Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we reviewed for the Measures of Center and Measures of Variation test that is tomorrow.  Homework tonight is p. 732, #1-8.  This page will help you review for measures of center.  You were also assigned p. 737, #1-5.  Please skip “d” for #1, we have not learned about outliers yet.  This page will help you review for measures of variation.

See you tomorrow.  Remember your calculators since you can use them on the test.


Mrs. Rudd


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we continued practicing with measures of center and variation.  Tomorrow we will review and Wednesday is your TEST.  Tonight’s homework is page 724, #1 & #2.  I want to change the directions a little though, so please find the measures of center (mean, mode, median) and the measures of variation (Q2, Q1, Q3, IQR, range) for both data sets.  That will be a good way to study for the test.

See you tomorrow.  Make sure you have a dry erase marker, we will be using them in class.

Unit 5 Test Correction & Retake Information

Hello Kiddos,

Today in class the Unit 5 tests were passed back, the correct answers were given, and instructions for retaking the test were explained.  If you would like another opportunity to take this test you must:

  • Keep your original unit 5 test
  • Complete a test correction Test Correction Form-2bcquu9
  • Come in 3/7, 3/8, 3/13, 3/14, or 3/15 to retake the test.  (Don’t wait till Friday to start the retake, that is the last day of the marking period).  Retakes are before school from 8:15 – 8:50.

Let me know if you have any questions.  🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we practiced finding measures of center and range of data sets.  Homework tonight is to complete the quizizz. https://join.quizizz.com/ game code:870436.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


Hello Kiddos,

Today in class we finished the Unit 5 test and started Unit 6.  Here is the link to the Math Antics video we watched in class today (well, we watched the first 4 minutes or so), if you need to see a reminder on finding the mean.  http://www.mathantics.com/section/lesson-video/mean-median-and-mode

Here is a link to the Unit 6 parent letter.  It gives a good overview of the unit and contains helpful links. M6U6 Parent Letter 2017-1ekufeb

Homework tonight is to find the MEAN of the 10 data sets on the homework page.  We did not make it far enough in class for me to assign the mode and median, so please find the mean only.  Make sure you are showing what you are adding (use a calculator), and then show what you are dividing to find the mean.  For example, your work for #2 on tonight’s homework should look like this:

  • 19+11+18+15+14+7 = 84
  • 84 ÷ 6 = 14
  • mean = 14

See you tomorrow, kiddos.  Make sure you check your grades to see if you are missing anything.

Mrs. Rudd