Annie Last Minute Reminders and Request

Dear Chorus Families,

Annie Kids

Important! We will be performing our Annie Kids production on the stage at Wheeler High School on Thursday and Friday night, March 22nd and 23rd! The show will begin at 6:30 pm and we will be done by 7:30. Tickets will be sold at the door and are $5 for adults and $3 for students and senior citizens. For both performances, the leading roles will report to Wheeler for makeup at 5 PM. Other speaking parts report at 5:30 and “chorus” reports at 5:45. (We will not provide transportation for the two performances.) Students must report to Wheeler in costume. We have no storage for clothing/backpacks.

Sound and Lights: Cassidy, Michael, and Kamila, please be in your places no later than 6:15.

If your child needs a ride from Eastvalley to Wheeler after ASP on Thursday or Friday and you don’t already have a ride, let me know so we can try to arrange transportation with another parent.

  • FEED/WATER/BATHROOM YOUR CHILD: Please be sure your child has eaten at least 30 minutes prior to call time. Food gives energy to concentrate and perform one’s best. Food must be digested and the throat cleared to do our best singing. Drink water to clear the throat. There will be no bathroom breaks from 5:45-7:30, so please insist that your child go before then.

  • PICK UP ANY TRASH: After the show, the kids are in charge of cleaning up the theatre. We can’t leave any trash on the floors, etc. There is a meeting in the theatre first thing Friday morning. We have to leave it as clean as we found it.

  • PICK UP YOUR CHILD: After the show, the kids will meet you at your seats.



  • We need two volunteers to take tickets at the front door from 6 PM until 6:30 on Friday night. Who can help?


  • April 9th is scheduled to be an end-of-year chorus party led by parents. I don’t know who is heading that up, or what food/drinks are needed. So please email me if you’re interested in taking the lead on this. Sign-up genius would be fabulous.
March 22-23, 6:30 PM Two Annie performances on the Wheeler stage! Admission is $5 Adults, $3 Students.


For both performances, the leading roles will report to Wheeler for makeup at 5 PM. Other speaking parts report at 5:30 and “chorus” reports at 5:45. (We will not provide transportation for the two performances.)

Apr 9 Chorus end of year celebration led by parent volunteers
May 6, 1:30 PM Sing National Anthem for Atlanta Braves


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March 29: 4th Graders Sing for PTA

On March 29, 2018, all the 4th graders will sing to conclude the PTA meeting. The meeting begins at 6:30. PTA does so much for our Eastvalley students, so this is our way of saying thank you!

We will perform the R&B classic, Put a Little Love in Your Heart.  The 4th grade Recorder Ninjas will accompany the song!

4th graders need to memorize the lyrics, so here they are:

Put A Little Love in your Heart

Little Bunny Foo Foo

Many of our students are singing and playing instruments on “Little Bunny Foo Foo” this week! The book is available online at :

I adapted a PowerPoint by Camile Page for our classroom, so if your child wants to play and sing along at home, feel free to download it here: Little Bunny Foo Foo PPT

For music educators, here’s my lesson plan outline: Little Bunny Foo Foo Lesson Plan

Costume for Annie!

Costume for Annie!

Most of the costumes can be found at thrift shops. See the costume descriptions below. For an idea of what an orphan from 1933 should look like, see the pictures on this website:  We don’t’ expect you to purchase a $79 costume. These are just ideas. This website gives good descriptions as well as good pictures of costumes. It also has pictures of the Servants costumes. Other great pictures are at:   Click the small pictures to see full size. We would like to see your costumes at the March 5th rehearsal.

Makeup: Stage makeup is very different from street makeup. Normal makeup doesn’t stand up under the bright, hot stage lights. Leading roles, you probably want to have your own makeup kit so you don’t have to share with everyone. Here’s a very inexpensive option if you’d like to order your own stage makeup:   Eddie’s Trick Shop on the Marietta Square may have it or be able to order it for you.


Annie Costume Plot/ Costume Descriptions




Cotton dress and faded pinafore, worn cardigan sweater, black cotton stockings; overcoat for NYC. Note:  Orphans wear similar dresses, some with long underwear. Red is only to be worn by Annie.



Robe over flowered flannel nightgown; Printed period dress



Wool jacket, worn work pants, cap


Apple Seller:

Worn work pants, cap



Period NYC uniform



Cape, suit jacket, solid tailored skirt, blouse, felt and satin hat.



Expensive looking suit; overcoat for NYC



Cutaway, striped pants, vest, wing collar, black bow tie


Servants: (FEMALE)

All black with white aprons



Coat, scarf, gloves, small felt hat


NEW YORKERS: (for song NYC)

A parade of “typical” city types, among them:


Plaid coat, tam





Their costumes should make plain, clear statements of what they depict.



Floral dress with wrap skirt, fur boa, flower and feather trimmed hat; In disguise as Annie’s mother – old print dress, wool coat, scarf, knit hat, mittens.  She should look convincing.



Loud pinstripe suit, mismatched vest, tie with stud, bowler; In disguise as Annie’s father.  Cloth overcoat, baggy dark pants, felt hat, scarf, gloves.  He should look convincing.



Plaid suit


Louis Howe:




Pinstripe double breasted suit


Sandy wears a red bow for final scene.


Eastvalley Family Braves Day!

Eastvalley Family Braves Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants ~     1:35 pm 1st pitch


This is our cost for the tickets. This is not a fundraiser.

Diamond Infield (sect 116) = $70

Diamond Reserved (sect 113) = $50

Vista Infield (sect 330-331) = $16

Vista Corner (sect 342-343) = $6

Parking Pass = $17

Game opener:  Eastvalley Eagle Chorus selected to sing The Star-Spangled Banner

Fill in the form at this link, make your check payable to Eastvalley, and drop your payment and the form in the cafeteria safe. Eastvalley Braves 2018 Ticket Order Form

  • Tickets will be sent home with your child the Tuesday before the game
  • Discounted ticket sales end WEDNESDAY, March 21st!

WE WANT EVERYONE TO COME! Invite your friends and family!

What better way to celebrate Spring than to have some fun with friends and family,

 hear the Award Winning Eastvalley Eagle Chorus and watch some baseball!!

Come join us!                      It will be lots of fun!!                         Dr. Bernard

FREE QuaverNotes!

A New Code for FREE QuaverNotes!

QuaverNotes are the currency of the Quaver website! Want some for free?

Here’s a special code—Songbird— you can use! It will give each account 100 QuaverNotes! You have until April 30, 2018 to enter the code. As a reminder, QuaverNotes WILL NOT expire! Below are instructions to redeem the code:

1. Go to

2. On the Log In window, click the “Click Here!” button next to the “Have a special Quaver Code?”

3. Then enter the Quaver Code (Songbird) and click the “Enter” button.


Talent Showcase Auditions April 11th and 12th!

The Talent Showcase is Friday, May 4th at 6:30 PM!

Tickets cost $4 for adults and $3 for Students & Senior Citizens over 65 at the door.

You must audition if you want to be in the showcase. If you are selected to perform in the Talent Showcase, you have three required rehearsals: Monday April 23, 30, and Thursday May 3 from 2:45-4:30. If you are only performing in the group finale, you will be finished with rehearsal by 3:15 each day.


Eastvalley Talent Showcase Auditions are April 11th and 12th!

If you have a talent, we want to see it!

Who will be the next Eastvalley Star?

It will take a lot of practice, so START NOW!

Order your music! Get your costume and props!

Bring in your permission slip before April 11 — download a copy here in April: Coming Soon


Reserve a time on the sheet outside the music room door in April and attend the audition on either April 11th or 12th after school.


We would like a wide variety of acts of all ages K-5, including vocalists, instrumentalists, gymnasts, dancers, comedians, puppets, magicians, actors, etc.  (No lip sync, please.)

 The Talent Showcase is Friday, May 4th at 6:30 PM!

 If you are selected to perform in the Talent Showcase, you will have two required rehearsals: Monday April 23, 30, and Thursday May 3 from 2:45-4:30. 

 REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION (what I need to do to get in):

  • Reserve a time on the sheet outside the music room door in April and audition on either April 11th or 12th after school. Try-outs are limited to approximately the first 24 acts to sign up. You must be picked up by 15 minutes after your try-out and after rehearsals or you will be sent to the After School Program (ASP) and charged accordingly. (Your child must be registered for ASP and have paid the $10 registration fee if you plan to use this service).
  • Perform your whole act at the audition (3-4 minutes maximum) in costume at the audition. You will have two minutes to set up/ take down your materials. If using a soundtrack/music, you must use it during the audition. No excuses. No saying, “it’s on order.” Get it now.
  • Perform your whole act in costume at all rehearsals: April 23, 30 (Mondays), and May 3 (Thursday)  from 2:45-4:30  in the cafeteria. Attendance AT ALL REHEARSALS is required. If you miss a rehearsal, you will not be in the showcase. All group members must attend all rehearsals.
  • If using a soundtrack to sing/ perform with, it must not have the solo vocal/ instrument on it (no lip syncing or singing along with the voice on the recording). IE: you must use a Karaoke style recording without the solo voice part. You must use it during the audition. No excuses. No saying, “it’s on order.” Get it now. Music needs to be an audio file, not a video file.
  • The performance must be in good taste, have audience appeal, and show a genuine talent (ex: just standing on stage and reading a book doesn’t have much audience appeal). The faculty sponsors will determine audience appeal and appropriateness. See the rubric below.
  • Students must provide their own costumes, recordings and equipment for the audition and performance. The school will furnish a cd player, flash drive player, a piano, and three stand microphones on the stage.
  • Only about 20 or fewer “featured acts” will be selected to perform their act in the talent showcase. Other students who try out but are not selected as a “featured act” may participate in the large-group finale, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.
  • Only current Eastvalley students (K-5) are eligible to participate—parents/teachers/coaches may assist but no students from other schools.
  • The sponsors may add other rules or restrictions as deemed necessary.    

SCORING RUBRIC: During the audition, the acts will be scored as follows.

Talent Showcase Rubric Not Ready

1 point

Almost Ready

3 points


5 points

Total Points


Sings, plays or otherwise

performs at a level that might not

engage an audience.



Sings, plays or otherwise

performs at a level that would probably engage an audience.



Sings, plays or otherwise

performs at a level that will definitely engage an audience.







The performer(s) appear awkward or uncomfortable on stage. Facial expression, &/or body language &/or demeanor not appropriate.



The performer(s) appear fairly comfortable on stage.





The performer(s) are very confident on stage and very comfortable performing. Facial expression, body language and demeanor are appropriate.





• Brought props or

other necessities

• Memorized song


• Well rehearsed






Performance would not be ready even with another week to prepare.


Obvious problems with audition due to lack of preparation.

This is still a “work in progress”.



Performance has potential to be ready with another week of preparation.



The performance is stage ready now!






The audience could be uncomfortable with the performance.




The audience reaction could be negative.



The audience would be mostly comfortable with the performance.




The audience reaction could be positive.



The audience would be very comfortable with the performance.




The audience reaction would definitely be positive.



Even if you are not selected as a featured act, you may participate on stage in our group finale! Please practice and memorize our group finale song by clicking on this link:

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

I’d like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony

I’d like to hold it in my arms

And keep it company


I’d like to build the world a home

And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees

And snow white turtle doves


I’d like to see the world for once

All standing hand in hand

And hear them echo through the hills

For peace throughout the land


That’s the song I hear

Let the world sing today

A song of peace that echoes on and never goes away.      

Chorus Reminders

Dear People,

The chorus rehearses EVERY Monday except when school is cancelled. Our next rehearsal is Wednesday January 17th, We only have a few rehearsals to learn our songs for Large Group Performance Evaluation!

One of our LGPE songs is Path to the Moon. The kids need to have this memorized by January 29.

Sing along at home!

The Path to the Moon

Words by Madeline Thomas, Music by Eric Thiman

I long to sail the path to the moon

On a deep blue night when the wind is cool

A glist’ning path that runs out to sea,

Silver the sails to carry me

To carry, carry, carry me over the sea.


So will I sail, on a starry night

On the path to the moon, a seabird’s flight

Skimming the waves where the fishes play

Travelling on for many a day

Silver the sails to carry me

To carry, carry, carry me

over the sea.


Our other LGPE song is the Little Birch Tree, a Russian folk song:

Sing along at home!

The Little Birch Tree Beriozka

Russian Folk Song arr Mary Goetze

See the little birch in the meadow,
See the leaves a dancing when the wind blows.
Loo-li-loo, when the wind blows,
Loo-li-loo, when the wind blows.

From the little tree, take three branches,
Make three silver flutes from silver branches.
Loo-li-loo, silver branches,
Loo-li-loo, silver branches.

From a branch I’ll carve a balalaika
With the flutes I’ll play my balalaika,
Loo-li-loo, balalaika,
Loo-li-loo, balalaika.

As I play my tingling balalaika,
I’ll remember you, my little birch tree.
Loo-li-loo, little birch tree,
Loo-li-loo, little birch tree.

Please note the special days on our calendar below.

For all the kids with speaking parts in Annie:

Our January Thursday rehearsals will be:

Jan 18 and 25th—Rehearsal for all Annie speaking parts. This includes Servants.


Chorus Calendar

Feb 8 Chorus sings for PTA
Feb 15 LGPE Field Trip during school
Feb 23-24 Statewide Elementary Honor Chorus in Athens

(only four 5th graders)


5, 12, 19, 20



Annie dress rehearsals

March 21-23, 6:30 PM THREE Annie performances on Eastvalley stage!


Admission is $5 Adults, $3 Students.

On opening night, the students will stay with the directors after school to rehearse and then volunteers will feed them and get the kids into makeup and costumes for the show!

March 20 2 AM Assembly “preview” performances of Annie for student body
Apr 9 Chorus end of year celebration led by parent volunteers
May 6, 1:30 PM Sing National Anthem for Atlanta Braves



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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

5th Grade Symphony Field Trip!

Eastvalley’s 5th Graders will see and hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at the Lassiter Concert Hall on January 12, 2018!  We will wear our nicest clothes for this field trip because it is so special to go to the symphony!

Students, follow this link to read the study guide before your trip!

ASO Study Guide The Colors of Music_Landscape_2017-18-1rnxvqb

Here are a few examples of the music you will hear!

Handel: Royal Fireworks Music


Ravel: Mother Goose Suite, #V. Fairy


Beethoven: Symphony no. 6 in F, “Pastoral,” #IV Storm


Ask you parents to take you to these YouTube links of all the music from the concert!

The Colors of Music

Handel: Royal Fireworks Music: Overture

Beethoven: Symphony no. 6 in F, “Pastoral” IV Storm

Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 3 in A minor, “Scottish”

Stravinsky: Firebird Suite (1919) Infernal Dance

Ravel: Mother Goose Suite, V. Fairy Garden

Theofanidis: Rainbow Body

Words to Know

Pitch: How high or how low a musical sound is.

Timbre: The quality or color of sound that makes one musical instrument or a voice different from another.

Dynamics of Sound: The volume, whether loud, very loud, soft, or very soft, produced by an instrument or voice.

Melody: A sequence of notes assembled using a variety of rhythm and pitches to create a musical statement. Typically, a mode is selected to create the mood of the melody. When more than one voice or instrument is involved, or where harmony is present, the melody is the dominant tune of the composition.

Tones: The particular sound of an instrument or voice, as well as the performer’s particular coloring of that sound. For example, the tone produced by a certain clarinetist could be said to be rich, dark, and mellow; this is the result of the natural sound of the instrument, combined with the performer’s particular technique of playing.

Mode: An arrangement of eight notes according to a fixed pattern of whole steps or half steps to create a certain mood. The mode used in a lullaby, for example, is different than the mode used in a victory march.

Rhythm: A repeated musical sequence in terms of long and short sounds.

Legato: An instruction to perform a specific passage of a musical composition in a smooth, graceful, connected manner.

Staccato: An instruction to play specific notes in a crisp, detached, separated, distinct manner.

Conductor: The leader of a musical ensemble who uses gestures and other physical movements to indicate how the music should be performed bythe musicians.

Score: The printed or published document containing the combined instrumental and vocal parts of an entire musical composition, stacked together on a sequence of pages.


Enjoy your trip!


Click the video links below to hear what some of Mrs Swafford’s 2014 students had to say upon returning from their Atlanta Symphony orchestra field trip!
















Mickey Mouse March with the Georgia Philharmonic!

Dear Chorus Parents and Students,

We have an exciting special opportunity for your child! Most of you know that I play horn in the Georgia Philharmonic Orchestra. On Nov 18, we are performing a “Magical World of Movies” concert, featuring many familiar songs from Disney movies! The Eastvalley Eagle Chorus is invited to sing during this concert! Elementary school kids don’t often have the opportunity to perform with professional musicians, so our bar is set VERY HIGH. This is an optional performance for our students, and a very special honor for our school.

The orchestra is performing the Mickey Mouse March and we’d love your child to sing with us on this one song. The Georgia Phil will provide free entrance to each performing child. Adult tickets are $25 each. With each paying adult, you will also receive an additional free child’s admission to this concert. Furthermore, Cobb County students always receive half price admission ($6 plus a $2 ticketing fee) to any of the Georgia Phil concerts at the Lassiter Concert Hall. FYI, Senior Citizen tickets cost $15. See the website to purchase individual tickets:

Buy an adult ticket, get a student ticket free! Click this link for the coupon: Free Student w Adult Purchase

If your child wants to participate in this exciting concert, please fill out the linked form to let me know, and read below.

Your responsibility, should you choose to accept it:

We will learn the song in chorus, but the kids will have to memorize it and perfect it through home practice. We need a professional sounding performance. The children who want to perform are required to practice with me and the orchestra on Friday November 17 from 6:15-7:45 pm and on Saturday Nov 18 from 6-6:30 PM at the Lassiter Concert Hall. Carpooling is recommended.

The rehearsal and performance address is Lassiter Concert Hall, 2601 Shallowford Rd, Marietta, GA 30066.

The concert begins at 7 PM and I am guessing that this will be the first song. At the end of the song, our kids will march from the stage through the isles directly to you in your seats, where they will watch and listen to the remainder of the concert. No exceptions.

This will be an official school field trip, so all school rules will be in place. I will need one chaperon for every ten chorus members. Chaperons will receive free admission. You must provide your own transportation.


 See the video below for an idea of what we’ll sing. We’ll only sing the first two verses of the song, then march to our seats.

Here is the link to the Mickey Mouse Club song (without voices): 

Mickey Mouse March Lyrics

(sing two times)

Who’s the leader of the club

That’s made for you and me


Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there

You’re as welcome as can be


Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

Forever let us hold our banner High!


Further information about our concert follows:

Saturday Nov 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm

The Magical World of Movies 

A perfect concert for kids of all ages, including adults! We feature magnificent scores from some of the best known classic movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White, and many others you and your kids will know well. Hear the John Williams score to Hook – Flight to Neverland, considered by many as his best movie work in a long career of blockbuster movies like Star Wars and Superman. Other favorites include Peter Pan, Aladdin, How to Train your Dragon, and It’s a Small World. And a special surprise awaits you for the Mickey Mouse March, theme song for the Mickey Mouse Club.

To make the night even more special, we’re holding a silent auction before the concert. It’s your chance to get a great deal on some goodies while supporting the orchestra. We’ll have baskets for the movie lovers (of course!), BBQ, book lovers, gardening, coffee lovers, spa treatments, toys, and more. We appreciate your support. Have a great time while you support our orchestra.

Elfis and the Frozen Princess!

The Eastvalley Eagle Chorus performed Elfis and the Frozen Princess at the November 2 PTA meeting on the Eastvalley Cafeteria Stage. The kids did a fantastic job and thrilled us with their singing and acting! A good time was had by all!

I want to extend a warm thank you to my two right hands, Mrs Steinheimer and Mrs Brown. We three are co-directors, but often I’m the one in the spotlight. Special thanks to Mr Brody for his work with our sound system. How many elementary productions have a professional audio engineer volunteer to run sound?

Enjoy these pictures passed on to me by a few parents!







Everyone in the village of Icebergia is shivering with excitement when they hear that the Arctic-renowned band “Elfis and The Sleigh Riders” is coming to perform at the Snowflake Festival! The King and Queen have invited everyone in the entire Kingdom of Frozonia to attend, including all the princesses who live in the land.

All except one – The Abominable Snow Princess. An oversight or a deliberate act of omission? No matter to her. An insult is an insult!

After crashing the Festival, the Abominable Snow Princess takes her revenge by casting a freezing spell on Snowella, the daughter of the King and Queen. Snowella is unable to move!

Despite the usual efforts to break a spell, nothing seems to work. Until, that is, Elfis steps forward. A gentle song sung tenderly to a scorned princess is the only way to thaw a frozen heart.

And then it turns out the omission was a big mistake anyway, and they live happily ever after!

There are plenty of messages in this musical: kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, peace, and of course, letting it go.

Butter Braid Fundraiser!

Strawberry Butter Braid

Dear Friends,

The Eastvalley Eagle Chorus is holding our one and only annual fundraiser from now through October 18th. We are selling Butter Braid pastries and cookies. The pastries (about 1.5 pounds) cost $14 each and the cookies cost $16 for a 2.5 pound package! They come frozen and will be delivered on November 6th. The pastries take 8-12 hours to thaw and rise before baking, and the cookies need a couple of hours to thaw before baking. See the Butter Braid website for nutrition facts and ingredients:

Eastvalley Chorus members, download extra copies of the three flyers here:

Exclusive Extra flavors 2017

Butter Braid Details 2017

Butter Braid Order Form 2017

Your purchase provides the Chorus $6 from each pastry and $7 from each cookie dough sold, and helps support music program activities including sheet music, equipment, director training, professional learning opportunities, and chorus-related expenses.

Butter Braids are perfect for your Thanksgiving or holiday celebrations and make great gifts for hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives! This year we have NINE pastry flavors and five cookie dough choices.

The pastry flavors are:


Blueberry Cream Cheese;


Cream Cheese;

Strawberry Cream Cheese;

Double Chocolate;



Four Cheese and Herb.


The cookie dough flavors are:

Chocolate chip;

Peanut Butter;

Macadamia Nut;

Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Chunk;

M & M Candy cookie dough.

See any chorus member for details, or drop by the school office to pre-pay your order before October 18th. We’ll deliver your Butter Braids and Cookies on November 6th. Thank you for your support!

Reflections Contest!

The deadline to turn in entries for the PTA Reflections contest is Monday, October 2nd. I hope we have several music entries for each grade level this year! If you have questions, Eastvalley’s parent chairperson can be reached at [email protected].

See Dr Bernard’s steps to composing a song for ideas on how to make a winning music entry!

Reflections Forms, Rules and Links

The Georgia PTA website is up and running again, however the Reflections information is not easy to access. Please use this LINK to go directly to the Reflections page.   Below are some shortcuts to important resources:

Official Rules


Student Entry Form


Special Artist Rules


Judges Packet and Rubric


This year entries will be judged by division, not by grade.   The divisions are: Primary-grades K-2;  Intermediate- grades 3-5  We will be accepting the top 4 entries of each division. 

There has been some confusion about acceptable formats for film, music and dance. I have confirmed with the state that we will accept flash drives or CD.  Please refer to the rules for how to label the drives. It is very important that they are labeled correctly. They must be clear of all other files. Remember that all flash drives and CDs must be placed in a manila envelope with student entry form in a plastic sleeve taped to the back.