Week of January 6, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains!  I am going to try something new this year to see if it makes accessing information on my blog easier for you and more efficient for me.  I will be posting a longer post, but once a week.  Let’s see if this is a better fit for all of us.

Social Studies: This week we are learning about systems of government in European countries.  Here is an approximate schedule of what this week will hold:

  • Monday – District Geography Bee
  • Tuesday – Review of the 3 branches of government
  • Wednesday – Characteristics of parliamentary vs. presidential democracies
  • Thursday – Characteristics of democracy vs. authoritarianism
  • Friday – Reading Inventory (computer lab)

We will be using articles, videos, the textbook to explore these topics in class.  There will be no assigned homework this week, but you may need to finish class work at home if it is not completed during the time you have in class to work on it. There are no tests or quizzes this week.

Math: This week we are learning to find area of parallelograms and triangles.  Parallelograms are a review, but triangles are new to 6th grade.  Here is an approximate schedule of what this week will hold:

  • Monday – Exploring area using grid paper
  • Tuesday – Using A= bh to find area and missing dimensions for parallelograms.  5 question homework finding the area of parallelograms.
  • Wednesday – Using A = 1/2bh to find the area of triangles. 5 question homework finding the area of triangles.
  • Thursday – Applying the correct formula to find the area of a parallelogram or a triangle (class practice).  6 question homework with parallelograms and triangles.
  • Friday – OPEN NOTE area quiz. Make sure you have your MSG.

We started Weekly Skills Review #14 this week.  It is due Friday, but we will keep working a little each day in class.  Just make sure you are all caught up and ready to turn it in on Friday.

Here are a few links to videos that will help you review or preview what we are doing this week.


Area of Parallelograms (anywhere math video)

Area of Triangles (mathematics is fun video)


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