Good afternoon kiddos, Before we get too busy with the start of summer vacation, I want to take a moment to thank you.  All of you.  Every year I have this awesome opportunity to meet and teach children – something I have wanted to do ever since I was a little girl.  Every day that … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Tonight is the “eve” of your summer vacation!  Yay!  There is no assigned homework, but I do have a couple of reminders. If you did not purchase a yearbook you can get one tomorrow.  They are $35 cash. Please send in the envelope you were given in class last week with 2 postage stamps … [Read more…]


Kiddos, I had a nice last full day with you.  Thank you for your contributions to the fun!  If you were at the color battle… wasn’t that the best way to end the last full day of school ever?  I think we should do this every year! There is no assigned homework tonight, so enjoy … [Read more…]


Good afternoon, Olympians!  We have one day left of the Durham Olympic festivities. Make sure you arrive to school tomorrow ready to support your team. There is no assigned homework tonight, but some of you may be interested in completing a test correction or you are turning in make up work.  Please get any “loose … [Read more…]


Hello Olympians! There is no assigned homework for any of the classes other than to get in any missing work or test corrections.  Since you cleaned out your locker today, it may be a good idea to clean out your backpack tonight so you aren’t carrying around a bunch of unnecessary items at school tomorrow. … [Read more…]


Good afternoon!  Day 2 of the Olympics is in the books, and it was another fun afternoon with all of you as you competed in your events.  Just a reminder, devices are not allowed outside at the events. If you bring a device with you please leave it in your backpack so it does not … [Read more…]


Hello Olympians, I had a great day with you today!  Your energy for the Olympics is contagious, and your attitudes are certainly worth catching. Tonight’s homework is: Math 6 – H. A. N. M. N. 🙂 Math 6/7 – p. 1053 #1-12 See you tomorrow!


Good afternoon, Thank you for a wonderful day and a fun end to a busy week!  I had such a nice day with all of you today. There is no assigned homework over the weekend, other than to have a nice weekend and to be kind to someone. This next part is specifically for my … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Tonight’s homework is: Math 6 – Study for your Unit 7 Test tomorrow.  The link to the problems we worked on in class together is here:  Unit 7 review-1ycq2v6 Math 6/7 – BLOCK 4 – p. 1007, #1-11 Math 6/7 – BLOCK 5 – p. 993, #1-8 See you tomorrow kiddos!  Have a … [Read more…]