October 28-November 1

I hope you all have had a great weekend and start to your week!

A HUGE THANKS to Candice Wells, Camille Ward, and Tereza Kros for helping the students bead their shirts for Native American Day!

A few reminders:
*The Patron Drive ends this week! We are at 72% participation. A few things to consider:

EVERY iPad and its maintenance has been purchased through the Foundation. We have three EXTRA, incredible instructors thanks to the Foundation. We have OG phonics training, OG Math training, Kagan training and materials from all the trainings thanks to the Foundation! We have the Seesaw APP so that you can see examples of your child’s work thanks to the Foundation! We have a fabulous TURF field thanks to the Foundation! We have more copiers and nice rugs in our rooms thanks to the Foundation! PLEASE consider donating to this supportive organization that only wants the best for YOUR child!

*Native American Day is MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4. This is a stay-at-school field trip! The students worked on beading their shirts today and will use the Native American symbols to create a story on their shirt later this week. Shirts will REMAIN at school. Students will put them on Monday morning before Native American Day begins– we want to ensure no shirts are left at home!

October 31- Foundation Patron Drive ends
October 31- Happy Halloween!
November 2 – PTA Fun Run!
November 4 – Native American Day for 2nd grade!
November 5 – Election day – No school – Teacher In-service day
November 8 – Breakfast with Dad
November 11 Veteran’s Day celebration!
November 22 – Foundation STEM DAY!
November 25 – November 29 – Thanksgiving Holidays


MATH-This week we will continue looking at two-step word problems (Ex: Matias scored 13 goals. He scored 4 on Monday and 7 on Tuesday. How many did he score on Wednesday?) We will also continue reviewing telling time and skip counting.

ELA/OG–This week we’ll continue working on spelling “rabbit” words. These are karate chop words with two syllables where each syllable is closed (ex: puppet, tennis).

WRITING-Informational writing will continue this week. Students have been writing books on topics they are experts in. This week we will consider who our audience is to influence what details are included in our books!

READING-Nonfiction books will continue to be our independent reading focus. Students will begin to recogonize the importance of “reading to learn” not “learning to read” this quarter.

UNIT STUDY– The class has done a great job of researching and gathering information on Georgia’s first occupants: the Creek and Cherokee Native Americans!  This week we will be discussing Sequoyah–the creator of the Cherokee alphabet. We will even have a visit from Sequoyah on Friday!