The Pebblebrook Magnet Program is Coming to Durham

Attention 8th Grade Students

Pebblebrook Magnet School is coming to Durham. Mr. Timmerman, the director of Pebblebrook Performing Arts Magnet School will be here November 4th at 10:00 am to talk to students who would like to know more about Pebblebrook. If you are interested, please come by the school counselor office to sign up to attend. . Ask for Mrs. Favors-Parks Parents are welcome

Also, Pebblebrook will return on November 18th to hold auditions in the theater for students who would like to attend the Magnet School. This will be a closed audition. Parents are not allowed to attend.

New Student Mixer!

The Durham Ambassadors  will be hosting a New Student Mixer for those students who have recently moved into our district! There will be separate events for each grade level on the following dates:

6th Grade Tuesday, November 5

7th Grade Thursday, November 7

8th Grade Wednesday, November 11

Invitations with times and instructions have been sent to participating students. Ambassadors will be receiving assignments this week!

October Testing

Great job to all of our seventh graders for their hard work on the Iowa Tests!

Next Thursday, October 15th, our 8th graders will be participating in the PSAT. Study hard, get lots of rest, and show everyone just how much you’ve learned!