Hello and Happy Monday! I had a wonderful day with all of you today and I hope you had a nice Monday too.  We were busy today, but we always have a bunch to do in 514.  Tonight’s homework is:

  • Math 6 – None.  You continued working on your Coordinate City Project.  Since we did not cover new content there is no homework.
  • Math 6/7 – Block 4.  Please finish p. 977 # 1-9.
  • Math 6/7 – Block 5. None.  You took your Unit 9 test today, so there is no assigned homework.

Homeroom kiddos – please send in your envelope with two stamps on it.  This envelope will be used to send home your 4th quarter report card and any other end of the year papers that need to come to you.  If you do not return your envelope with stamps then your parents will need to come to the office and pick up your end of the year paperwork.

Block 3 Kiddos – CHALLENGE IS ON!  Our color run fundraiser starts today!  Please support the best third block in the building, the Durham Foundation, and have a great time with the color battle! Visit http://anython.com/ and enter your registration code that is on the colored sheet of paper I gave you in class today.  You can share the link and receive donations online (after you enter your access code), or you can bring in cash or check donations to Durham.  May the best class win (and by best, I mean ours, of course… 🙂 ).

I can’t wait to see you tomorrow! Have a wonderful evening.

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