Hello Kiddos! You made my day 100 times today.  Thank you for bringing me all of those “contaminated” Butterfingers.  I will make sure they are “disposed” of properly. 🙂

Today in class we…

Math 6 (Blocks 1 & 2): Finished MSG notes and examples about exponents and evaluating expressions with exponents.  HOmework tonight is p. 351, #1-9.

Science (Block 3): Finished shoreline erosion and started wind erosion and deposition vocabulary.  Homework tonight is to finish unfinished vocabulary the warm up if you did not finish it in class.

Today’s warm up is: Beaches have different colored sand because…

Yesterday’s warm up was (sorry – I forgot to post it): Wind and water are similar agents of erosion because…

AC Math (Blocks 4 & 5): Finished MSG notes on translating expressions.  Tonight’s homework is p. 379, #1-5 and #10.


See you tomorrow!  I hope you have a wonderful afternoon!


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