Good afternoon!  Day 2 of the Olympics is in the books, and it was another fun afternoon with all of you as you competed in your events.  Just a reminder, devices are not allowed outside at the events. If you bring a device with you please leave it in your backpack so it does not get lost, wet, or broken.

Another important reminder about tomorrow.  Tomorrow is your last day with a locker. If your locker is very full, you may want to bring an extra bag with you.  You will be allowed to bring your back pack from class to class until Tuesday, May 23.  Tuesday the 23rd and Wednesday the 24th you only need to bring yourself and a pencil to school. 🙂

Homework tonight is:

  • Math 6 – H.A.N.T.A
  • Math 6/7 – p. 1061 #6, p. 1063, #26 and p. 1083, #6.  Tonight is your last night with assigned homework.  You may have make up work or test corrections, but those will be assigned on an individual basis.

See you tomorrow, Olympians!


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