Week of 1-13-2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains!  Here is what this week has in store.

Social Studies This week we are going to continue learning about European systems of government.  Specifically, we are going to learn about the government of the U.K., Germany, and Russia.  There is a quiz on Wednesday, 1-22-2020.  The quiz will not be open note, but we will be preparing for it in class throughout the week.  Please make sure you have highlighters.  Three different colors will do.  We are going to use them to annotate texts throughout the week, and the different colors will draw attention to important details.  Scissors and colored pencils are also needed this week. Please have them with you by Wednesday.

  •  Monday – European Government Teacher Notes, Warm Up #14, and European Government Graphic Organizer
  • Tuesday – Warm Up #14, finish European Government Graphic Organizer
  • Wednesday – Warm Up #14, finish European Government Graphic Organizer
  • Thursday – Warm Up #14, European Government vocabulary activities
  • Friday – CNN 10, government vocabulary activities

MathThis week we will be applying what we have learned about area to take the area quiz, solve composite area problems, and we will start to learn about surface area.  The area quiz is Monday, 1-13-2020. The quiz IS open note, so make sure you have your MSG with you.  Remember to bring a calculator.  You ARE allowed to use a 4-function calculator for all of unit 5 and unit 6.

  •  Monday – Weekly Skills Review #15, area quiz
  •  Tuesday – Weekly Skills Review #15, composite area MSG notes
  •  Wednesday – Weekly Skills Review #15, composite area practice (SCOOT)
  •  Thursday – Weekly Skills Review #15, composite area check in, surface area exploration
  •  Friday – Weekly Skills Review #15 due, surface area exploration

Remember to return those scoliosis forms if you have not already done so.

Looking forward to another week learning with you. 🙂



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