Week of February 24 – 28

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains!  I hope you are preparing to head back to school tomorrow after a restful, relaxing, enjoyable Winter Break!  Here is what you can expect this week:

Social Studies: We will continue to focus on Australia and Canada.  We will be looking at the history of their colonization, the independence movement in Quebec, and trade barriers for Australia. The test for Australia and Canada is Thursday, March 5th.  Study guides will be given this week. Please make sure you have highlighters (at least 3 different colors) so you can use them throughout the week as needed.

  • Monday: Start Warm Up#17 (due Friday), review for Australia and Canada map quiz, start discussing the European colonization of Australia.
  • Tuesday: Continue working on Warm Up #17, take the Australia and Canada map quiz, and begin taking notes on the history and colonization of Australia using the textbook.
  • Wednesday: Continue working on Warm Up #17, finish taking notes on the history and colonization of Australia.
  • Thursday: Continue working on Warm Up #17, Quebec’s Independence Movement.
  • Friday: Warm Up #17 due after CNN 10, Australian trade barriers.

Math: We are continuing with statistics this week, but we will be covering new topics.  Please make sure you have colors and highlighters for MSG notes that we will be taking in class.  It is also helpful to have a calculator since you will need it for unit 6 work and this week’s Weekly Skills review.  Finally, you will need a dry erase marker Tuesday, so make sure it is with you.

  • Monday: Weekly Skills Review #20 Day 1, measures of variation video, measures of variation MSG notes.
  • Tuesday: Weekly Skills Review #20 Day 2, measure of variation class practice, ticket out the door, measures of variation homework.
  • Wednesday: Weekly Skills Review #20 Day 3, measures of variation group practice
  • Thursday: Weekly Skills Review #20 Day 4, measures of variation independnet classwork.
  • Friday: Weekly Skills Review #20 DUE, data display MSG notes, start class data display project.

I can’t wait to see you back in class tomorrow! 🙂


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