Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hello Kiddos!  Welcome back to your digital learning space.  Here are your tasks for today.

Social Studies: Today you are going to create a primary document regarding the history you are living.  Never before has anyone you know experienced such an event.  Please follow the link and complete the form.  This is due Friday.  You have 2 days to complete it. Primary Document

If your Work to be Done at Home is complete, please take a picture (or scan it) and email it to me.  If you were working in Office 365, share it with me.  Please do NOT do the work twice though.  If it is hand written taking a picture and sending it my way is fine. 🙂

Math: These are the assignments for today AND tomorrow.  There is no need to finish all of this today, but if you have the time and want to work ahead you are welcome to do so.  There will not be additional work posted until we are back from Spring Break.

  1. Open this document and either print it or write the problems down. distance between integers MSG notes
  2. Watch this video Practice with Mrs. Rudd
  3. Complete the problems on this PPT. Finding Distance Between Integers
  4. Use this form to enter your answers from the above PPT. Answers to Integer PPT
  5.  GO to USA Test Prep.  Log in  and complete the complete the games and assignments for absolute value.  There are two games and two 10 question assessments.  The games and assignments should be presented to you in a specific order so you get a little practice with the game before you are scored with the questions.  USA Test Prep
  6. Smile.  Your math is done for the day.
  7. Smile bigger.  You are done with math until after Spring Break! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Let me know if you have any problems with any of the assignments.  I appreciate your hard work and I sure do miss seeing you.


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