Hello Kiddos, Today in class we solved area of triangle problems.  Homework tonight is to complete the 9 practice problems involving area and missing dimension.  Here is a link to a video if you feel like you need a little extra explanation with area of parallelograms or triangles this may help. 🙂 Math Antics – Area … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we practiced finding the area of parallelograms and finding the missing dimension of a parallelogram when given the area and either the base or the height.  Homework tonight is to complete the 10 problems on the Area of Parallelograms page. You ARE allowed to use a calculator in this unit, so … [Read more…]


Hey Kiddos, Today in class we finished the Direct Variation and Inequality Test and introduced Unit 5, Geometry.  Tonight’s homework is p. 578 #1-6 and to check your grade in the online gradebook.  Any missing assignments need to be turned in by Thursday to avoid attending ZAP. Enjoy your snow day!  Stay tuned to the … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, It was so nice to see you today, and I want to take a moment to thank ALL of you for contributing to such a good report from Mr. Hudgins, the guest teacher we had while I was out. Today in class we tied up some loose ends and practiced for the inequality … [Read more…]


Hey Kiddos, Today in class we continued working with direct variation.  We took MSG notes and started tonight’s homework in class.  Tonight’s homework is to finish the assignment we started together in class. 🙂 See you tomorrow!


Hello Mathies, There is no homework tonight since we started something new and did not get enough time to practice it in class.  You will have a little homework tomorrow, so make sure you plan ahead for that. See you later, gators!


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we completed a SCOOT to review reading, writing, and substituting to solve inequalities.  Here is the link to the quizizz for homework.  Please sign in with a name that tells me who you are so you get credit for completing the assignment. https://join.quizizz.com/  GAME CODE 946157 See you tomorrow! b:)


Hello Mathies, Today in class you finished a check in for inequalities.  Most of you were able to finish the class work and start on the homework.  Please wrap up any work that remains from today at home tonight.  Homework is p. 545, #1-12. See you tomorrow!


Hello Mathies, Today in class we continued writing and graphing algebraic inequalities.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the inequality worksheet you were given in class.  Hopefully you were able to use your class time to get started in class.  Some of you may have even had time to finish! 🙂 See you tomorrow!