*If you have not filled out this Field Trip Lunch Form yet, please do it now! Thanks!

*LICE-Second grade has been hit with lice! Please let me know if your child gets treated for lice. Students are putting their jackets INSIDE their backpacks and headphones are in baggies. Girls might want to wear their hair in a ponytail for prevention! There is also lice prevention spray available at local stores. πŸ˜‰

*If your child is home sick, please let me know what they get diagnosed with. We clean with Clorox wipes every afternoon, but if it’s a major sickness I need to know so we can up the cleaning and hopefully keep everyone else healthy! Just a reminder, if your child throws up or has a fever, they need to be 24 hours clear of all symptoms before returning to school. I know it’s frustrating at times to find care or miss work but you put everyone else at risk of getting sick by sending them back to school to early. Thank you so much for your help in keeping everyone safe and healthy!