Hello Kiddos, A few reminders as we reach the end of the year. Math 6: Your math final is going to start tomorrow.  It is open note but you may not use a calculator.  Make sure you have your MSG in class with you so it is a useful resource.  Use the quizizz to prepare for … [Read more…]


Good afternoon Math and Science Brains, Today in class we… Math 6: Converted fractions to decimals using long division.  There is no assigned homework tonight, but there is an open note math final next week.  Here is a link to a quizizz to help you prepare for the kinds of questions you will see. This link … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we… Math 6: Took MSG notes on multiplying and dividing mixed numbers.  Please make sure you have the fraction homework assigned yesterday so we can check it in class tomorrow. Science: Worked on the social studies notes and watched a few minutes of a documentary on the solar system. Advanced Math: Finished MSG … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we… Math 6: Reviewed adding and subtracting mixed numbers with regrouping.  Homework tonight is to complete the fraction review.  This is due Wednesday. Science: Continued completing the solar system notes that will be used on the quiz Wednesday. Advanced Math: Evaluated numerical operations using all arithmetic operations with positive and negative integers.  We … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we… Math 6: Finished the coordinate city projects.  They are looking great! I will add the grades for these to Synergy tomorrow afternoon, so check synergy over the weekend.  Please turn in all make up warm ups and test corrections tomorrow. Science: Passed back the weather and atmosphere tests and started SSG … [Read more…]