Hello Mathies,

Hopefully your weekend is off to a good start!  Today in class we completed an area classwork/check in so that I can group you for independent and guided practice on Monday.  I also passed back the Direct Variation and Inequality Tests.  We went over the correct answers and discussed the procedures for test retakes. Here is a recap.

To retake the test students must complete a correction.  This communicates that they have corrected their errors, studied, and are prepared to do better on the test retake.  Students may not retake the test without a completed and signed correction.  Once the correction is complete, students can pick one of the available days to come in before school to retake the test. Students who typically need additional time may need to come in two days to make it up.

Here is the correction form: Test Correction Form-2bcquu9

Test retake days for the Direct Variation and Inequality Test are:

Monday, February 4th (students will retake with Mrs. Forester)

Tuesday, February 5th (students will retake with Mrs. Rudd)

Friday, February 8th (students will retake with Mrs. Rudd)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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