Good afternoon, kiddos!  Here are the highlights from today.

Social Studies:  Today in class you reviewed some of the “big ideas” for the European Geography test.  In 1st block many of you did not have time to finish the Kahoot, so I included the link and game code below. You will also find the quizziz link and game code, and the ANSWERS to the review guide.  Please make sure you are studying for the test – it is not open note.

Kahoot Link: https://kahoot.it/challenge/0841260

Game Code: 0841260

Quizizz Link: https://join.quizizz.com/?gc=297799

Game Code: 297799

Study Guide (answers included): Unit 1 European Geography Study Guide_key (002)

Math: Today in class we continued writing equivalent ratios and used unit rates to determine if ratios were equivalent.  Here are the  answers to tonight’s homework.

1. – 6. There are infinity correct answers, so do your best. 🙂

7. No

8. No

9. Yes

10. Yes

11. No

12. Yes

13. 33

14. 18

15. 25

16. 55

17. 30

18. 12

See you tomorrow!

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