders are writing plays, commercials and using their imagination to act!!

5th Grade is also writing and making commercials using a green screen!!  They use their imagination to show actions too!!

Everyone can “Be Fearless”!!  In front or behind the camera!!!!!

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