Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hello, kiddos!  I appreciate you coming back to check on your tasks for the day.  Here they are:

Social Studies:  Today you are going to be reading and answering questions about credit cards.  Before you start, I want to let you know that Microsoft Forms are really picky about the answers you input.  Let’s pretend the answer to a question is interest and you type Interest or intirest, the form will mark it wrong because of the capital letter or spelling error.  I go back and look at the answers.  If I can tell you knew the answer but spelled it wrong or used a capital letter, I give you credit for it in the grade book.  🙂  Here is the link you need for today:

Credit Cards

Math: Today we are going to learn about subtracting integers.

  1. Here is a link to a Math Antics video to get you started.  You are welcome to watch it all the way through, but you don’t need to.  You can stop the video at 3:19 and you will get the big ideas of the rules.  You decide what your math brain needs –  all of it, or just over 3 minutes of it. Math Antics
  2. Watch this video.  It is about 3 1/2 minutes long and gives an excellent strategy that you will find helpful for today’s assignment Subtracting Integers – Keep, Change, Change
  3. Complete today’s assignment. Subtracting Positive and Negative Integers I will do the first 4 problems with you if you need a little help.  Just click here: Assignment Help
  4. Take a picture of your work and email it to me. 🙂

Here is a link to a catchy little math rap that may help you remember the rules for adding and subtracting integers.  Hope you like it! Integer Math Rap

That is all for today, kiddos.  “See” you back here tomorrow.

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