Week of January 27, 2020

Hello, Global Citizens and Math Brains! Here is what you can expect this week.

Social Studies: We will be digging into economics. You will not have any tests or quizzes, but we will have a couple of collected classwork assignments.  You will also be getting vocabulary homework on Monday that is due Friday.  The vocabulary assignment is intended to prepare you for the words you need to know for the test.  The economics test is will be next week.  Here is a bit of what you can expect for our day-to-day activities.

  • Monday:  Economic Simulation and Economics Vocabulary homework assignment.
  • Tuesday: Notes outlining the economics systems of Germany, Russia and the UK. Economics Vocabulary homework assignment.
  •  Wednesday:  Economic Simulation and Economics Vocabulary homework assignment.
  • Thursday: Factors of economic growth, Economics study guide. Economics Vocabulary homework assignment.
  • Friday: Factors of economic growth (continued), CNN 10. Economics Vocabulary homework assignment due. 

Math: This week we will be continuing with surface area.  Since we did some hands on explorations last week, we are ready to move on to using nets to compute surface area.  Make sure your MSGs are with you daily, we will be using them to take notes, and you will use your notes for your group and independent classwork. You may also find it helpful to have a calculator

  • Monday: Weekly Skills #17, Surface Area of Pyramids MSG notes, 3 question TOD.  Pyramid Practice homework due Tuesday.
  • Tuesday: Weekly Skills #17, Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms MSG notes, 3 question TOD, Rectangular Prism Practice homework due Wednesday. 
  • Wednesday: Weekly Skills #17, Surface Area of Triangular Prisms MSG notes, 3 question TOD, Triangular Prisms homework due Thursday. 
  • Thursday: Weekly Skills #17, Surface Area SCOOT.
  • Friday: Weekly Skills #17 due, Surface Area open note quiz. 

Please make sure you are coming to school prepared.  Not just for my class, but for all your classes.  Having highlighters, pencils, and a pen or two are tools that help to prepare you for success in every subject.  🙂

Not for ourselves, but for others.  Can you take a few moments to help out Mrs. Clark’s students.  If you are a car rider, please you follow the link and answer 3 quick questions? The first link below will take you there.  Any student, can you follow the second link below and answer 5 quick questions?  Thank you!

Car Riders

All Students



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