Hello Kiddos, Here is a link to a power point with hyper links to online math games.  This is for you to use when you are done with the MI. 🙂     Online Games – End of Year    


Hello Kiddos, Today was the day you took the second part of the Math Milestones.  I did not get to see all of you today, but I did see Block 3, Block 4, and Block 5.  Block 3 – The challenge we started in class today is not homework, I will give you about 20 … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we reviewed some 6th grade math from unit 3.  Tonight there is no paper homework, but I would like you to keep reviewing for the Milestone using either Prodigy or Quizizz.  Here is a link and a game code for some Quizizz practice.  If you prefer Prodigy then just keep … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in blocks 1, 3, 4, and 5 we reviewed percent problems and strategies for solving them.  Homework tonight is the percent computation page, but only #1-6.  Here are the answers: 558 76 40 575 300 72 In block 2 we continued adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.  Homework tonight is the … [Read more…]