Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we started Unit 4, which is all about equations and inequalities.  There is no assigned homework tonight since we did not make it far enough with notes.  I did return the Unit 3 tests, and want to remind you of the procedure for retakes if you are interested.

  • Complete a test correction.  This is required.  You must correct every question that you missed. Test Correction Form-2bcquu9. These were passed out in class today, or you can download one here.
  • Choose one of the available dates to come in to take the retake.  For the Unit 3 test you may come in at 8:15 on:
    • Thursday, December 6 at 8:15 am
    • Friday, December 7 at 8:15 am
    • Monday December 10 at 8:15 am (this session is only to finish a retake that has already been started)
  • Bring your SIGNED and COMPLETED test correction to the retake session you are attending. Give it to the math teacher (even if it is not me 🙂 ) They will get the completed correction to me.
  • Complete the retake.  If you do not finish it in one session you may come back on one of the other dates listed above.

See you tomorrow!