Good afternoon Global Citizens and Math Brains,

Here are the highlights from today:

Social Studies: Today in class we started drafting the DBQ response about how the Treaty of Versailles led to WWII.  We will continue writing in class tomorrow.  The only homework tonight is to return your permission slips for the guest speaker on Monday.  The deadline for permission slips is TOMORROW. 

Math: Today in class we took the Unit 3 Touchstone.  Tomorrow we will go over them, look at the correct answers, and start a review for the Unit 3 test that is at the “just right” level for you.  There is no homework tonight, but you did receive a study guide that is due 11-12-19, the same day as the test.

Remember to bring in your canned/nonperishable food items for the THANKS FOR GIVING food drive.  Your support of local families in need is greatly appreciated.

Tomorrow is the color battle! Wear shoes you are not too attached to if you are participating.  They will be colorful when you are done.

See you tomorrow, kiddos! Hopefully the room is a little less under construction. 🙂

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