Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we finished the Unit 5 test and started Unit 6.  Here is the link to the Math Antics video we watched in class today (well, we watched the first 4 minutes or so), if you need to see a reminder on finding the mean.  http://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/mean-median-and-mode

Here is a link to the Unit 6 parent letter.  It gives a good overview of the unit and contains helpful links. M6U6 Parent Letter 2017-1ekufeb

Homework tonight is to find the MEAN of the 10 data sets on the homework page.  We did not make it far enough in class for me to assign the mode and median, so please find the mean only.  Make sure you are showing what you are adding (use a calculator), and then show what you are dividing to find the mean.  For example, your work for #2 on tonight’s homework should look like this:

  • 19+11+18+15+14+7 = 84
  • 84 ÷ 6 = 14
  • mean = 14

See you tomorrow, kiddos.  Make sure you check your grades to see if you are missing anything.

Mrs. Rudd