April 17-28 AP Calculus AB & BC

April 17-21:

Monday:  ***Test (AB) Related Rates, Optimizatoin, Line Tests   (BC) Alt. Series, Ratio, Root, & Power Series***

Tuesday:  AB-Review packet for exam  BC- MacLaurin Series

Wednesday:  AB-review cont. and related rates review  BC-Taylor Series

Thursday:  AB-review for exam  BC-Taylor Series cont.

Friday:  AB & BC review for quiz Monday

April 24-28:

Monday:  ***Quiz (AB) Related Rates   (BC) Taylor & MacLaurin Series***

Tuesday:  Review and BC-Lagrange Error

Wednesday through the remainder of the semester we will be completing practice problems for the AP Exam and have a final class project. 

************website for explanation of FRQ:  www.onlinemathlearning.com **********

April 17-28 GSE Pre-Calculus

April 17-21:

Monday:  Conics Circles

Tuesday:  Graphing Ellipses

Wednesday:  Classifying and Graphing Ellipses

Thursday:  Writing Equations of Ellipses

Friday:  ***MidUnit Quiz Conics***

April 24-28:

Monday:  Graphing & Writing Equations of Hyperbolas

Tuesday:  Graph Parabolas

Wednesday:  Graphing Parabolas Cont.

Thursday:  Review Conics  —Review sheet for test: ata conics-1iqju7z     –Parabola WS: parabola task-1og61s3

Friday:  ***Test Conics***

AP Calculus AB & BC Mar 13-24

Mar 13-17

Monday:  BC – Vectors     AB -Limits

Tuesday:  AB- review limits   BC -review for test

Wednesday:  ***AB- Test Limits   BC-Test Parametrics, Polars, & Vectors***

Thursday:  BC – Sequences   AB -Derivatives

Friday:  AB -More Derivatives   BC -Series geometric, telescoping & nth term

Mar 20-25

Monday:  AB -Derivatives  BC -More geometric and writing decimals as fractions

Tuesday:  ***AB -Quiz Derivatives    BC -Quiz Sequences & Series***

Wednesday:  AB -Definition of Derivatives     BC -Pseries and Integral Test

Thursday:  BC -Review of Series   AB -review def of der.

Friday:  BC -Review Pseries and Integral Test    AB -review FRQ

***BC -Quiz Pseries and Integral Test    AB -Definition of Derivative and FRQ***  Mon, Mar 27th 

GSE Pre-Calculus Mar 20-24

Monday:  Review Choice Board

Tuesday:  Review for Test Trigonometric Identities  review trig identities-wzwbyb

Wednesday:  ***Test Trigonometric Identities***

Thursday:  Review for Midterm

Friday:  More review for Midterm  Answers to Thurs/Fri review guide midterm review-2ad2512


***Midterm Units 1-4 Trigonometry Mon, Mar 27th***

AP Calculus AB & BC Mar 6-10

AB will review limits all week


Monday:  ArcLength and Parametrics

Tuesday:  PreCalculus Polar Curves Lesson

Wednesday:  Area, Slope, and Points of Intersections of Polars

Thursday:  Area Between Polar Curves

Friday:  Review Area Between Polars Curves

***Test Wed, Mar 15th   AB- will test on Limits   and      BC-will test on Parametrics, Polars, & Vectors***

GSE Pre-Calculus Feb 27-Mar 10

Feb 27-Mar 3:

Monday:  Area of Oblique Triangles & review for quiz

Tuesday:  ***Midunit Quiz Trig of General Triangles***

Wednesday:  real world application problems

Thursday:  Review for Test

Friday:  ***Test Trig of General Triangles***

Mar 6-10:

Monday:   Simplify Trig Identities

Tuesday:  Simplify cont.

Wednesday:  Verify Trig Identities

Thursday:  Review verify and simplify trig identities  ANSWER KEY FOR PARTNER WORK: verify simplify review-1osjbmd

Friday:  Solving Trig Identities

***Midunit Quiz Tues, Mar 14th***