Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Hello, Kiddos!  Happy Wednesday.  Look at you, half way through your digital learning adventure.  Let’s get to today’s tasks.

Social Studies: Today please finish the questions on the Work to be Completed at Home.  Originally I thought I would get these from you when we were back together, but I really thought we would be back together this week… Once you are done please turn it in.  You can scan it and email me, take pictures (even with your phone is fine) and email me, or you can submit in in Office 365.  Please do not go and type it if you have it all hand written.  No need to do the work twice.  If you need more time to finish just shoot me and email and let me know that.

Math: Today we are continuing with absolute value.  If you want or need a little refresher, start with this video. Absolute Value Refresher.

Then, take the quizizz.  Make sure you join the right class.

  • Block 3 Sign in with your REAL NAME, please.
  • Block 4 Sign in with your REAL NAME, please.
  • Block 5 Sign in with your REAL NAME, please.

That’s it.  You are done.  Go on and enjoy your day.  Meet me back here tomorrow. 🙂

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