Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Hello Global Citizens and Math Brains. Thanks for checking in and being responsible with your digital learning.  Here are your tasks for the day.

Social Studies: Answer through #89 on the Work to be Completed at Home.  If you are done you may submit it to me.  Some of you have been typing it, and if you have, you may find it easiest to attach it to an email or share it with me in Office 365.  If you have been doing the assignment on notebook paper, you can scan it and email it to me, or you can take a picture and email it to me.  The due date for this is Wednesday, but I am more than willing to be flexible with that, but please let me know if you need more time to complete this assignment.

Math: Today we are going to learn about absolute value – I promise this is a concept that sounds tricky, but is easy-peasy.

  1. Watch the three videos linked here:  Watch this video to get the “big idea” of absolute value. Absolute Value Introduction. Once you watch the introduction video, I would like you to watch this Khan Academy Video Khan Academy Opposites.  Finally, this last video is of Mrs. Forester explaining a bit more about absolute value and what some 6th grade absolute value problems look like. Mrs. Forester – Absolute Value All 3 of these videos combined will take less than 10 minutes to watch.  There is no work to do on these, just watch them. 🙂
  2. Follow the link to the Georgia Virtual Academy and work through the examples on the page.  There is another video here that you are welcome to watch as well if you feel like it will help you. Absolute Value – Georgia Virtual Academy
  3. Now, you are ready to try some on your own.  Here is the link to the practice problems for today. Absolute Value and Opposite MSG example problems. The answer key is below so you can check your work.

Enjoy the rest of your day.  I will see you back in this space tomorrow. 🙂


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