There is NO math tutoring tomorrow morning.  Hello Kiddos, Today’s schedule was a little nutty, and I did not see all of you.  Of the students I did see, I surveyed them about their experience with Prodigy.  About 10% of the students using prodigy like it (a lot), and the rest of the students are … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Tonight’s homework is to go to https://play.prodigygame.com/ and join a class if you have not already done that.  Once you are there (all logged in and everything), I have assigned you 15 problems to review fraction division.  I am sure you can find it, you are the “digital generation.” 🙂 Let me know how … [Read more…]


Hello Mathies, Homework tonight is to go to https://play.prodigygame.com/ and join a class.  Class codes are below.  You could probably copy and paste your class code into the browser. BLOCK 1: 95C27D BLOCK 2: DE47AE BLCOK 3: 92323D BLOCK 4: 6C54FF BLOCK 5: 06F17F OR O6FI7F (I think it is the first code, which has a … [Read more…]


Hey Kiddos, Today in class we continued reflecting on the coordinate grid.  Homework tonight is to complete the back 4 questions on the reflection practice.  See you tomorrow. 🙂


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we took notes on reflecting points and polygons on a coordinate grid.  Homework tonight is to do the front only of the reflection homework.  There is 5 on the bottom of the page you were assigned for homework tonight.  Please write the coordinates (A’, B’, C’…) and show the reflected polygon for … [Read more…]


Good afternoon, Mathies!  I had a nice day with you today.  Not that we did anything extra special, I just enjoyed our class time together.  Today in class you worked on an independent assignment where you were ordering integers, finding distance between integers, and plotting points on a coordinate grid.  Most of you finished in … [Read more…]


Hello Mathies, Today in class we continued to practice with ordering positive and negative rational numbers, using a number line to find distance between integers, and placing points accurately on a coordinate grid.  Tonight’s homework is: Blocks 1, 3, 4, 5 – p. 859, #1-9 Block 2 – p. 859, #6-14 (skip #10) Make sure … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, Today in class we practiced locating integers on a number line and using absolute value to find the distance between integers.  Tonight’s homework is p. 843, all of the problems on the front and the back.  Hopefully you used the time at the end of class to get started on the assignment. See … [Read more…]


Hello Mathies, Today in class we learned about absolute value, and it is easy peasy!  Tonight’s homework is to complete the absolute value practice.  Tomorrow in class we will practice more with positive and negative numbers on a number line, absolute value, and distance between integers, so if you are feeling like you need a little … [Read more…]


Hello Kiddos, It was WONDERFUL seeing you all today!  We started Unit 7 today, which involves positive and negative numbers and their locations on number lines and coordinate grids. Homework tonight is to order the integers on the worksheet you were given in class.  That homework should be fast, I bet most of you may have already … [Read more…]