December 5th

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!


Our class party will be on Monday, December 16th from 10:15-11:00. All parents are invited!

If you have any supplies for the giving bags, please send them in and I will store them until we complete the giving bags on December 10th. Thank you for all your donations!


In the classroom:

For the next few weeks we will be reviewing everything we have learned this quarter in math, reading, and writing. Phonics will be review but we are also working on compound words and when Y says I. In Science/ Social Studies/Health, we will be continuing to learning about Thomas Jefferson and healthy eating.

If you would like to work on something with your child, practice math fact fluency and reading comprehension.

November 12th


Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies for the Thanksgiving Placemat project and extra snacks for students. 🙂

On Thursday, the Holiday Door Project will be coming home. There is a detailed letter attached as well as two pieces of writing paper. Below are a few examples of holiday door projects. I will be sharing these examples with your child and explaining in detail what is expected. Please let me know if you have any questions.


In the classroom:

Math: We are working this week on balanced equations (also known as True/False equations). We will working on learning what makes a number sentence true and the meaning of the equal sign.

Reading: We are still working on solving tricky words and reading nonfiction books. We are beginning our unit on main idea. This can be a hard topic to understand. We will be learning that main idea is what the story is mostly about and details in the story help lead us to the main idea. We will be discussing this unit with fiction and nonfiction texts.

Phonics: We are still working on beginning blends. We will be review all the blends we have learned.

Trick Words: too, two, would, should, could

Writing: Our writing this week and next week will be an informational book about Thanksgiving. We will be researching our topic, brainstorming ideas, and writing a book all about Thanksgiving.

Social Studies/Science/Health: We started our unit on Ben Franklin. We will continue to learn all about Ben.

October 30th

The Foundation Patron Drive ends October 31st! Thank you to everyone who has already donated. Here are just a few reasons I support the foundation:

Math Parent Videos, Lego Build, Free K-12 Tutoring Assistance

Here is the link for the parent videos on the Cobb Mathmatics website:

(2-12) Save the Date! Lego Build Competition at Acworth ES on November 15

Students 2nd grade through high school are invited to participate. Students are given Lego Mixel sets and then build for speed and accuracy; many prizes awarded! $10 entry fee supports Cobb STEM. Registration will open soon and be available on This engaging event is sponsored by Cobb EMC.

Free K-12 Tutoring Assistance

The Cobb County Public Library has partnered with TutorATL, which provides online tutoring assistance from 4-11 pm. Due to our PASS partnership with the public library, this means that all Cobb County students can use this feature by logging in with their PASS account credentials. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

• Find TutorATL at or

• Students can use PASS credentials: student number and birthday (2-digit month, 2-digit day)

• One-on-one, on-demand homework help for K-12 students

• Additional review and test-prep materials available 24-7

• Online tutors available daily, including bilingual Spanish tutors

• Math help, essay writing assistance, SAT prep, and much more!

Please contact Holly Frilot,, or your library media specialist with questions.

In the classroom:

Math: We are working on addition strategies this week and subtraction strategies next week. Thus far we have learned multiple strategies to help us add within 20. These strategies are to build using OG blocks, draw a picture, use a number line, or count on. Next week we will be working on our subtraction strategies. These are building with OG blocks, count back, count up, number line, related facts, or fact families.

Reading: We are continuing with our unit on nonfiction texts and solving tricky words. We will continue this unit for the next few weeks before working on the report card standards. Some standards will be introduced during this unit but the main focus is allowing students to become familiar with nonfiction texts and learn how to better understand these types of stories.

Writing: We are continuing our writing on informational texts. This week we have been working on how to carve a pumpkin and how to trick-or-treat. Next week we will be working on an informational text about Thanksgiving. We will continue with how to writing as well as teaching the reader about a topic in an informational text. We are working on telling the story across our fingers to help us plan our stories and thinking about the reader when writing a story.

Phonics: We are working on beginning blends the next few weeks. The blends we will be working on are br, cr, dr, fr, tr, st, bl, pl, cl, fl, gl, sl.

Social Studies/ Science/ Health: We are learning about sound and light. Next week we will be starting our unit on Ben Franklin.

October 22nd

**It would be great to have some balls for the students to play with during recess. These can be donated to the class or borrowed in which I can send home at the end of the school year. Thank you! 🙂 

Update on what is happening week in class:

Math: We are working on place value to 99. The students will draw and build different numbers showing tens (big kids)  and ones (little kids). We are also working on expanded form of these numbers.

Example: 67          6 tens 7 ones          60+7=67          

Reading: We are starting a new unit on nonfiction books. We are learning how to get smart on nonfiction topics for the next few weeks. We will still be working on key details and solving tricky words during reading groups.

Phonics: Floss Rule- This is the rule sheet we added to our binder this week. We will be practicing this rule for the week.

Trick Words: than, last, next, going, help

Writing: We are starting a new unit. We will be working on writing informational and how to stories. Weekend News will still take place on Monday.

Science: Sound


October 13th


Conference Week- I am excited to meet with each and every one of you! We will have 20 minutes to discuss your child’s progress in first grade. Please be on time and bring any questions you have with you. I will be happy to answer your questions or explain anything you need. I will be giving you your child’s report card during this meeting.

  • Remember:
    • Conference week is early release! We will release around 12:15 instead of normal time.
    • No snack needed this week!
    • ASP is available
    • There will not be any FACT Clubs this week.
    • Change in dismissal should be sent in on Mount Bethel Transportation Change Form.

High Touch High Tech In-class Field Trip is Monday, October 14th. Your child can wear their class t-shirt or a lime green shirt if they would like.

Foundation Patron Drive is still going on! Thank you to all the families who have already donated. The Foundation helps support our school, teachers, and students in more ways than one. The Foundation provides valuable trainings, supplies, and enrichment programs not covered by Cobb County budget. These programs and our Foundation help make Mount Bethel special!

Scarecrow Day- October 31st! We still need volunteers to help during Scarecrow Day. Please contact Kate Whitford for questions about volunteering or see our sign up on the class Shutterfly account. I can’t wait to see all the kids in their scarecrow costumes!

This week we will start a new quarter- 2nd quarter grading period. This means we will be reviewing standards already taught, reviewing and adding onto standards already taught, or introducing new standards. I will be sending home the trick word list for quarter 2 and a copy of the standards we will be working on for quarter 2. 

Upcoming Events:

  • STEM Fair: October 22nd from 5:30-7pm
  • Scarecrow Day: October 31st
  • Foundation Patron Drive: Ends October 31st


What is happening in our room…

Math: This week we will be working on counting to 120 again. To students who are ready, I will be extending this standard by teaching skip counting and 10 more, 10 less. All students will practice counting to 120 starting at any number, writing numbers above 100, and looking for patterns in a 120 chart.

Reading: We are going to work on comprehension skills when reading a story and tackling tricky words (decoding skills). We will concentrate on retelling key details from a story.

Writing: This week we will be introducing nouns. We will work on understanding what a noun is (person, place, or thing) and what a plural noun is (more than one person, place, or thing).

Phonics: Early release makes our days shorter so we will just be doing trick words and a few dictations this week. Our dictations will be reviewing short vowels, c vs. k rule, and -ck ending. After assessing students recently, I’ve noticed these are the areas we need to work on this week.

  • Mnemonic (saying) to go with rules:
    • c vs k: Curvy C goes with curvy a, curvy o, curvy u and straight K goes with straight i and straight e (examples: cat, kit)
    • -ck: -ck comes at the end of a word if a short vowel is heard (example: kick, lick)
  • Trick Words: one, very, ask, came, your

S.S./Science/Health: High Touch High Tech Magnets Field Trip, Shorter days mean we will pick up with S.S./ Science/ Health next week.




October 8th


  • We have a new character word this week/month: Perseverance! Perseverance is never giving up, even when the task is hard. Below are the action points we will discuss the next few weeks.
    • Perseverance means you are committed to your goals.
    • Perseverance is not giving up when things get hard.
    • Perseverance means sometimes you need to change how you do things.
    • Perseverance means you focus on looking forward, not behind you.


  •  Early Release!
    • Early release on Thursday, October 10th. We will dismiss 2 hours early! Please send in a written note for any dismissal changes. See below for more details on Dismissal for early release dates.
    • Conference week is next week, October 14th through October 18th. These are early release dates. I look forward to meeting with you and discuss your child’s progress in first grade!


    • No Snack will be needed for early release dates due to lunch being scheduled at 9:08-9:38.


    • As a reminder for dismissal early release days, the After School Program will be available as usual.  If your child attends a FACT Club, they will begin at their regularly scheduled time.  You may either send your child to ASP ($7 per student) or your child may go home on the bus and you can bring them back to school for their club. As a reminder, if you need to change your student’s normal dismissal, please complete the Mt. Bethel Transportation Change Form available on the Mt. Bethel website and send it to me on the date of the change. 


  •  Foundation Patron Drive has started! Our foundation is AMAZING and supports our school is amazing ways. I have been so grateful for all the trainings offered to me because of the foundation. Kagan, Voyage, Orton Gillingham Phonics and Orton Gillingham Math are just a few of the exceptional trainings the Foundation as provided! These trainings help our teachers to become better teachers for your child as well as incorporate new research based strategies in the classroom and school. I am incredibly thankful to you and the Foundation for these incredible educational opportunities.
    • If you are on the fence on whether you want to donate, please consider what your donation can do for your child and our school. It would be wonderful for our class to have 100% participation!
  • Our High Touch High Tech field trip on magnets will be Monday, October 14th. Your child can wear their lime green class t-shirt if they would like.


  • First grade will be having Scarecrow Day on October 31st! If you would like to help out, check out the sign up on our classroom Shutterfly site. The students are encouraged to come to school dressed as a scarecrow (only scarecrows please). Some costume ideas are overalls, jeans, straw hats, flannel shirts, etc. Thank you in advanced for all who help create this day and make it so special. I look forward to seeing everyone’s costumes!


October 1st


The Foundation Patron Drive has started! Throughout the month I will share all the wonderful ways our FOUNDATION has supported us through meaningful professional learning, classroom materials, technology and so much more!

Thank you Foundation for this incredible resource! It is a book I refer to consistently to help dig deeper with your child’s reading! We are so lucky to have our own top notch resource.


We started the Voyage, Adventures in Character and our word for the month of September is Cooperation. Your child has learned that cooperation means listening to others, working as a team, working towards a common goal, and sometimes means we must compromise.


Conference letters have been sent home. Thank you to all the parents who have already sent the bottom part back. Please make sure to fill out the bottom part, cut and keep the top half then send back.


In the classroom:

Math: We have been reviewing addition, subtraction, and word problems. Tomorrow, we will begin discussing time to the hour and half hour. This is not assessed but needs to be taught. It is a great idea to ask your child the time on an analog clock for practice. We are only going to be working on hour and half hour increments so please make sure if you do ask them questions to keep it during those increments of time. We will continue this into next week. When we finish this unit, we will be reviewing and continue to reassess areas of the report card for complete understanding.

Reading: We are continuing to work on finding key details such as setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end. We have also been working on understanding the difference between fiction and nonfiction texts. We will continue to work on these standards throughout the next two weeks as well as practicing good reading habits.

Phonics: The next few weeks will be a review of everything taught this quarter. So far we have learned the following rules:

  • short vowel sounds
  • am, an, all
  • diagraphs- sh, ch, th, wh, ph
  • c vs. k
  • closed and open syllables
  • -ck ending

Writing: Our goal in writing is to recount a narrative story using 2 or more details, including sequences words, and providing a sense of closure. We review this every day before independent writing. We are going to continue working on these goals the next two weeks as we close out the first quarter. We will also reinforce sentence structure (capital letters, ending punctuation) and editing our stories.

Social Studies/ Science/ Health: We are continuing our unit on scarcity.

September 16th


Book Fair is happening now! Check out the website for when the Book Fair is open:

The end of quarter 1 is coming up soon! I look forward to meeting with everyone in a few weeks at conferences. Please look over your child’s papers that come home to see what we are working on and how your child is doing in these subjects. If there are marks on the problems or papers, please take notice that I worked with your child to help them better understand.


Important Dates to Remember:

September 23-27th: Fall Break=NO SCHOOL

October 1st: Patron Drive Kick-Off

October 10th: EARLY RELEASE

October 14th: High Touch High Tech Magnet Makers in-house field trip

October 14th-18th: Conference Week (early release ALL week)


Here’s what is happening in our class this week!

Math: We have started talking about measurement. Short than and longer than are key words we will be using this week. Last week, we finished up addition and subtraction with word problems.

Reading: Last week and this week, we will continue discussing key details in stories. Starting this week, we will also be learning the differences between fiction and nonfiction books. We will be reading a lot of different types of books this week and learning why they are fiction or nonfiction.

Phonics: We now know all about diagraphs (ch, sh, th, wh, ph) and will be learning about -ck at the end of a word.

Writing: We are continuing to write stories about our lives with an emphasis on good beginnings and endings as well as including sequences/temporal words. Every Monday we will write about our weekend. I recommend brainstorming ideas with your child about topics from the weekend they can write about.

Social Studies/ Science/ Health: We are finishing up our unit of where we will and will be starting our unit on scarcity very soon.


I am excited to announce that I am having a baby! I am due March 11th. I told the kiddos today and they were so fun to share this news with. 🙂

I am so excited to share this with you and enjoy the journey with you and your child!