E-Cigarette Use Among Middle and High-School-aged Youth- A presentation for parents

As part of Red Ribbon Week, Thursday, Oct. 24th at 8 am, Durham MS will host:

Presented by :
Laura Searcy from Cobb/Douglas Public Health

By attending the presentation, parents will be able to:

  • understand what e-cigarettes are and what they may look like
  • describe the health impact e-cigarette usage has on youth
  • discuss the issue of e-cigarette use for schools
  • list ways to prevent youth from using e-cigarettes
  • identify resources available to assist youth who may smoke


Stress and Coping Lesson

All 6th and 7th grade students will be taking part in a lesson on stress and coping in the month of October.  They will learn about what stress is, what happens to the body when stress is present, and how to deal with stress in a positive way.  The students will also be identifying their personal stressors and be able to pair them with healthy ways to deal with them.  Be sure to ask your students about the new strategies that they will be using to cope with stress!


Please mark you calendars for Curriculum Nights:

6th Grade – Tuesday, October 1

7th Grade – Wednesday, October 2

8th Grade – Thursday, October 3 

This year we are introducing Grade Level Curriculum Nights.  This will offer you an opportunity to meet with your child’s academic teachers in the month of October.  Our goal is that this will be more informative and more conducive to your time than the typical middle school October conference.  During Curriculum Night, you will rotate through the five academic classes.  After the rotation is complete, you will then be allowed to return to any of your child’s teachers during a twenty-minute period to ask individual questions.

After the rotation, our hope is that you will not need an individual conference, which would be with your child’s homeroom teacher or another designated staff member.  If you decide you still want a conference after participating in the curriculum night, information will be the week following Curriculum Night.  Please note that all conferences are with the homeroom teacher or another designated staff member and they are for fifteen minutes.  In addition, if you choose to have a conference after the Curriculum night(s), these will be scheduled on Monday or Tuesday only during conference week.   

Curriculum nights will be held as follows:

  • Tuesday, October 1st, for 6th grade only
  • Wednesday, October 2nd, for 7th grade only
  • Thursday, October 3rd, for 8th grade only

Each night begins in your child’s first (1st) academic class, promptly at 6:30 p.m.  Doors will open at 6:10 p.m. so that you can get to the 1st period class and obtain your student’s class schedule.  Connections classes will not be part of the rotation, only academic classes.

1st academic class: 6:30 – 6:45

2nd academic class: 6:49 – 7:04

3rd academic class: 7:08 – 7:23

4th academic class: 7:27 – 7:42

5th academic class: 7:46 – 8:01

Open period to talk with individual teachers: 8:01 – 8:21.

*** October 3rd, the 8th grade night, will offer a parent magnet presentation at 6pm.  



The counseling team at Durham is excited and ready for the 2019-2020 school year!!!

What do school counselors do?

  • Meet with students and/or parents individually
  • Meet with students in small groups throughout the year focusing on a variety of topics including friendship skills, study skills, anxiety and others
  • Lead classroom guidance lessons throughout the year
  • Help with the transition from 5th to 6th and from 8th to 9th

How do students meet with a counselor?

Students may ask their teacher to speak with the counselor. If the grade-level counselor is unavailable/out of the office, the student may leave a note requesting to speak with the counselor or they may speak with one of the other counselors. In addition, parents may contact the counselor requesting them to speak with their child.

How do parents meet with a counselor?

Parents may make an appointment to talk with their child’s counselor by calling or sending an email to the grade level counselor.

  • Mrs. Margaret Crandall, 6th grade and 7th grade last name A – M
  • Dr. Angie Hunt, 8th grade and 7th grade last name N – Z




DLP Happenings- Busy Busy Helping Others!

Kudos to the Durham Leadership Program!  Through their participation in the Thanks For Giving Food Drive, they collected over 1300 food items between October 31st and November 14th! All  food items were donated to the center for family resources in Cobb County.  As promised, the top 20 donors from each grade level will be rewarded with a  Build Your own Sundae Social, taking place on Wednesday, December 5th during lunch time.  Thank you, parents for your support!

There’s more!  The Durham Leadership Program (DLP) has sponsored SIX angels this year from The Salvation Army. Our goal is to raise at least $100 per angel/child.  DLP members are going to homerooms every morning until December 7th.

Donations start at just $1!  We appreciate any help that is given from our amazing Durham community!  Happy Holidays!



Know the Lingo

Do your kids messages look like alphabet soup?  Below is a cheat sheet to some of those terms:

  • Harmless

    Scoop: To pick someone up like at their house
    Finna: Fixing to do something
    Yeet: A way to express excitement over something
    Skeet: Let’s go
    Dip: To leave
    Mans: A man/person
    Low key: To keep something confidential between friends
    High key: I don’t care who knows
    AMOSC: Add me on snapchat
    Gualla: Money
    Rn: Right now
    Slick: Cool
    Geekin: Laughing too hard and too loud
    Bet: Something is going to happen
     To reject someone romantically
    Salty: Talking in a sassy or bitter way
    WRU: Where are you?
    WUD: What are you doing?
    LYAAF: Love you as a friend
    NC: No comment
    IDKWTD: I don’t know what to do
     Expression of frustration, or realizing something
    123: I agree
    Hml: Hit my line; call or text me, I’ll be waiting
    OBS: Obviously
    OFC: Of course
    ACC: Actually
    POA: Plan of action
    IMO: In My Opinion
    GOMB: Get Off My Back
    KOTL: Kiss On The Lips
    Huggle: Hug and snuggle
    Ship: Abbreviation for relationship
    IDEK: I don’t even know
    IKR: I know, right?
    SMH: Shaking my head
    Thirsty: Desperate, impatient, or overly eager
    Dime: On an approval scale of 1-10; dime is a very attractive person
    Fam: Very good friend
    Basic: Someone or something is ordinary or boring
    Westan: Showing support for person or cause
    Woke: Awareness of current affairs or social issues (i.e., That girl is so woke 24/7.)
    Savage: When a person speaks or acts bluntly or without a filter in public
    Gucci: Very impressive
    Sus: Suspicious


    Wth: What the heck/hell
    Af: As f***, used to mean “extremely”
    121: Let’s chat in a private message
    Aeap, alap: As early or as late as possible referencing parties
    Pods: For your Juul (vape)
    Clouds: The vapor from your vape
    F2F: Offering to video chat or meet in person
    LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life
    1174: Invitation to meet at a particular place, often for a wild party
    9, CD9, Code 9: Parents are nearby
    99: Parents are gone
    MOS, POS: Mom/Parents over shoulder
    KPC: Keeping parents clueless
    WTTP: Want to trade pictures?
     S2R: Send to Receive (pictures)
    Sugarpic: Refers to a suggestive or erotic photograph
    TDTM: Talk dirty to me
    THOT: That wh*** over there
    Zerg: To gang up on someone (a gaming term that has morphed into a bullying term)
    KMS, KYS: Kill myself, kill yourself
    TBH: To Be Honest (a candid compliment or an insult may follow)
    SWYP: So What’s Your Problem?
    182: I hate you
    Shade: Refers to “threw shade” or “throwing shade,” to put someone down.
    A3: Anytime, anywhere, anyplace


    Blow: Cocaine
    Pearls: A nicely rolled blunt
    Bud: Marijuana
    Tree: Marijuana (i.e., Looking for tree, got any? )
    Dabbing: Concentrated doses of marijuana (began as a dance craze)
    420: Marijuana or let’s get high
    DOC: Drug of choice
    Yayo: Cocaine
    Baseball = Crack Cocaine
    Skrill: Money
    CID: Acid
    E: Ecstasy
    Hazel: Heroin
    Blue Boogers: Snorting Adderall or Ritalin
    Pharming: Getting into medicine cabinets to find drugs to get high on
    Pox: Opium
    Robo-tripping: Consuming cough syrup to get high
    Tweaking: High on amphetamines
    White Lady: Cocaine; heroin
    Wings: Cocaine; heroin
    Speed, crank, uppers ,Crystal or Tina: Meth

  • Demmies: Demerol
    O, Oxy, kickers, OC, kickers, blues: Oxycontin
    Captain Cody, Cody, schoolboy: Codeine with Robitussin or Tylenol
    Percs: Percocet/Percodan
    Doors & fours, pancakes and syrup: Codeine with glutethimide
    Vikes, lorries, Watsons, 357s: Vicodin or Lorcet/Lortab
    Pink O, stop signs, pink: Opana (oxymorphone) 
     China girl, China town, tango and cash
    Rids, ritties, skippy, skittles, study buddies: Ritalin
    Black beauties, truck drivers, wakeups: Adderall


Important Information About Magnet Applications

  • Magnet applications open today, October 1st!

The application portal can be accessed at magnet.cobbk12.org

  • Students need an email address they can check in order to access the portal.  It is important that they know how to access their email and can check it regularly.

  • Open houses start this week!

Pebblebrooke High School Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts

           Friday, October 5th @ 7:30 p.m. Cobb Civic Center Anderson Theatre

International Baccalaureate Program

           Sunday, October 7th @1:00 p.m. Livingston Auditorium, Campbell High School