Hello Math Brains,

We had quite an enjoyable day in room 514 today.  My 1st, 2nd, and 3rd blocks – I love seeing the progress you are making on your coordinate grid projects.  It is amazing to me that I can give 90 kids the same set of instructions and get projects that look so different.  The creativity you are bringing to your project really sets it apart from the rest, and I am proud of the effort and workmanship you are investing into this assignment.

4th block, you may have had a little less fin since you were taking a math test, but your math test was interrupted by the bike show, which was pretty exciting.  5th block – I missed seeing you today.  You will take your Unit 9 test after you finish your MI test this week.  I will certainly allow time to finish Monday if needed.

There is no assigned homework tonight.  If you are an orchestra student I will see you at the show tonight. 🙂

15 more days until you are done with 6th grade!  This year sure has flown by!


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