Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hello, kiddos!  You came back! Yay.  We are winding down the school year, and I do so appreciate you finishing strong.  Here are your tasks for the day.

Social Studies:  The personal finance topic you are going to be examining today is  Investing.  This short video is a great, illustrated explanation to a couple of really basic investment terms: Asset vs. Investment

Then there is a chart with some information about investing. The chart is available on the form, but for me, I found it easier to print this document:  Investing paragraph and chart, then answer the questions on the form.  If it will help you, feel free to print and use the document, otherwise jump right into the form using the link below:

Microsoft Forms – Investments

Math: Today you are going to continue subtracting integers. Here is your “to do” list:

1. If you felt like you had a little trouble yesterday, then start today watching either (or both :)) of these videos before you start the game and the quizizz.

Subtracting with a number line

Subtracting with counters

2. Use this link to play a subtraction integer game. Subtracting Integers Game.  You can start with level 1, then advance to level 2 and 3 once you have the hang of it. If your device does not “play nice” with the game website, you can get a little extra practice here: Additional practice Subtracting Integers

3. Click on the link for the class that I am your teacher and complete the quizizz.  I will be putting that grade in the grade book and you have unlimited attempts to earn the score you like.

Block 3 (Rudd/Wilford) – Subtracting Integers

Block 4 (Rudd/Wilford) – Subtracting Integers

Block 5 (Rudd) – Subtracting Integers

That’s a wrap for the week, kiddos!  Use tomorrow to catch up as needed and I will “see” you back here Monday.

Mrs. Rudd

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