Hi Kiddos,

Today in class we took notes and did a little practice with composite area.  Tonight’s homework is to complete the four composite area problems you were given in class.  Here are the answers so you can check for accuracy:

  1. 30.56 yards squared
  2. 304 meters squared
  3. 193 feet squared
  4. 52.25 feet squared

Attention 3rd block.  I looked at number 3 on tonight’s homework the wrong way in class today, and gave you a hint that makes the problem too hard.  You can solve it that way if you are up for a challenge, but here is a hint that makes it WAAAAYYYYY easier.  I am sorry! 🙂 (Even teachers make mistakes, right??)

Please remember a 4-function calculator tomorrow.  No phones or scientific calculators are allowed.

See you tomorrow, kiddos!  Have a nice night.

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