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Phone Policy During Assessments


* Due to recent events involving cheating, no student may have any device in the classroom on assessment days. (This includes quizzes and tests.) If they are found with their device, consequences will be given. This may include an office referral.

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PARENTS & any of your friends or family members-

* I am super excited about the new Google Cardboard Goggles I now have for my classroom, but I am unable to fully integrate them into daily lessons because of a lack of devices. If, and only if, you are already planning on upgrading your phones this holiday season, PLEASE consider donating your old smartphones (and charger if available) to my classroom. 🙂     The kids are SUPER excited and some have already experienced the bacteria cells up close, explored inside an animal cell, and even climbed Mt. Everest! They ask me everyday if we can use the goggles and I want to say yes, yes, yes!  If you have any old phones and chargers laying around the house or in junk drawers, please help me get my students more connected to their learning and donate them! Email me if you need help on resetting the old phone back to factory settings. I will be more than happy to help and figure it out for you. Thank you so much!   Dr. Bresnan

**UPDATE- I’ve learned that the iPod Touch will do exactly what we need as well…without the extra cost of an iPhone. If you have any laying around or know someone with connections at Apple, put in a good word for our science class! 🙂 This is a great option to add to your child’s Santa Wish List, too…for those parents who want all the thrills of technology without the need for an actual phone service/data plan!
(New 32 GB=$199, 128 GB=$299)

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If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent and would like to give time assisting Lovinggood Middle School students with science fair, please come to the informational meeting TOMORROW morning, 11/9/17, at 8am in Mrs. Slaton’s classroom, 611.

Thank you

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Conference week is Monday October 16, 2017 – Friday, October 20, 2017, students will be dismissed at approximately 1:30 p.m. 

Conferences are not mandatory, so if you are satisfied with your child’s progress as indicated in ParentVue and do not need a conference at this time please send your child’s homeroom teacher a quick email to let them know.

Should you choose to have a face-to-face or phone conference, your conference will be held with your child’s homeroom teacher.  

Homeroom teachers will be sending out further information about conference time availability and scheduling this week.

Should you have any questions, please email your child’s homeroom teacher.


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Detailed Class Information


For a more specific look at class activities/labs/homework etc., please visit the “Life Science Class” tab under the “PAGES” heading.

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Upcoming Assessments



  • EdHelper Reading Comprehension: The Water Cycle (formative)  *Monday/Tuesday
  • Ch. 19-1 Vocabulary Assessment (formative)  *On Friday!
  • Ch. 19-1 HW due Wednesday (directed reading/section review sheet from last week) *non-graded but essential for understanding this unit
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Upcoming Assessments



  • Ch. 18-2 Checkpoint Quiz (Formative- 10 multiple choice questions over textbook section) [Tuesday 8/22]
  • Ecology Vocabulary Quiz (Formative- 19 key words) [Thursday 8/24]
  • Ecology 1 Unit Test (Summative- covering Ch. 18 sections 1 & 2 only) [Tuesday, Aug. 29]
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Monday 8/21- Solar Eclipse Day


REMINDER: Send in a note if you plan on keeping your child home Monday to experience the eclipse. It will be an excused absence. We will be having an eclipse lesson on Monday and will continue with Ecology lessons Tuesday!

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Open House Power Point Presentation


2017-Open House Bresnan-177e7l7

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Open House


PARENTS:  Don’t forget- 7th grade open house is 8/16 at 6:00PM. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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