Hello Kiddos,

I want to remind all of you of the wild cat way expectations:

  • Be Prepared.  That means you are coming to class with your materials.
  • Be Punctual. That means you are coming to class on time.
  • Be Cooperative. That means you are making yourself easy to teach and to work with.
  • Be Respectful. That means you are treating your teacher and classmates the way you would like to be treated.

Since we are in the third week of school, I am issuing strikes when these expectations are violated.  Strikes can keep you out of Fun Friday and change your conduct grade in class. Make sure you are ready to do your best in each class.

We continued to practice with long division today in class.  We are now solving problems with decimals in the dividends.  Tonight’s homework is p. 65, #1-10 odd (so really 1, 3, 5, 7, 9).  Here is a picture of the homework that you can use to help or to check yours.

Oops… I made a mistake on #9.  Even teachers need to be careful! 🙂


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