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August 26-30

I hope you had a great weekend!

Classroom Help Opportunities: Thank you to our room moms Becca O’Dell and Candice Wells for creating our class Shutterfly website! Make sure you check your email to see your invite to the website. We have some opportunities for help including donating healthy supplies as well as signing up to be a mystery reader for the class! If none of the dates or times work for you let me know and we can figure something out!

Read-A-Thon: Tonight is the last night your child can read for the Read-A-Thon! Starting tomorrow you can go to your toolkit ( to log those minutes and donate (if you choose to)! August 30th is the deadline for logs and pledges!

Walton Cluster Family Night is Tuesday. This is our first Family Night of the school year and it’s meant to allow our entire Walton Cluster the opportunity to plan a Family Night knowing students will not have any homework that evening. Our goal is to promote Family Involvement and encourage families to schedule time together on these evenings.

WEDNESDAY is our first Early Release Day. School will dismiss two hours earlier. Please make sure your child knows how they will be going home.


August 27 – Walton Cluster Family Night

August 27 – Menchie’s Spirit Night 2:30-6:30 PM

August 28 – Early Release Day

August 30 – Read-a-thon logs and pledges are DUE

September 2 – Labor Day NO SCHOOL


READING– We will be exploring strategies to use when we come across tricky words in our text. Building our reading stamina will continue as well!

ELA/OG– This week we will review digraphs. Digraphs are two sounds coming together to make an entirely new single sound. A few examples of digraphs are sh, ch, th, ph, and wh.

WRITING-Students will continue to add details into their writing. We will also focus on crafting powerful endings in our writing and editing our work based on what we know of grammar.

MATH-I attended a FABULOUS training last week on OG Math. This week will start implementing OG math– students will learn some fun, new ways to think about numbers. We will also begin exploring word problems.

UNIT STUDY–  Students will think about what image comes to mind when they hear the word “scientist” and then explore what scientists actually do across several fields.  We will also begin our observation of the environment around us and predict the changes that might occur over time.


Hi All,

We have been LOVING our new class items purchased from our wish list! I just ordered a sitting bench to put in our reading area and some math manipulatives with the Amazon gift cards you gave as well! Some of you have been asking if there are anymore items on our class wish list. I have an amazon wish list created with additional wish list items. Click the link below if you would like to view it. Thank you!



August 19-23

I hope you had a great weekend!

Read-A-Thon: Monday begins our PTA’s READ-A-THON Fundraiser!  Your child should have brought home a sheet on Thursday explaining how this fundraiser works. This is a great way to get your kids excited about reading! Please don’t forget to log your child’s minutes into the Toolkit (on the Mt. Bethel web page…it’s where you joined PTA) so that the proper credit can be given. It’s our PTA’s biggest fundraiser, so let’s help them out! Top readers per grade level get to start off the “Taping of the Assistant Principals” to a wall!

Performing Arts Permission Forms: These permission forms were sent home Friday. The office staff wanted you to know that you can pay online through 

What are we learning?

Reading: We have learned how to pick a just right book and how important it is to be able to read longer and longer as second grade students. The class has gotten up to 22 minutes of straight reading with zero distractions and talking. We will continue to try to beat that time this week! This week we will focus on reading strategies and how to use these strategies independently while they are reading. I will also begin our reading assessments to see where students are in order to group them and get moving with guided reading groups.

Math: We are continuing to work on addition and subtraction math facts. We are focusing first on being flexible (using more than one strategy to help you solve) and then becoming accurate with our strategies. We have talked about using doubles, doubles plus one, monkey in the middle, make a ten, and more! I will be assessing the students the following Monday to see how quickly, accurately, and with flexible thinking they can solve math facts up to 10.

Writing: We are learning how to write small moment stories! We have been making a story map of our small moments by drawing them out over 6 boxes. We will focus on zooming in, adding lots of details and creating great endings for our stories this week.

Social Studies: We will focus on rules/laws and our government. Students will be able to explain why we have rules/laws and what might happen without them. They will also be able to explain the role the mayor, governor and president play in our government and creating laws. Students will also be  writing a bill to propose to congress. Just Kidding about that last part! Just making sure you are still awake reading all of this! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Have a great week!



MobyMax and Attendance

Hi All!

The kids looked fantastic for pictures today! I had them turn to their peanut butter and Jelly partners on the rug and tell them “you look fabulous today!” because THEY DID!

A couple of things:

Mobymax logins were sent home earlier this week. This is an OPTIONAL tool for you to use at home with your child to reinforce reading and math/fact fluency skills through lessons/activities online. If you decide to login and use it, please let your child take the pretest alone (not with your help) so that the program knows what skills are lacking or needed to challenge your child based on their answers, not yours. 🙂 Once the computer labs open up I will be introducing the students to MobyMax so that they know what is available on the program so please don’t feel like you have to have them start on MobyMax.

Absent policies have changed a little this year in that I can no longer accept absence emails and forward them to the office. Instead, please either write a physical note and send it in with your child or email with your attendance questions or reason for absences.

It’s almost Fri-Yay! Have a great weekend ahead!

August 12-16

We had a fantastic full week of school last week–and boy was it FULL! The students are doing a FANTASTIC job settling into our routines and practicing our procedures and routines for reader’s workshop, writer’s workshop, etc. The students have named our class monster “Billy Bob Joe”! He resides on our morning board and has a new joke, riddle, or announcement every day. Thank you for helping your child to bring in their favorite books and collages last week! The students did a think/pair/share strategy to share their favorite books with many partners in the class. We have been talking a lot about using eye contact and body language that shows we are engaged when we are sharing with a partner! The students will be using their collages for writing when they get “writer’s block” and need an idea for a small moment! 


*Parent Night Presentation-I have uploaded the parent night presentation to my blog under the tab “Parent Night Presentation”. Thank you to all who could make it out on Tuesday! If you could not, please take a moment to view what we went over in the presentation.

*TARGET FRIENDS-Target begins this week, Tuesday will be our Target Day. A packet was sent home Thursday with your child if they receive Target services.

*PICTURES: We have individual pictures THURSDAY at 11:20. We will go outside AFTER pictures so we are not drenched in sweat! 😉 If you would like to order these pictures, please fill out the order form sent home and send it back in with your child.

*Thank you! Thank you to all the parents that have sent in wish list items into our classroom! We have begun using them immediately! We are so grateful!

August 15 – K-2 individual pictures

August 16 – 3-5 individual pictures

August 16 – PTA Welcome Coffee (Learning Commons 8:30 AM)

August 19 – TPV Training (Learning Commons 10:00-10:30)

August 19 – PTA Read-a-Thon begins

August 28 – Early Release Day


READING-We’ll begin our Lucy Calkins reading series and practice growing our stamina to read, as well as choosing how to read a book, reading in bigger scoops, and keeping tabs on our comprehension.

ELA/OG-This week we will “drill the deck”, learn how to practice trick words, and take a preassessment on some words so I know how much time we need to spend on each OG rule!

WRITING-Our Writer’s Workshop will begin! We have already put together our writing binders and learning how we will use it as a tool during writing. Students will begin writing “small moment” stories!

MATH-Fluently adding and subtracting within 20 is our focus for next week. We’ll begin by reviewing strategies that we learned in First Grade to add and subtract within 10 and use those strategies (make a ten, counting on, counting back, doubles, doubles + 1) to help us solve problems within 20. The students will also continue participating in Number Talks to help with these strategies.

UNIT STUDY– On Monday, students will learn all about the different “hats”  we will be wearing this year in Social Studies. We will be wearing our HISTORIAN hat, GOVERNMENT/CIVICS hat, GEOGRAPHER hat, and our ECONOMICS hat!

Have a wonderful week!

August 5-9

We had an amazing first two days of school! I can tell you right now that this is a fantastic class! I’m so excited for the year ahead of us. We’ve been learning about the routines, rules, and procedures of our classroom as well as all about each other!

A few things to note:

Open House: Open House is Tuesday night starting at 6:30. If your child is in Target, please come to the Target Open House at 5:45 and then stay for our Open House. Please remember that this is an adult only event. We will go over the curriculum and nuts and bolts of 2nd grade! I look forward to seeing you there! If you cannot make it, I will be posting the PowerPoint on my blog so you can review it afterwards.

Allergies: We have no food allergies in the classroom this year! That means snacks that contain peanuts/peanut butter are fine to bring to school!

Snack: Since our lunch is smack dab in the middle of our day (10:30), your child has the option to bring one or two snacks each day. Students can eat a snack during their morning work time when they get to school and/or at the end of the day when we get back from specials before dismissal. Please have your child pack healthy (non-sugary) snacks to keep our brains sharp!

Headphones: On Tuesday and Wednesday your child will be taking the Math Inventory and Reading Inventory. These are both computer tests that give me a base line in determining where your child is in math concepts and reading comprehension. If your child has headphones, please send them on Monday or Tuesday since the headphones in the computer labs do not work very well. Thank you!

Family Information Forms: On Thursday, you should have received a folder from Cobb County in your child’s backpack. One of the sheets inside of the folder needs to be signed and returned to school. I have already received quite a few of these–thank you! If you have not done this yet, please go ahead and sign and return this form as soon as possible! Thank you!

THANK YOU! A HUGE thank you to those that have sent in supplies from the class wish list. I can’t thank you enough as these will help benfit our classroom so much!

Upcoming dates…
August 6 – Open House for 1st, 2nd & 3rd grades 6:30pm
August 8 – Open House for 4th & 5th grades 6:30pm
August 9 – Trained Parent Volunteer Training 9:30am
August 15 – Picture Day for K-2
August 16 – Picture Day 3 – 5
August 16 – PTA Welcome coffee 8:30am
August 19 – PTA Read-a-Thon Fundraiser BEGINS!!!!
August 28- Early Release- EARLY DISMISSAL


READING-The students will start using our classroom library this week! We will also be learning the “five finger rule” to learn how to pick a “just right” book and will be bringing favorite books from home (more details to come).

WRITING-We will launch our first writing unit this week! We will start off setting up our writing binders, an important tool the students will be using all year. Be on the lookout for a homework assignment for our writing binders! Our first genre will be NARRATIVE writing. We will be focusing on writing small moment stories!

OG-I will be doing a pre-assessment with students this week on “trick words” (words that do not follow any spelling rule–also known as red words). This will let you and me know which words we need to be working on as a class and at home!

MATH-We will begin our Number Talks this week (10 minute math exercises to build number sense). We have been working on making graphs and will continue to create graphs this week using data we compile by surveying each other.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns! I look forward to seeing you all Tuesday evening at Open House!